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  1. The Perry church is one that seems like it would work for the era you're setting up around as an older, small church. It's a great kit as well. You could also grab the ramshackle farm house in the same list, it would work well for the older, run down house that the kids might investigate. Another thing you might consider, if you have a Dollar Tree near you, their Fairy Village stuff has a set of rather decent trailers that would work in it with a repaint.
  2. I'm going to take pics later, but the palisades finally showed up...they were, originally, supposed to show up last thursday, but arrived friday missing several wall pieces, which meant I needed to contact the seller who printed off more of them and sent them, arriving just a bit ago. I also found some laser cut pieces that are various clocks that would work as detail bits for buildings, unfortunately, I don't know where they were originally from, but the package was sealed though the extra part at the top was partially damaged enough to soak and ruin the card there. It was at a crafting sale thing at a local church in their scrapbooking section of stuff, several of their members and from other churches were selling off extra pieces or stuff people just wanted to get rid of. Tomorrow I'll try for pics when I get some better lighting. Edit: Got the pics now I just grabbed one of the unfinished Men at Arms minis to scale things...the other two in that pack are in the larger Anhurian sets so it's hard to get a full unit of these guys with just 1 per pack...
  3. Unfortunately, I won't be anywhere near where I could attend... But ReaperCon (and Reaper in general) did get a recent shoutout on the Expanded Perspectives podcast, one that came out about a month ago (The Haunted Highways episode), but I haven't had much time recently to listen to episodes until today. They're getting into tabletop in addition to everything else they've been going with...the podcast is more paranormal, but it's fun.
  4. It looks good. You might want to up the highlights on the horns and hooves (And, potentially, the end of the tail) or shift them to a different metal just to make them stand out though. Several years ago, I painted the metal version...it's a heavy chunk of metal, and painted up awesomely
  5. A lot of the joins were entirely because it was the easiest points to cut the mini for casting them.
  6. Perhaps some gloss, the paint is a bit matt and it's an aquatic creature...so, wetting it up might be what you need to do
  7. With the green, you might want to add it to the ends of the sleeves, seems like it should be there as well for the robe since you used it near the lower hem.
  8. Most of mine are lined up on shelves or in similar boxes. I've also got a few travel cases for things...I've got one old GW case that I'd originally bought for 40K, but I never played anything that used very large forces since my group took the lunch battles thing during college which remained around 500 points and used the 3e book with included rules for the different armies. That case only had a few minis in it at any point, until relatively recently when I shifted the stuff inside elsewhere and put my Star Wars Legion forces in it. My Star Wars prepaints are in a large toolbox thing that can fit everything in it, including most of the battlemaps (And I have a binder with all of the old cards and sheets that goes with it). Most of my old Vampire Counts army is in a case from Battlefoam that's mantic branded which I bought early on before Kings of War had a print release. I also have a full Reaper case that's pluck foam which I put most of my random minis in for D&D. There's also the bag that I bought which has a upper area with foam for a few minis, that's my normal bag for when I play D&D because I can put my various character minis there...and I've got a hard plastic, foam filled case from, I think, chessex that I got from a closing store that was intended for microarmor or smaller scales which I have some of my smaller minis in, and it works decently for my goblin warband that I used for Song of Blades and Heroes on occasion.
  9. I'm not entirely sure, he's fun as a player, but, from the few times he ran AL stuff, he's a bit to locked into the text of published adventures and gets frustrated when groups have abilities that might change the way it plays out. He also hasn't gotten to play since the lockdowns started... He was one of the people who got very into character for playing though...I think he got to the point where his schedule isn't very good for going back to what it was and can't find one to play in...
  10. Ordered a palisade fort set from Amazon along with a copy of Fizbans Treasury of Dragons
  11. I'm not sure, they were just some cheap, rubbery plastic dinosaurs, same with the dilophosaurs which were in the same set. I've seen similar ones under a lot of names. But I got something else painted while slowly working on more Anhurians and dealing with everything else going on for me...some of the drainage pipes in the yard cracked and/or collapsed, which meant that I've had to do a lot of work in the basement for repairs along with digging the pipes out to replace and upgrade parts of them... Sphinx (Bones Female Sphinx) I really like the sculpt, just wish the face was a little bit crisper with the nose and lips since it's nor a human nose but the little bit of the mouth there is doesn't look human...so I tried to add something of a cats there. She's also something of a rush job, a friend of mine is running a game and knew I had the mini...wanted to borrow it due to running white plume mountain, which got me to paint if over the week...I'm seeing him again tomorrow to let him borrow it, thankfully, there was a dry enough time to add a layer of varnish to it. I might end up using her, in the future, with my Anhurians since I went with a similar color flourish there with the blue gems, though I'm not sure as of yet.
  12. Got a few more things painted, took a while to get pics of them because of other things going on. Fairy House #4 (Dollar Tree) It's another design that leans heavily on the whimsical side. The roof is several layers of pale blues, then a layer of a thinned pearlescent white (It's a semi-transparent one if you're careful for a single layer and gets less transparent the more you put on), and then a layer of glow in the dark paint (Which works, it just isn't something that works for pictures. I'm expecting a 4th sculpt to show up next year, it seems they're adding 1/year to it. Garden Path (Dollar Tree) This is more of just a decoration piece that I grabbed because I wondered how well it would work...and it's more for just to leave with the rest of the terrain for a layout during storage. Outbuilding (Renedra) It's a small building, but works well with the cottage as an outbuilding or storage shed rather than another house. I'd have liked it to be a little bit bigger (Mainly taller) to fit with figures that have bases, but it's something I can deal with. I like it's thatch more than the Perry thatch there. The Perry kit just had it as far to shallow there. The door could also use other details, it looks more like a cloth or leather door sheet rather than an actual door for it.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpuhLkh358Y Dino-Riders is where the character came from, the head villain's mount was a T-Rex
  14. Is it just me or do the children look, almost, like they're based on Rose and Thorne from Curse of Strahd?
  15. I've had success with the isopropyl alcohol from the pharmacy section at walmart with the few bones that I've stripped. Haven't used it on translucent ones, but it works on the other ones.
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