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  1. It's probably the room being too humid with a lot of things like that. You might consider getting your air tested there because it's possible that you have a hidden mold problem in your home with something letting moisture in that you can't see such as cracks in your foundation...I had a friend who ended up having a massive mold issue they only found when they were replacing some old ceiling lights with fans and had to run extra wires...they had a crack in the sealant for the walls and it was growing along the wood there, cost them quite a bit to get fixed.
  2. Most of the expanding, spray foam hills and such that I'd seen were more of to use a big bucket or tray of damp sand to, essentially, create molds for the foam and clamping a board to the top with a drilled hole in it for the nozzle to go in for spraying it in.
  3. It looks good. You might want to consider doing something to strengthen your buttresses because they look a bit flimsy when you were moving them.
  4. I'd love to see some rather generic birds and similar sets. Ones that can be used for more of filling out terrain or bases similar to the vulture set. Something like a flock of pigeons or doves taking off could also be fun to have. I like the crows/ravens one in metal, it's just one where the base on it sticks out like a sore thumb that doesn't work with a lot of things. Also a rather generic set of pet animals would be a nice one, something similar to the familiar packs that are more of a couple dogs and cats.
  5. I remember that he had one of the bigger fruit bats as the largest, the ones he raised of them were more for the "presentation"/ambassador programs and those would climb on people. The others he had were a lot smaller, no vampire bats...and the friend was young at the time, and his parents probably helped a lot with raising them, but he did a lot of the work.
  6. I'd like to see the Anhurian Command minis as individuals. I'm needing some extras of one of them beyond the rest there (The drummer one matches up quite well with the Deep Cuts 2 pack of smaller ballistas)
  7. Or the vikings...those are what I kept looking at, mainly at some of the threads on LAF with people who had them.
  8. I had a friend when I was little who raised bats. His parents were large animal/exotic animal vets that tended to work in conjunction with zoos along with a few farms that had some unusual animals, and he raised and sold a few species of bats that he cared for to some zoos and other locations. They were the least strange animals he had as personal pets at the time though. The largest species I had was tamed enough for people to hold with the ones he had for himself.
  9. Warming it up can make it easier to reposition, a lot of that depends upon the temp your work area is in. Sitting it in front of a heater or the like where you can handle the temp bare handed can help with getting it to move more easily, and if it's to cold the metal is more brittle and can break on you. I tend to leave it sitting on the mesh I have over the heating/cooling vent for a bit before I work it or wash it in warm water first, getting everything done at the same time there. While it's summer in a lot of areas, if it's cold, make sure the metal is at least to b
  10. Grabbed a few things at dollar tree again. Needed a new sealable container for greenstuff...my older one fell while I was working with some and stepped on it. I also needed some more of the rather consistent stones they had for some walls. I noticed that one of the Finding Nemo things they had was a shark that looked realistic enough that I'm not even sure would need a paint job beyond a few touchups and adding a base for some more stability. Might go back and grab a couple more of them because they look just right for the smaller sharks. There's also a lot
  11. Out of curiosity, just how large is the spread of the feet? I keep wanting to get one and would definitely need a base if I did.
  12. I really like the color choices for it they really fit the sculpt and creature well. Only thing that might be an improvement is a slight highlight on the back scales or some sort of pin wash in the cracks. The green you used is great, but the color also seems to blur out the scales there.
  13. You might want to look at some of the book nook videos on youtube. There's a lot of people making them now.
  14. Starting to re-read the Worldwar trilogy, and it seems like something that would actually be rather fun to have for a WW2 game to run with it.
  15. I've been using a lot of inks for simple washes with water dilution for most things (It's flesh washes that I haven't swapped over from there). For a lot of things that are textured wood with models, a straight brown ink actually seems to work very well for a dark wood over a grey prime or base coat, and follow that with a drybrush of a light brown or warm off white. It also works for some simple dirt basing for things with covering integral bases on minis without the drybrush (I used both with part of a set of the Nativity boxed set for christmas last year). I've also
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