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  1. Perhaps a thing with a lot of skulls and bones, not a single big pile, but a lot of them to be put into things and for basing options.
  2. Well, something else as a heads up for a newbie at sculpting, even just sculpting details at joins or other repairs, Dollar Tree seems to be stocking some pretty decent starting tools in their craft section now. Not a full set, but their "embossing tool" and "piercing/scoring tools" are great for a lot of things with sculpting and they're a buck each (well, the second one is two in a pack, so 50 cents each for that one).
  3. I believe the same mini is also in one of the 2 packs of medium creatures for the Nolzur's stuff
  4. Yeah, the Anhurian Cavalry mini has an odd right arm positioning. I'd gotten 2 of them from a local store and they'd had some minor other issues with the hands (I'd thought that they had the more mailed mitts than gloves)...and had swapped the hand with a fireforge spear arm chopped down to just the hand and used one of the spear hands from another to make a standard bearer using one of the flags from the metal fantasy banner set. I've since bought two more as part of an order this month with the intent to have another as a musician and to have a more command one (Which actually came an even more different part since the arm was missing the weapon and most of the arm past the elbow and have a replacement coming). The newer ones you can see the glove details...which are even more obvious on a metal version that a friend showed me a few days ago.
  5. I'd probably go with the majority of the robes as black with a dark or blood red trim
  6. Except that it doesn't always work that way in the books by what's shown...the silver cowboy charm and the tent painting examples being big ones. And the entire mess with them putting themselves in the chest and using the key... And I have no idea how the thing would work with toys containing electronics either way...which could be interesting as well. Except that it doesn't always work that way in the books by what's shown...the silver cowboy charm and the tent painting examples being big ones. And the entire mess with them putting themselves in the chest and using the key...because neither they nor what they went to were plastic. I also remember tin soldiers being used in it, leading up to the army on the tray being used to battle skinheads who were breaking into the house. And I have no idea how the thing would work with toys containing electronics either way...which could be interesting as well.
  7. While I'm normally loathe to suggest things from them, there's the GW skull pack that is a really good option for skulls and has a lot of them that you can use. They're workable added for basing and working into terrain work. While not for an in the hand one, a lot of the craft stores have skull beads, that you can mount on toothpicks to base and with a little work and a low temp hot glue gun, you can make Will O' Wisps by making the flames off of them with the beads.
  8. The movie is what's mention here as the books are a very different thing with the mechanics of it. The books also never consider non-historical figures from what I remember, I didn't read the last couple books there. The plastic limitation didn't seem to apply in the early parts of the series though. For the using other people, the movie's scene with all the toys in the cupboard implies that other things would become real as well, so things like toy lightsabers and such would become real if you put them in. The trolling is more of the grabbing a teleporter/cloaking device along with a costume and popping up in live feeds or news broadcasts. Something like a power ranger appearing on stage during a presidential debate type thing, not really doing anything other than appear for a few seconds and then leave...
  9. It could be interesting to see what comes out with minis from longer RPG campaigns, see what they represent that way. An aquarium full of dinosaurs is a distinct possibility considering my collection as well. But a lot of older toys and decorations would be going in before the minis would for the most part. One of the lightsabers, the Blue Cube from Animorphs, and a few others...and would become a drain on funds to have some real fun with things...or just to troll some people.
  10. Is there still the breast cancer awareness pink this year?
  11. Two things, both use an Instant Pot Cheese Steak Soup 1 roast Butter Cans of French Onion Soup (or your own if you want to make it, I tend to keep a few cans around for different reasons) Green Peppers (chopped) Onions (chopped) Diced Mushrooms Provolone and Baby Swiss cheese or Cheddar and American Croutons Garlic powder, Salt, Pepper Melt the butter in the instant pot, then add the garlic powder, put the roast in, use enough french onion soup to cover the roast, add the peppers, onions, and mushrooms on top, add salt and pepper. Seal it and cook it under pressure. I tend to use a long pressure cook for it. Exact amounts of things vary by preference for the peppers, onions, and mushrooms, or how many you're feeding (I tend to feed family which, now, tends to start at 4 and goes pretty high with it). Let it long release. When it's safe to open, open and break up the roast, it should be easy to do at this point and mix it up. Put it in an oven safe crock, nearly to the top. Add croutons and top with either pairs of cheese, then put it in the oven under the broiler until the cheese melts and starts to bubble/brown. I tend to serve it with some of the pickled, slices jalapenos and diced tomato. "Cajun" Sausage, Beans, and Rice Butter White Rice Chicken Broth (amount as the rice would normally require water, but reduce by about a 1/2 cup) Can of Beans (Black, Red, or Pinto are good options, you don't want the ones like baked beans or similar) Pre-Cooked Bacon Crumbles (Either make your own or buy them) 1 small can diced chilis (use the heat you like) Cajun Spice Garlic Powder 1 package frozen, sliced up onion and bell pepper (thawed) Chili Powder 2 large, smoked sausages of choice (Andouille Sausage tends to be my favorite, though kelbasa or similar works) cut to bite sized pieces Chunky Salsa (Whatever type you like) Chives Egg Melt the butter in the instant pot, add the bacon, rice, and spices in and mix it up. Add the sausage beans, chilis, and pepper/onion mix and stir, slowly add the broth. Then seal and cook on the rice setting. Quick release in the end, and as soon as it's open add the salsa and stir it before letting it rest. Serve in the bowl with a fried egg and the chives on top of it. Melt the butter
  12. Perhaps, something like scenarios and fiction could be more of a way to arrange things for a box thing. It could even be done as a recurring contest thing, people submit a story or scenario or other art using things to set it up from existing models or those in the planned release queue. Something like a $20 thing for a budget. The direct theme or other limitations might be up such as a basic theme. Making it a thing of a page front and back that might have artwork, the fiction, and a scenario that people submitted for it included, toss in some bases with the included minis and add an upgraded thing of an extra cost for a few associated paints and a brush. If someone wins, they might get it free or discounted that month/quarter... Doesn't even need to be the same type of prompt for it, something like a customs checkpoint could easily have things from fantasy to scifi to "real" for people to think through.
  13. I'm hoping to finish the catfolk mini that I've been painting. There's also the Ahurian minis that I ordered last night that I want to get done...and have the conversions for the two cavalry done to get them differentiated from the one I'd done as a test. Not enough to get the force I want done for the game I'm planning for them, but it's a start (Most of the conversion parts are going to be from Fireforge Games Foot Sergeants parts that I've had for a while. (Really looking to see how different the Bones Black version of the riders are to the older one). I'm also planning on basing the Mystic Circle that I got a while back (Adding the altar piece in the middle that I just acquired) since the pieces aren't stable anymore on their own...and there's a few dollar store things I'm working on for terrain (Building chunks for a giants graveyard...unfortunately, the Dollar Tree didn't have any of the really big pieces this year, I'd have loves a few to use. I've also got a few vendor stalls to work on in a slow project for a Gather thing, but the pieces don't seem to be restocked that often in the local dollar stores.
  14. One of the big things with a lot of games is that kitbashing a war machine is far easier than getting required crew for one...
  15. I'd like to see a siege engine crew set that fits a more generic fantasy theme for trebuchets, ballista, catapults, and such (Having some of those in bones packs would be nice, the WizKids lines have done cannon and catapult). A more advanced set for cannons and such as well would also be nice. Another thing I'd love would be for some of the multipose metal packs to have other sculpts added in. Things like the various Anhurian grunt sets, perhaps with Bones Black I wouldn't mind fewer in a pack to have the other sculpt the metal sets have with one of each...or even in classic bones material. Same with getting an elite guard and the command set...something that could make them into an army or skirmish force that doesn't quite have the clones issue or the heavier cost of going for metals mixed into it. Another rider or two mixed in wouldn't hurt.
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