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  1. That model doesn't work that well hanging from the ceiling. The decks are card sheets (I believe, a friend managed to get ahold of the painted version), and it's waterlined, so you have an undershide that doesn't really work for it.
  2. The kite shield is one of many with variations on the shape such as the heater shield with it. There's a few others with the same basic shape, but it's the one most think of with a generic shield shape. For barricades, the ones that I keep trying to think of how to make one of are the basic type that show up in a lot of places in Rohan with LotRO's stuff A triangular frame with long spikes protruding in 3 rows and boards blocking the rest of the frame there.
  3. A few sets of shields would be nice. Some of the basic "viking" round shields, and perhaps a more "shield" shaped ones if not more types with a sprue each (I'd love to see ones like the Anhurian Cavalry shield). The harder plastic of the Bones USA or the translucent ones would be great with it. Barricades with spikes that can be used for scatter would be nice.
  4. Most of the books I miss the most were ones that my parents had decided to just take and lend out when I was still in school...many of which I've never been able to track down who they lent them to or find a replacement that didn't cost a massive amount. Some of which were ones that were handed out because "You weren't reading them" because I didn't want to risk them...I'd actually had a signed copy of Jurassic Park and the Lost World that they lent out and I never got back. I'd had the entire set of several series that are gone as well...the original Hardy boys and Tom
  5. Stopped at the game store earlier, got the D&D Wilderness Kit and another Anhurian Cavalry to convert for the unit of them I've been working on slowly
  6. Yep, I've wanted that kind of thing as well, though I'd almost prefer metal ones. Another thing would be the discontinued stegosaur like dinosaur (I think it was the thorntail) be done in bones
  7. I'd love to see a Miko/Japanese Shrine Priestess The male priests would work as well there
  8. The Fantasy Standards set would be nice with the Bones USA material
  9. After messing with DDO for a bit, one thing I'd love to see is a few more bulbous spiders in the clear bones material. The glass and ice spiders would be really neat to have there
  10. Only posted them because Reaper isn't doing pre-textured bases, was mainly pointing towards them for those who want the pre-textured.
  11. I believe Renedra is producing cobblestone ones...mainly thinking it's them because I think it's the same ones making the Frostgrave/Oathmark packed in bases, though they aren't the packed in ones
  12. Stopping at Walmart was a strange thing, it's one of the few places to still have the signs up about requiring masks...and then, inside, they kept making announcements that if you're vaccinated, you don't need to wear them every fifteen minutes or so
  13. For a swamp base, grab some of the high gloss polyeurethane from the acryllic paint stuff at the larger hobby stores (I've normally grabbed it at hobby lobby, but it's occasionally at Wal-Mart). While it's more difficult to tint, you can do a lot with it. If you aren't moving the bases around for a bit after putting it on, the stuff tends to not need a dam either if you don't go overboard. I tend to hit where I want it with superglue and fine sand, then use a watered down dark brown ink and a more watered down black ink after the brown dries. Then let it dry overnight before going
  14. I'd love a 50mmx25mm oval base to be available, mainly because it fits the normal inch grid for rpgs and works for several wargames. While not exactly a base thing, I'd also love to see some movement trays available for the main base sizes with wargames and/or display for rpg minis.
  15. Stopped at hobby lobby and picked up a couple large, laser cut plywood discs and I added some cereal box cardboard to and some filler before sand and such already...making some larger wetlands terrain that ought to work as a swamp, marsh, bog, or similar. The disc size of the pair is also right so that I can put one on each side of the warlord bridge to make it look like a crossing.
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