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  1. I'd assume he swapped to a stamp for it...there's a lot of places, more recently, that you can get them made for cheap with smaller ones. I was given one recently by a friend when he learned I've been messing around with leather stuff recently, and he uses a similar one for leather and sculpting and other stuff that will take it.
  2. Well, one of the local Dollar Tree's upgraded to include their Dollar Tree Plus section... Grabbed some fairy garden pieces that were in the regular part, but the big thing that I found in the "plus" section were some pretty well constructed 1'x1' wooden panels. I grabbed 4 of them to try a modular game board for $3 each. I might go back and grab a bunch more to expand things if the first ones work out well. Going for some simple and general for the first ones, but I have ideas for later ones
  3. Oh boy... I see someone took their turn and a riddle on the board... "A hunter from the darkest wild Makes you feel just like a child." Because that looks dead on for Van Pelt...
  4. While I normally won't go near them, the GW ghost speed paint is pretty good for a more green one. I have had some success in the past with a white coat and a thin light blue followed by a thin darker blue ink wash followed by a highlight. I had just used the applebarrel white because the chalky bit of it works well for getting the variety for it
  5. You might go with something like the old museum that was at Fort Knox, not sure if it was replenished, but they used to have a lot of armor out front of it (When I went there last it was when they transferred most out and kind of stripped the museum)
  6. Well, put in orders for the HGAC Deathscythe and HGUC Guntank to add to my collection. Newtype US had a Deathscythe that wasn't around $40...and even with shipping it was far less than elsewhere
  7. You might want to do a few things to shift things somewhat. Mainly using some thinned washes to shift the flocking to a bit more varied and realistic look, same kind of thing with the security track...possibly the pavement and parking area as well for weathering to some extent.
  8. The Bandai waterslides tend to be hit or miss for things, I've heard of a lot of problems with them at times. Anyway, ended up at Target and found an EG RX-78-2 American Type in stock... I also after a disaster at work, a coworker handed me a EG Nu Gundam and is still looking for a decent EG Nu-ff...which I still feel kind of bad about the situation, but the coworkers kid got away from them and spotted my full loadout EG Nu setup and tried to climb and look at it, dropping the shelf and, well, the one on display and the assembled EG Nu in the box I had behind it got smashed to complete wreckage. It's not as fun assembling the base EG Nu for a third time...and, eventually, a 4th time. While I've done the EG RX-78-2 (The Full Weapons version) before, it's just a 2nd time doing it and there's a pretty big visual difference combined with being a while since I built that kit.
  9. Kind of ended up sketching an idea for a faction symbol for a setting that I'd been working on, then it gave me another idea with parts that looked a lot like an owl, which led to me working out the general owl look, then a youtube video on someone making a pendant with wood carving as I was finishing it had me try and fail at that (I don't have a dremel at the moment), so I decided to try sculpting it...which led to this. The second includes the sketch of the owl symbol that I'd started with... It's on a larger wooden "nickle" from the craft store (Don't try carving with normal wood carving tools, the end result isn't pretty there) with some greenstuff, had the loop from something else that was just in my bits collection, and a leather cord. Painted it up with metallics.
  10. They have their own. You also might want to look for some lights to just put up. While it's during the day, thay would have lights both for the roads and to aid in security
  11. Well, found one of the Warhammer MMO Grumlock & Gazbag minis in an estate sale, they were in a taped closed blister and only $.50...looks like a fun thing to paint up if I can find a workable base for them.
  12. Quest Board Scratch built other than the barrels which are the craft store "small pickle barrels" in the woodcraft section. I'm looking for posters and things to put on it at some point. I'm also thinking of adding a stool in the front or something due to it being a fantasy world and, well, halflings...
  13. I've gotten around to making a notice/quest board terrain piece...anyone know a good source for more generic fantasy posters that would work to print out for it that, preferably would be the right size for the more standard minis.
  14. Not sure about a tutorial, but something that you can do with it is to get a high gloss varnish as a layer over it. Part of the issue is that for colors, you want a known sky setup that would give your shades to match. One thing that could be interesting is using the darker and then wire in lights for the board and go with a more nighttime look with pole lights and a light on the building
  15. I spotted it on Amazon recently just looking through the list of a search on Gundam Models. The name for the one I've been eyeing for a combo with the RG Tallgeese and one of the Hangar stands is Bandai HobbyBuilders Parts HD MS Figure 01 I don't think I'm supposed to post direct links here though
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