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  1. Most of them have just a heavier version of what you tend to see at paid parking lots, more metal and concrete, nut it's basically a booth that can have a couple people in it and a swing arm. Same kind of thing is in a lot of other vehicle depots and maintenance/impound facilities as it's more of controlling people going in and out. And, while it's aimed at Gundams models and dioramas, there's a pretty good crew set that includes ones in and out of hardsuits that should be in the same scale. Having some crews out doing things could improve it.
  2. You might want to go with a gate similar to a parking gate with guard house at the fence. Most military vehicle depots have one that is more of a place for a guard to sit and to handle things with keys
  3. Dragon Just a repaint of a toy statue of the dragon from shrek...it wasn't a very good one, but it works well enough with a very different paint job. Librarian This is a christmas village piece, not sure who makes her, because there's a holiday village section at a collectables store, she was in a loose piece bin. I kind of saw the book and decided she needed to be repainted for me.
  4. Festival/Gather Stage A fully scratch built stage that kind of came out of wanting to build a set of stalls and other things with a view from the Gathers from the Pern series because that's just something that stuck with me...which is why I went for the blue color for the curtain/background and carpet for the stage thanks to the Harper Hall books. Bee Hive This came from the dollar tree fairy garden stuff, unfortunately the bee was up against the card in the pack. I have a few others that I'm not sure if I want to paint or not, just based it on one of the 1" Nolzur's bases
  5. For some reason the various Gundam models keep drawing me back in to assemble...got a HG RX-78-2 (Revive) and one of the Guncannons to put together for the shelf.
  6. I'd kind of gotten some of the old Chainmail look stuck in my head for hobgoblins, the basic thing where there had been suggestions to use historical romans for them. I used to have a decent number of them where I used some plastic romans with heads from some elves that looked more samurai with topnots along with some weapon swaps. A dark red skin tone with a black hair works well for them in making them look even less human and diverged them from the elf parts as well.
  7. You might also consider a non-camo option. There's a lot of colors that are a standard paint job while in storage rather than camo. Things like the army green color, though on a mech something more like airforce or navy blue/grey might be a more fitting look, perhaps even go with a german grey
  8. A vibration table is what you need for that sort of thing, the easy way to make a temporary one is to take one of the large box fans, balance it facing upwards between two boards or chairs, strap a piece of wood over the top and put the piece over it, the lower vibration gets bubbles out of things and it works rather well for a lot of other molds as well that I've tried/seen it done with. Haven't seen metal casting with it, but a lot of others.
  9. I don't believe that you do. However, if you're working on a project where they're with different materials, you might want to start them with a primer between all of the minis. The material color does effect the colors of paints over it same as primers and other things
  10. You might want to look at toys, they tend to be relatively common to find with larger ones, problem is more of matching the size to the main body there
  11. The suggestion was more of keeping the track at the same level with the rest rising from it, and the drainage ditch or front retention pond being something that adds different interest for it
  12. If you don't mind a little bit of work, you can look for some of the beefier plastic knight playsets, they're about the right size for ogres and you might need to do a bit more, but they might be a good start
  13. You know, that does make me think about just how big Gundams are since N-scale tends to be heavily used with the 1/144 models and I have a few buildings stashed away that I'd gotten for display purposes...and, potentially, for something like Gamma Wolves or similar games in the future using them. But with that setup, perhaps raising up the buildings and parking area with a retaining wall around it and the grass on the side rising up with an embankment rising up to the road there, perhaps a further rise up of the entire thing and dip down further in the front to have a drainage ditch in the front. Creating a series of tiers rising up and blending that works in a lot of rougher areas.
  14. It seems like WotC is trying to push more sales online with the pile of promocodes they're pushing along with their own sales site now...
  15. What I use is about $4 for a bottle of the high gloss polyeurethane. Cures in about an hour to the touch, a couple for full with slightly deeper pours. You can also use the cheap 2 part 5 minute epoxies such as Dollar Tree has for a far cheaper option that works rather well. For the lillypads, craft paper doesn't tend to work as well for it, I'd just used a 3x5 note card and a mix of different green paints to cover one side of it before going at it with the hole punch to make a ton of them.
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