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  1. Well, the past couple weeks have brought Assembly Required to History Channel. Tim Allen and Richard Karn are basically reprising Tim and Al from Home Improvement running a contest for people designing crazy things.
  2. Not exactly minis, but it would be nice to see things like collections of heads. Things like aliens, fantasy races, and similar that could be used for conversions. I'd rather them as metal than bones with that sort of thing due to potential detail for it that Bones seem to end up hit or miss with.
  3. A building kit like that would be an awesome thing to have available.
  4. The problem with a lot of scratch built ones is that they tend to also be fragile and, often, relatively sharp. I've had several times where various things end up with blood on them and hands injured with pikes, stake lines, and the like. I've also seen many of them break in ways that are hard to repair. You could also say a lot of other ones are easy and inexpensive to make, but a lot of places make them as well...dragon teeth come to mind. Having some ones that are more durable and less likely to end with real blood on the tips would be nice to have.
  5. I believe that I've played pretty much all of the versions, though most of the WEG stuff was owned by other people in the group and I've only played a few demo games of the FFG one (Disney era Star Wars hasn't interested me that much...keep considering going back for some of the other things, don't have Disney+ and only enjoyed Rogue One though it annoyed me that it was basically an everyone dies version of the prologue part of Dark Forces). I enjoyed the 3 versions using the D20 system, though the OCR/RCR stuff had some major issues...I really liked Saga Edition and have used it for non-Star Wars games. I also played both simplified ones based on D20 (The one in the downloadable demo game and the old Starter one). Saga Edition is very easy to pick up and, if you play D&D, you pretty much have all of the stuff you need with the core book and a few character sheets. You can add a whole lot more with extra books, but the core is basically all you need.
  6. From my understanding and experience, a lot of it as a mix of other lines available at the time it launched, the series being bounced around times like crazy, the action features of the majority of the line being prone to breaking (Even some of the non-action features were prone to breaking such as the straps for gear...and the legs of deinonychus and gallymimus were prone to snapping) and expensive, and that it was a dinosaur line...which meant that a lot of people viewed dinosaurs as, well, dinosaurs and if you asked for one as a present, you were more likely to end up getting some random dinosaur from other lines. The dinosaurs of the line were stripped of action features and resold as at least 2 other lines afterwards (First with the Smithsonian collection ones which didn't even get new art and they didn't bother with more than flat plastic where they covered battery compartments...though the copyright markings were changed. The second was part of the Catilacs and Dinosaurs line). I remember being promised the T-Rex (Because I'd saved up for one and was going to buy it when my mother told me that my aunt was getting me it for my birthday...) and ended up with one of the giant playschool Rexes instead...I wasn't happy about that. Jurassic Park is the line that created the JP mark on all of their dinosaurs so you knew what it was easily identifiable as a Jurassic Park toy.
  7. I might need to grab a few. Oddly enough, I'd thought the title was more pointing towards some of the old L5R minis
  8. Defensive stakes would be another thing I'd like to see. Either in 5"x1" strips or in 1" rounds with several in a row. Setting them up that they could be put on bases would do well for several games for fantasy and historical games.
  9. It's possible that it was an attempt to cover both the monster and the racial version from Krynn, Ravnica, and Theros then
  10. Which of the minotaurs? There's both a Nolzur's and a Deep Cuts one...the sizes might have been more differentiation between the two
  11. Unfortunately not, part of the reason that I wanted the particular one was that the head looks strangely like someone I know and still occasionally play D&D with (or at least did before COVID issues) Unfortunately not, part of the reason that I wanted the particular one was that the head looks strangely like someone I know and still occasionally play D&D with (or at least did before COVID issues)
  12. Kind of wish the local dollar stores had those...they do have some interesting fairy garden stuff now though, but they require some repainting for the majority of them.
  13. Stopped at Dollar Tree again, they'd added some nice, fantasy buildings to their fairy garden endcap...got two that look like a fantasy peasant hut and one that is a mushroom house. There are also a few more of the smaller pieces that come in 3 things, they have some interesting plants in them, and a workable sign...sure it has "Welcome" engraved on it, but it still works for other things on the table. There's also bee hives which are great for some fun in D&D and just for things on the table as scatter...though they need a base to work right as they're a little unstable on their own, but fit a 28mm base well enough. Unfortunately, the brush holder I wanted to grab thanks to an accident breaking the first one I'd gotten a bit over a week ago was out of stock...
  14. The ones actually hit head on by it weren't the major ones though...they weren't getting the lawsuits along with C&D's, and started pulling back after the smaller ones who were more of buy a kit for a few specific ones and sell the rest or buy a starter for one of the factions minis and sell the others and extra books. It also hit right as GW was pulling the trigger with the shift to Age of Sigmar where they purged a lot out of the store overnight...and it also meant that the 3 minis that I wanted (one from a bits seller) never popped up. I'd wanted the Empire Duelists set (Mainly for the two pistol wielding figure), but the one I'd wanted was the fleeing peasant from the Giant Kit. The kits recently came back, but I keep looking for someone selling just the peasant.
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