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  1. Looks great, though it might need the bone fence it's supposed to have when it's not walking (at least in the myths)
  2. I'd think that the sprues won't be shipped, that the toppers would be clipped and in the same sales packaging as the other bases
  3. I'm just kind of curious after having to hunt for both versions of this since it's been renamed with the metal and bones black versions each getting different names while adding a different one to the Anhurian name that doesn't match the rest of it. The original metal cavalry is now "Human Fighter, Mounted", the bones black is now "Human Paladin, Mounted"...and for some reason the another spiky anti-paladin on a mount is now listed as "Human Paladin, Anhurian"... Is there a reason for the renaming and shifting because it wasn't fun to need to hunt them down
  4. I really like the use there...might end up stealing the idea for a try at running the Freeport Trilogy in 5e
  5. I still think you ought to use this as the starting point for a speed freeks based GorkaMorka pseudo mob. If I had the time, that something that this thread has had me considering but I have other projects at the moment
  6. Sometimes I feel that I hate my need to finish things when reading. A long while back a friend of mine was running a SpyCraft game she'd based off of the Anita Blake series though set elsewhere and I started reading the series...then the series went off the deep end from supernatural noir to insanity and I'd dropped the series long after the game ended. While moving things around to finish putting things back, I found my copies of the novels and started reading them again...and with most of what I did have missing, I found a good collection of the series on discount as ebooks for a collection purchase. Then I hit the transition point there and an really regretting it but I keep going back to read onwards...
  7. Heresy miniatures has some child ghouls
  8. A lot of that depends upon what you're doing with pinning, if you paint the mini separately, I'd pin it to the base after painting, but before flocking, powders, or similar things and you can varnish again over it after you wait a bit for the glue to off gas on you (To prevent frosting). I also tend to add a little bit of a wash after the glue cures right at the connection points to help blend it in more. With broccoli bases or similar ones where there are parts of the base there, it's not likely that you're going to be able to paint separately, I tend to attach the base and everything before my initial priming. It's what I'm doing with my Anhurians for the foot chracters...the cavalry has the mount attached for the basing, but I keep the rider separate there. If you're using hard plastic bases that work with plastic glue, you can also choose to scrape the paint off of the connection points and glue with that...I've tended to prefer that over the pin and superglue or other glues when possible because it seems to work better if it isn't a very large thing.
  9. Most of the vehicle rules that were in the document were more of handling things as part of a scenario such as a cargo lifter or similar things that would be in the area already. We also had a transport start option for things where you could move and position a vehicle and deploy there rather than normal starting points
  10. Just a few more pieces done quickly... Direction Sign This didn't want to focus in, it's, originally, from a christmas village set (Same one I got the mailbox and postman from the diorama I did). I still haven't decided what to have it direct to and I'm looking for a good pen to write with on it for that...I've got one put away somewhere and I'm still getting things back into place after replacing the carpet in my work area. Menhir (From the pack with the Highlands Familiar: 77390) I really like the piece with a base for some scatter. It painted up rather easily as well. I've wanted to grab this one for a while but had other buys needed each time with limits on what I could get...not sure if I'll end up painting the familiar though. Monument Statue (Gravestone of Protection: 77539) I had some fun painting this up, and I'd gotten it mainly due to the shield and wanted to have something that would fit the force I've been painting up as their shield design. Part of me wanted to cut off the stand and fill the cracks in for the shield and on the back because she would probably work rather well for the force.
  11. Flocks of Sheep This is something where the sculpts aren't so good, but cheap ones from a farm set. I got the idea of using them for a mix of creature and mobile terrain of sorts. The mould lines are trimmed down quite a bit and worked with there. The end result works for what it is...I'd put them together a long while ago but never got around to doing more than priming it.
  12. Look for some decent vehicles rules, it's the one major thing lacking from the book. I've been trying to contact someone who used to play at the game store before Covid lockdowns started, haven't seen him yet and I'd lost my copy of the PDF of the various rules that were created at the store and he was the guy who had, largely, been managing all of them and had created workable rules there. You can work things with various rules for some smaller things, but don't work if you want to be able to board and exit them, meaning power armor and bikes. It's largely been my excuse for using my WotC Star Wars minis
  13. I like the sculpt and I believe that I've seen someone using one with the staff removed for a banner in a force...can't remember which game though
  14. I tried to drill it out...it started warping a lot more while I was working on it and gave up. The noose hadn't bothered me with it.
  15. Ended up at Lowe's to get a replacement bag for the tree since the zipper came off the old one and they still had a pack of the christmas village trees that had a slightly damaged packaging, no damage to the trees themselves or missing ones. $2.50 for it, needed some more for the table.
  16. A wide mix of more minis I've dug up... Aiden Tidewater (Nolzur's Water Genasi Druid) This was fun to paint up, unfortunately, I'd had to paint him up quickly. He's one of the characters I spent a while playing with Adventurers League games, he's actually a monk, but the druid sculpt with the water hit his more surfer dude mixed with street fighter feel. I ended up needing to find a rather large washer to glue under the base because his wave unbalances the miniature. Potion Vendor (Human Cleric, Olivia) (77396) I painted her a while ago, but did some touchups. She's currently being used as a potion vendor. Nolzur's Winter Wolf And a pic with the dire wolf pack I've been using it with (GW Fenrisian Wolves that I found for really cheap). And adding the Old Glory Loup Garou that I've used as a werewolf with the rest as a warband for Song of Blades and Heroes because they amused me... I'm thinking of getting another of the Loup Garou to paint...he's one of the models that doesn't fit the rest of the force in basing but I don't want to strip it...it's one of the cooler werewolf minis out there. Deep Cuts Great White Shark (Insert Jaws theme here...) This one was another awesome thing to paint. Only issues were in figuring out how to blend it into the base and getting that to look right. Unfortunately, there are some issues with pictures of it due to the heavier gloss over it... King of the Pride: The Lion A cleaned up and repainted cheap lion toy, from the same set as the White Tiger. I couldn't resist building a miniature pride rock piece for the base though Sheep Dog This was a very quick thing I did because I needed a dog for a game that night. It's a good sculpt, a bit oversized, but works well for the game. I missed a bit of flash, but for a simple paint along with other things in a little over an hours time broken up by other things, quite good. Rhinoceros I like this sculpt, and I spent a lot of time on getting the skin to look right. It's a cheap toy from an older set I had...and the joint at the neck just would not go away with scraping and filling as every attempt made it worse until I gave up. Horses I needed a mini for my paladin's mount and there was a second pally in the party (My crown and his conquest). They're from the dollar tree's cheap plastic horses set that's normally in the same place as their dinosaur, farm, zoo, bug, and a few other sets. While they're on 2" bases, they're not plastic bases. I used the wooden coins that the craft store had because I was attaching them to the base all the way to one side. The other side will let you easily set a normal character mini on a 1" base stably on it for gaming use while the bases still look like normal without one on it. Cows From the Dollar Tree farm set, used the last of the wooden coins I had for them Wild Boar A plastic boar or warthog, not sure which, that I found, based, and painted. I'd found it in the parking lot of a local park... Dimetrodons They're cheap toys that I painted up years ago back when the old Lost World Safari yahoo group was around...they had a postcard scenario rules competition and one of the games involved two dimetrodons, so I painted them up. All I've done recently when I needed them for an adventure was to repaint the base rims. They're pretty good sculpts for the cost at the time, I've seen what I think is the same sculpt in walmart's cheap toy isle for a couple bucks for a lot more than just them...though the rest of the set is kind of horrible. Dilophosaurus' Part of a sack of plastic dinosaurs. I only wanted a couple of these for the table. They're a rubbery plastic, but paint stuck rather well to them and I painted them up using a scheme similar to the Jurassic Park ones though the size is a bit closer to the size of the real ones. Dinosaur Herbivore Herd These are more of a generic smaller herbivorous dino that came in the same sack as the Dilos were. A decent sculpt, and enough to have a decent herd look when in play. I'm not really sure what species they're supposed to be of though. Elementals (Deep Cuts's and old Mage Knight) 2 Medium Water Elementals, 2 Medium Earth Elementals, and a plant elemental that I've painted in the past. I'd found the plant elemental in a drawer a while back with a broken clix base from when I'd tried playing Mage Knight when it had first come out (I don't have many of them, most are touched up or repainted entirely with a new base...one of my old ones is even one of their short lived metal, unpainted, collectors line that I found in a second hand bin War Troll (Ice Troll) (77344) I've largely used him in combination with pathfinder goblins (A mix of the Reaper and Deep Cuts ones there), but I'd put him alongside my Anhurians as an ally with a recent game of Dragon Rampant. With the goblins, he's kind of the smartest member of the group...which isn't that unusual for the Goblins of the Noctwald. Trolls tend to be irritable, but less of a a direct threat all of their own, but aren't normally that friendly either and can often be hired as mercenaries for different groups. Ancient Undead Warriors These were from a plastic set of "skeletal warriors" that I'd found in a toy rack at Cracker Barrel a few months ago and decided to base and paint them. They're large sized skeletons with an eclectic mix of gear
  17. A couple more things. Campfire Just a rather cheap campfire from a plastic cowboys/frontier kit from Dollar Tree on a 2" Nolzur's base with some sand for basing. I've got several of these that I've used for D&D games along with a few skirmish setups. Deep Cuts Catapult It's a very nice thing to have that works well. The only issues is that it takes a lot of work to get them flat if they get distorted in the box or from falling. Easy to position in place if you add a base for it. I'm looking for a permanent crew for it that would fit with the Anhurians that my main force is made up of. Buddha Statue It's a repainted dollar tree candle holder that I'd bought, originally as terrain for Ronin, and never did anything with it until the lockdowns started when I stripped and painted it, the original paint looked like a layer of sprayed on black primer with a relatively decent gold drybrush. While I can't get a good shot of it, the actual slot for the tea candle has some rather basic koi work that I did using the various videos of the resin/paint koi art. They work decently for the size. Elephant Statue A repainted dollar tree incense burner, again something I'd originally gotten for Ronin though I wish that I'd just painted it up as a bit oversized elephant mini rather than a statue as the sculpt is really nice, but I'd needed the statue and just kept going with the terrain work there and the Koi pond its standing in. Unfortunately, the water spray for the fountain didn't work that well, but I anchored that in rather well and buried the connection point in the body with several layers of gloss. Also the top layer of gloss ended up with a lot of dust in it which is kind of irritating, but was due to needing to clear off my workspace rather quickly due to various things at the time.
  18. I've painted a few of those horses in the past...I used a 2" base and put them as far to one side as I could in order to leave a space for a 1" base to sit easily ontop of the base with basing materials (I'd just used sand). It worked well for D&D games by making it possible to put the character on the same base as the mount. I believe I used the sheep from the same cheap plastic sets to have some sheep herds, might have mixed in the goats there as well. I think that I used some 4 or 5 inch by 3 inch wooden ovals for basing them.
  19. If you're talking about just something to sit a based figure on, you can actually get something that works quite well for cheaper than you'd be able to buy a base for. Look for Acrylic Ice Cubes... I've got a number of them that I've used with my Water Genasi character since their abilities let you create the cubes of ice and those are rather good to represent them for cover purposes
  20. If the door is movable or a separate piece, it could do to work as an actual outhouse.
  21. I'm not sure if the mounted figures other than the Bones Black Anuhrian Cavalry (Now renamed to Human Mounted Paladin for some reason) in Bones use the same peg for riders, but if they do, a pack of saddles that can use the same slot would be a great thing there. it might be possible to also then use the same parts of molds to have them available for other uses in games. We could also use a normal horse or two without anything on them for use in different ways. I'd also like a workhorse such as a clydesdale or similar, perhaps in a set with a larger wagon. I'd also like to see an outhouse done about the same size as the bones pseudo-TARDIS one.
  22. Just as an odd piece to add to it, several magazines now on the shelf are about the plans for her birthday party and things related to it...I'm assuming they were written and printed before she died and just got received rather than an attempt to be wrong there
  23. Well, got around to replacing my slowly failing laptop...sure, it's just a premade from the local Sams, but it is a massive improvement on what I have. Also ordered the Deep Cuts Oxen and Cart packs...actually got the carts for free with it in the deal, though it's still a bit more than what they used to cost.
  24. Well, Deadpool will be depressed for a while... Rather sad she didn't make her centennial though
  25. That's a really cool look for it
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