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  1. Outstanding. I'm not sure when exactly I'll be in the area, but I'll give as much notice as possible. Thanks!
  2. Hey, friends, I suddenly find myself having the fortune of travelling to Texas in the next week or two, and toward the end of my trip I will be close enough to Denton to make a pilgrimage to the Reaper store. I thought I remembered reading something about factory tours being available at some point, but I don't see anything specifically advertising them on the website, and a cursory scan of google results seem to connect tours exclusively to ReaperCon. Are tours of the factory available to the public? If so, is there a link to days/times? Thanks!
  3. Oooh, indeed! I wasn't looking at ghosts, but that second one is really good! She really nails the "windswept" vibe!
  4. Thanks. I've used the figure finder before, but I guess I've been lacking inspiration in my search criteria of late. I've been out of the game for about two years, so...grinding the gears back into it.
  5. Good afternoon, brain trust, I'm trying to fill in minis for a home brew D&D campaign. Four of the overarching personalities in the world are personifications of the winds. Each has a tower in my world, dedicated to their reverence, and each person controls the winds corresponding to a cardinal direction on the compass using an instrument unique to them. The North Wind is cold and ruthless; abandoned by a former beau, she desires to leave the world as cold as that unfaithful ingrate's heart was toward her. The South Wind is young, warm, and fancy-free; inexperienced, she sees the best in everything, and just wants everyone to be comfortable and happy. The West Wind is constant and productive; order and normalcy are associated with her. The East Wind is unusual, untrustworthy, and often bears ill omen; chaos and sickness tend to accompany her. For the minis, I really like Julie Guthrie's Spirit of Winter (N. wind), Spirit of Spring (S. wind), and Spirit of Fall (W. wind), but the Spirit of Summer doesn't fit my picture for the East wind, and I don't want a mini that's so under-dressed. I imagined them as a group of sisters, although I have considered making the east wind a brother. Can anyone think of a mini that would fit the bill and (at least sort of) match the other three mentioned?
  6. Beagle, since you missed the letter, hold off for a moment. There will be a good place to drop you in shortly. I tried to roll your character last weekend, but I ran into hiccups with the cleric base class thing. I think I've been looking at a different template than the one you PM'd me. I'll try again tomorrow(?) I'll be done with it by the time we need it. Real life is pretty busy at the moment, but I've got some time to give to the game pretty much every day now.
  7. Mine, too. I'm still questing for that elusive group-that-can-finish.
  8. Scrawled across the page in untidy penmanship, the letter begins to smear with the damp. Nonetheless, you are able to make out the words. Barovia. The worms creep beneath our floors and our streets, they feast on the flesh of our dead. High in the castle, the once lord is no longer, the new lord is not yet, without form, void. All is void and vanity. I am the Burgomaster. The Master! Kolyan am I! Soon the worms will feast on me. There is much wealth in this community. I offer all that might be had to thee and thy followers if thou shalt but answer my desparate plea Come! Do not tarry!
  9. As though cued by your conversation, the door to the Weary Horse Inn swings open with a loud thud. A bundled figure steps heavily through the door and stamps mud from his boots. He surveys the room as he peels a sopping hood from his head, then confidently moves to your table, tossing a damp letter on its wooden surface. "The village of Barovia is in need of heroes," he says in a thick accent. "You'll do as well as any." A look of mild disdain hangs upon his features as he turns to leave without another word.
  10. Ok. I've been waiting for Beagle to make his introduction, but I'm going to get this thing moving. Beagle, when you're ready, let me know and I'll present an opportunity for you to jump in. Sorry for another delay, guys. Hang in there. This mod is worth the wait, I promise. ​
  11. Just waiting for Beagle to make his introduction, and the first event will kick off.
  12. ...The bar tender looks up and says, "What is this, some kind of joke?"
  13. Of all that has happened in your life, you are certain you've never experienced so much gloom. It has rained for...how long? Days? Has it been weeks? The grey of the weather thickly blankets every corner of the Weary Horse Inn and it seems to be settling over your mind as well. Like a thick wet blanket it drapes everything in a depressing aura that seems to be the permanent countenance of the people in this part of the world. Barovia. Is that what they called it? The innkeeper has barely said a word since you arrived, only shuffling around, answering questions in low-often unintelligible-mutters if pressed. His services are sufficient, although he rarely even makes eye contact. You've seen so few locals since you took shelter here, that you're beginning to doubt that any come here at all. There is the handful of other guests, though. All foreigners; adventurous looking individuals like yourself. The Weary Horse sits alone on an old road, dreary and dilapidated in the middle of a wood that is every bit as depressing as the weather. Somehow it manages to keep stocked in food that is good-albeit plain-and passable beds. You're not sure why with how little business it seems to get, although you're grateful it does keep stocked now. There's a reason you're here. Why? You can't remember. Or...were you just passing through? Being trapped inside for so long does strange things to the mind. The weather makes traveling the sloppy road dangerous, though, and it would be best to wait until it clears before attempting to leave. In the meantime, perhaps it would be good talk to the other patrons. Some social interaction might do you some good... ​
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