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  1. Technically, I suppose it does, although I'm not sure it qualifies as equipping oneself well...
  2. Number Six, indeed. You're in, and I think you'll be the last. You do, in fact, make six, and I think more than that has potential to get a bit clumsy in terms of waiting for everyone to post and dealing with life circumstances that take players away from the game. So far, I have a rolled character from dsmiles, and Arkady has narrowed down to two concepts. Arkady, I am ok with your "Plan A" if that's what you want to go with, but I'll have to get with you on the mechanics. I don't have books for dragonlance. I'll check your link for the Wildspace Gnome. Stand by for PM. Everyone
  3. I am going for the hat trick-third exchange this year. I'm in. I love these. They're the perfect blend of challenge from trying to paint what my partner requests and relaxation* because there's plenty** of time and it's fun to paint for someone else. Also, it's exciting to anticipate what you're going to get from someone else. *The deadlines may cause some degree of panic, but it's good panic. 😅 **Sort of subjective, I realize. I tend to bring mine right down to the wire, but it really is enough time for the most part.
  4. I am also tentatively in. I have the perfect piece, but I also don't want to overcommit, what with doing the fall exchange and all. I'll probably do it...
  5. I am in if it isn't too late! What day is it? I'll send the questionnaire tomorrow. Just got back from my camping vacation tonight.
  6. Beagle, you can absolutely sign up. I was hoping one or two more would. I got home from my vacation tonight, so I'll start getting things prepped as soon as I am settled.
  7. I'm not necessarily opposed to level adjustments, but multiple in a small party has potential to be a scale tipping disadvantage due to lack of hit points.
  8. Yes, the dinosaur dig was awesome. We got to keep a small box of fossils, including a fairly complete tail vertebrae from an edmontasaurus that I found. My wife found two fossils that the museum decided to keep. It was a great experience. Arkady, *throws the switch* Give your character Liiiife!!! Rex, I haven't used mythweavers in forever, but I'll try to dig up my old account. In the mean time, does anyone have a pdf copy of Complete Divine you can get me?
  9. Hey guys, sorry for my absence of late. I've been off grid at a dinosaur dig and now I'm at a family reunion, camping. I'll be back to civilization on Friday. Arkady, your concept is fine.
  10. Reminder to my painter. I'm also on vacation for another week. If you sent it I'll get it sometime around August 10-12 depending on how long it takes me to drive from Yellowstone to West Virginia with a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old.
  11. Aw man. I was thinking about trying to go to ReaperCon next year, but the last week of April is always finals week for us. Hopefully it will be early May...
  12. I don't really have any specific recommendations, unless someone wanted to play one of two prestige classes that are offered in the mod. I'd honestly have to look up what they even are, though. If I recall correctly, the prerequisites make it a little difficult to start out as either one, so I've never had anyone play them before. EDIT: It is a throwback, but dsmiles is on the right track. Ravenloft is pretty isolated from the rest of the world, so you can use pretty much any source material. If any references need to be made specifically to the world outside, I'll DMprovise.
  13. Oh um... PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!!! *shifty eyes* Also, no pressure if anyone doesn't want to paint. Just a thought.
  14. dsmiles, having given it a once-over, I don't have any problem with what I'm seeing. As long as you meet prereqs and such, you can use any of those classes/prestige classes, feats, etc. Are you still wanting to use the Swordsage as a base class? Roo, if you want to play, you're in. You're #4 to express interest, which is the minimum I was hoping to get. Ideally, we'll get about two more. I totally get wanting to just play; I basically always DM when we get the chance to game, so I've been itching just to play one, too. Unfortunately, I haven't had a good dedicated group in a long tim
  15. I'm not sure if this has been specifically addressed yet, but I have a core set pledge question. Someone from Reaper (Brian maybe?) said earlier in the forum discussion that we're not obligated to get a core set if we pledge at the $100 level; the only reason they have that level is because people expect it. But on the KS page, it says "This is what your $100 pledge will get you..." to introduce the core set. Additional core sets are $60. My question is this: If I am planning to get a core set, is the first one $100 and duplicate copies are $60? Or can I check the $60 option initiall
  16. Aha. Sure, get me a copy of the book, and I'll check it out.
  17. @dsmiles, You'll have to clarify some of your acronyms. I know the rules pretty well, but I don't get to game very often, so I'm probably a little out of touch with the lingo. I have the Oriental Adventures book, which has a ninja class in it, but I'm not sure what ToB is. Also IIRC/EtCR? I assume that has something to do with Challenge Rating? I believe it is officially lvl 5-6. Where I actually start will depend on interest. So far there are 3, which is doable if I run an NPC and start at level 6. If we get 5 or 6, we could probably start at level 5 and be ok.
  18. Also my first Kickstarter. This was the most fun I've had watching a clock wind down since the last time I was on 24 hour barracks duty in the Marine Corps. Now I just have to paint as many of my metals as I possibly can in the next year to get ready for all the Bones that will be on their way to my house!
  19. Looks like I'll be getting four Frost Giants from this KS. I'm already putting this encounter together in my head. Two warriors escorting the king and queen to a secret facility at night. PCs can either help them or blow their cover. Now which of these beasties/other figures might be pursuing Frost Giant royalty...? There are so many lovely options...!
  20. It's the FINAL COUNTDOOOOWN!!!! Badadaadaaah! Badadat-dat-daaah!!! Badadaadaaah! Badadat-dat-dat-dat-daaah!!!
  21. Actually, the more I look at that Sophie, the more I like her. Get out of my head, she-devil!! *rerolls Will save*
  22. I don't usually get into al the Sophies, but this one is pretty cool. If it goes into the core, I'd definitely paint it.
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