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  1. 1. I like to give my players a lot of freedom. If you have a concept you're excited about, let me know and I'll try to help make it work. I have no problem over-riding books with house rules if it will make a better story or a more enjoyable game. No promises, but I'll do my best to work with you. 2. Funny you should mention that. I've never actually encountered psionics in game either as a player or DM. I do have the Complete Psionics book, though, and I was just thinking yesterday that if there was not quite enough interest, maybe I'd toss in a psionics NPC just to check it out. It'll require a little more work from me just to learn the mechanics, but I'll say sure to Psionics. 3. As far as background, standard pantheon is standard; any of these gods will likely be recognized in the world. Other religions are recognized, though, so if you want to worship Deathstench the Stinkiest of Unholy Cheeses, this is acceptable. It may garner you some strange looks, however, and potential rivalries from the cult of Lactaid. Religion aside, it will be a fairly standard fantasy world. Feel free to ask any specific questions.
  2. Yeah, I'm holding steady at $400 with just enough cushion to get an extra set of fence and maybe one or two other things. Probably a good thing I missed KS 1 and 2. 😑
  3. Not entirely. There's the ghost and the gargoyle in the first part. It's definitely terrain heavy, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Mrs. and/or Mr. Bones show up with some tombstones. "We're kicking the final 3 days of the project of with our Graveyard Expansion! This expansion will be a terrain-heavy expansion, featuring terrain, accessories, and models useful for RPGS, wargames, dioramas, and whatever else you can think of!" -Update #34
  4. @Fremen That is one of my favorite minis. You did a great job on her. She's gorgeous.
  5. I'm excited about the dwarves-especially the king. I love it when they do the same mini in multiple poses.
  6. True. And there are lots of corners of this forum that you can get comfortable in, depending on your interests. Welcome aboard. Your character looks great.
  7. @Jordan Peackock: I'll have to look into it. I've been doing metals for a while, but this kickstarter is actually my intro to Bones. (I've done one or two bones pieces.) They look pretty thick, so I would be a little skeptical, but that would be awesome. If not, different paint jobs will have to do.
  8. I'm planning to get three of the big worms. Let's be honest. If your PC's are at a high enough level where they can handle one of them, you're not going to have that ultra-dramatic, stunned, all-divine-magic-users-start-praying-now! moment until three come out of the ground. And my birthday is next month, so we'll see what other duplicate small sets I can afford after that. Undead Lords, Orcs, Hobgoblins, and weapon packs are on the table.
  9. Well. I basically just doubled my pledge. *takes wallet out into the trees and shoots it* Dang...that was a nice wallet... I might regret that later.
  10. Dragon? Nonsense. There hasn't been a dragon in these parts for 1,000 years!
  11. Ok. After smacking the smoldering ashes of my budget with an axe, it has agreed that I can afford Tianot, three gargantuan worms, the graveyard expansion, and everything else I already had down. On an unrelated note, if anyone knows of a good toddler rescue, please PM me immediately.
  12. I think we've gone way beyond nuclear. We've gone to plaid!
  13. *starts throwing water on the pledgecounter* Somebody come help me before this thing overheats and we lose all knowledge of how we're doing!
  14. I was really hoping to keep it under $250. *crumples up plan, lights it on fire, and throws it out the window* If all this gets unlocked, I'll definitely be going in for the graveyard expansion and Tianot. As much as I'd love three of those worms, I might have to pass just so I don't go completely broke. On the other hand...
  15. Oh my word...! Graveyard expansion, Hobgbageddon, Colossal Worm, and Tianot all in the same reveal?!?!! Is the world shaking?! Is it just me?!?! Can the internet handle this?!!? *passes out*
  16. OOOhhhh!!! CRYPT!!! GIMMEGIMMEGIMMEEE!!! Sign me up for that NAOWWWW!!!!
  17. Option A: You can just PM me a character concept, and I will roll it up. I'll ask some questions along the way about things like skill point allocation and your priorities for ability scores, but I'll handle most of it, optimizing for usefulness/your concept. Option B: If you have books/know what you're doing, you can roll yourself and send me a character sheet if you would like. My house rules usually go: 4d6 and drop the lowest one seven times, and drop the lowest one. (That way you end up with 6 rolls of 3d6 with slightly higher odds of having a slightly more powerful character). I'll have to look up starting gold. I will also not be able to start before August. I'm on vacation right now, about half way across the country. I thought I would see if there was interest now, though, so if there is I can start when I get back.
  18. The master of Ravenloft is having guests for dinner...and you're invited. A dark shape emerges from the shadow of Castle Ravenloft. A flash of lightning reveals the sneering countenance of Count Strahd von Zarovich. His eyes burn with eternal hunger and contempt for life. From a narrow balcony, he peers out into the drizzling twilight at the few sad lights of the village below and mutters a single name: "Ireena..." ________________________________________________________________________________ Expedition to Castle Ravenloft is a D&D deluxe adventure that updates the original 1st edition Ravenloft module, retaining the gothic flavor and familiar elements while expanding and reimagining some of the locations to create a deeper, richer adventure experience. ________________________________________________________________________________ Greetings, adventurers! I've noticed a number of the games in this thread have interest, but possibly have some overflow of players. I've been wanting to get in on a game, but I don't have any experience with any of the systems that are currently being played, so rather than bog down the queues to get in on a game I'm not familiar with, I figured I'd see if there was enough interest for me to DM one. I will be using D&D 3.5 rules, but I'll do all the dice rolling and mechanics behind the scenes in order to attempt a more streamlined story. If you have books they may help you, but none are required. New players are certainly welcome; I've DM'd before and am confident I can help anyone through anything they may get hung up on. EDIT: All races and classes are acceptable with an exception clause if I've overlooked something that won't work for some reason. Evil alignment is the only prohibition. So. Any interest?
  19. Very cool. Nice job on the conversion. As has been said, you can't really even tell.
  20. I would almost certainly go in for an undead expansion. Sci-Fi, not so much. And as much as I love the cultists, I'm pretty sure I'm out of the Mythos expansion; the rest of it just isn't that interesting to me.
  21. I would just like to say that I am super excited for the kitsune from Eastern Legends. I have the Oriental Adventures book for D&D 3.5 that I pull from sometimes, and they're perfect for a quirky slightly unusual character for that. The brain in a jar in expansion 1 seems a little sci-fi and out of place to me, but the plant monsters are really cool. Can't wait to see what expansion 2 may hold.
  22. I've never played Earthdawn either, but the concept is intriguing and I've been wanting to get involved in a game. Sadly, I don't have a real-life gaming group, and there haven't been too many openings for new games here, lately. If you're going ahead with this, I'd definitely be willing to try it. Just let me know what you need from me. I assume there's a character sheet to fill out. Do I need PDFs of the books, or is Tesk handling the mechanics behind the scenes? I'll try to get on the wiki and check it out this week. The only hang up for me is that I'll be camping the first week of August, and then I have to drive from Ennis, Montana back to West Virginia, so I won't have internet access for 8-10 days. Obviously, if it kicks off at the end of July, that's inconvenient timing for me to be gone. At any rate, I'd definitely look forward to getting involved in a game. Let me know.
  23. Sooo... Bones III, is my first kickstarter. I'm somewhere in wave 5. How have I never discovered this before? On the one hand, hooray for bones being cheaper than metal (which is what I've exclusively painted so far). On the other hand, I don't think that will equate to me spending less money on minis. It might just have the opposite effect. Anyhoo, this looks super awesome, and I'm really excited for it. In anticipation, I need to get excited for it by painting as many of the unfinished metals that I have as possible in the next year. Ready? GO!
  24. This is a great tutorial. I totally get what you mean about getting caught up in the climb. I actually was considering doing a (77162) Yephima with skin very similar to that, but I didn't know how to do it, so this video was perfect. Thanks for sharing!
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