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  1. This mini had a lot of new challenges for me. I've never done white hair, dark elf skin, or fur (he's wearing a fur mantle on the back). I think this is also the most detailed mini I've ever done. The base is made out of a seashell I picked up off the beach in North Carolina when I was stationed down there, filed down to fit the 1" square. It looked too perfectly like a cave floor to not use it. I had so much fun painting this mini, and I feel like I learned a lot in the process. Bring on the fall exchange!
  2. Ok. So here is the elf swordsman I was working on. I finished my exchange piece, but I won't post pictures of that until my partner receives it. I also cleaned and prepped nine new minis, but since I didn't even get them primed, they're really not worth posting photos. I'll tag the piece later; I'm running errands right now. I realize now that I really am not a fast painter or prepper. I lost track of my time, but I am pretty sure I was well over 12 hours.
  3. Mine will go out today. For my partner, I am going out of state for a month today, and I haven't got my package yet. I'm sorry I won't be able to post about it until mid August, but don't worry about not hearing that it's been received.
  4. @Maxstyles Those look like some great projects! Very cool. I think I'm only going to hit about 12 hours. Most of it was spent on my exchange piece and on cleaning and prepping my 9 new ones. I have made a lot of progress on my elf sword master, though. I'll post pictures when I am done today.
  5. @TGP I use Aileen's craft glue to hold my minis onto the cork. If you let it dry thoroughly, it holds well and it peels right off in one piece when you're done.
  6. Sooo...I am way late on prepping my minis, so I'm going to have to count prep work, or I won't make 24 hours. I will probably have to split my time, too. I go out of state for a month, starting next week, so it's tonight through Sunday night or bust for me. I started looking at potentials at about 11:30. My work will start with a combination of prep/prime and cleaning up this disaster of a hobby table. Pictures will come later for verification. I have 1 exchange mini that is closing in on finished, 1 prepped/primed, and 8 fresh out of the package. My goal is to finish my exchange piece-which won't get pictures until it's delivered-finish the one that is ready to go, have my 4 townsfolk near completion, and base coats on the other 4. EDIT: Make it 9 fresh out of the box. I found another cork.
  7. I've been getting work done, but I've got sloppy in my month off. This one's going to need a lot of touch ups. 😛
  8. Finally getting back to it after about a month long absence. On the bright side, I've got some ideas, and should be able to finish by the weekend.
  9. I wanna get carried away too!!! *grumble*...stupid busy schedule...*grumble*
  10. Wait...we have to paint WELL for this??? 😛
  11. Crossed brushes over a stop watch? I probably need to commit to this just to get anything done. EDIT: Sundays are no good for me, but I think I can commit if I start sometime Friday and work through Saturday. Egads, I have to get so much homework done early this week.
  12. Well, I guess I'm just a giant slacker. The spring exchange-being my first one-I only did one because I thought we were supposed to stay in the price range of about one mini. This time I planned to do...more than one...but my summer filled up so fast I will probably only be able to finish one. Bonus points for spending three months on one mini? 😓
  13. Very nice. The tentacles give it good dimension.
  14. *wanders nonchalantly back into town* Okayyyy... So I haven't made any progress in about a month. I've been out of town and I leave town again on Saturday until Thursday, the 2nd. Fortunately, next week is my last week of my speech class, so my work load should lighten up after I get back. I'm not panicking yet, so you shouldn't be either! *shifty eyes*
  15. I try to keep at least as many of my own as I get from other people. Seems odd to me to have more minis other people painted than ones I've done myself. That having been said, I'm approaching my limit. Better do a few for myself before the next exchange.
  16. Yeessss, real progress beginsss! Er... *ahem* As afore-anticipated, paint is finally being applied. I will be making a concentrated effort to paint every night until the 8th at which point my wife and minions will be going to Georgia for a week, so if I'm not done by then, I will have all the time to complete this exchange piece before they return. EDIT: I got 4 minis base coated tonight, and the best part is they're not all for the exchange. Got a little something going for myself on the side. It's been a while since I've done something for me, so...great success!
  17. @Auberon If you're heading down the bath into darkness, you should probably consider changing your water...
  18. Gears are finally starting to grind into motion. I got 5 minis prepped and primed today (although not all of them are for the exchange). I'm going camping tomorrow and won't be back until Wednesday. After that, I'm hoping to hit my exchange piece hard, and will try to have it done in a week. In all honesty, I probably won't have it done that fast, but that's my goal. Ready, go!
  19. P.S. Each of those minis is fantastic! I especially like Sora and Sir Malcolm. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
  20. I use Gorilla Glue, and it usually works pretty well. I haven't heard the baking soda thing, though. That's interesting. Mayhaps I'll try it next time I'm working with something tiny.
  21. I was really hoping to have cleanup and priming done last weekend, but I have got off to a really slow start. I had a terrible time attaching one of the components, because it's so tiny there really wasn't much surface for glue to adhere to. After trying two or three different glues, green stuff, glue with a green stuff cast over the joint, and finally more glue, I think I've found one that will hold. In the mean time, my base just needs a little paint, and it'll be done. I think I've managed to make a base that really took a lot of work look pretty simple, so I'm very pleased with it. Now if I can just match paint without screwing it up... As long as the glue and green stuff set ok tonight, I'll definitely at least prime tomorrow, and then things should pick up speed.
  22. Maybe I overthink my gamey things, but I would say it depends somewhat on the story for the Order. Green says "wind in the trees" or "wind over the grass" to me, while blue indicates "clear skies" or "maritime winds". Each could either have no consequence at all or could totally shape the story of the order. If I were developing the game, there would probably be a reason for the color. Personally, I'd ask cerebro. If there's no preference there, develop some inspiration before proceeding. On the other hand, I tend to overthink and overdevelop.
  23. My order is here! Prep work will occur tonight! Muahahahaaa!
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