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  1. That moment when you ordered a mini for the exchange along with enough other stuff just to get free shipping, then after your order was placed, remembered that you actually need something else for the exchange. To get free shipping again, or not to get free shipping again? That is the question!
  2. Partner received. I don't have the appropriate mini(s?), but my order has been placed. *equal amounts of finger drumming*
  3. And, I'm in. The last one was a fun way to stay motivated to paint.
  4. How does one gain admittance to this magical and mystical panel of judges?
  5. This is fantastic! I love your diorama, and the back story is great! I wonder what it says about me that my favorite part is the 'heavy syruptanium' though...
  6. Ok. So. Wow. I have not the words to express the awesomeness that I got from Bonwirn in the mail today. Only that I wish my camera wasn't complete garbage, so you could all see these undead swordswomen and spell caster more clearly and in all their undead...glory...? Corruption? Undeadness. Also, this tomb that I get to paint and put together is epic, and I'm stoked about getting to incorporate it into future games. I'll definitely be going to Hobby Lobby today to pick up the appropriate glue, basing materials, etc. Who needs to study for finals anyway, amiright? Without further ado, admire Bonwirn's awesomeness and be jealous! EDIT: Hm...for some reason the last picture keeps posting upside down. Trying to figure that out... Got it.
  7. The package is in my hand and will be has been shipped in about an hour. I also forgot to take a final picture, so partner go ahead and post away when you get it. It doesn't have too far to go, so it should probably arrive either today or tomorrow.
  8. First coat of sealer is on. Barring an act of divine intervention, my first exchange mini will be shipped on time.
  9. Ugh. I was hoping to have mine done weeks ago. School is killing me. Good News: It's basically done. I'm really just obsessing over details at this point. Bad News: I was really hoping to try something cool with the base, but I'm not going to have time. Good News: I'm pretty proud of the (basically) finished product, which is always a good feeling. Bad News: Super basic basing. Good News: Summer Exchange 2015.
  10. I haven't got much done the last week and a half or so, because I've been super busy with school. I'm really close to done, though. I'm doing my level best to finish it this weekend and ship by Monday.
  11. P.S. Dane will stash his flint and steel while pulling out the cord. Assuming everyone follows this step in the plan, he'll set up on one side of the door intending to yank the cord tight as soon as skeletons come through it. If they manage to trip the whole group of them, his first action will be to attempt to entangle as many skeletons in the cord as possible in whatever manner seems most effective. If he sees that some are not tripped, he'll attempt to remove the legs of the next one standing like Babe Ruth at a homerun contest.
  12. "Like my gran'dad always said, 'Toast new friends with a drink and spiders with the biggest flame you can manage." He pulls two long thin clubs from his belt, and steps lightly into the room across the hall, from which the party came before entering the spider room, taking cover behind the doorway. "And as far as new friends are concerned, I've recently filled my quota for the day. Perhaps our new guests would settle for business rivals...?" "Step lightly, now. I suggest we move this party into this room and set a few bouncers at the door." He pulls a long cord from his pack and hands one end to Wolf. "A little help? It might behoove us to arrange a little trip for them. Did I mention I was in tourism?"
  13. Less time posting means more time painting, right? Riiight?
  14. Progress on mine has slowed down again, but I'm almost finished. I think it's actually looking really great. I'm pretty happy considering I tried a few new things with this one.
  15. This is a really cool idea. I've never used a limited color palette before, and I too like my hundreds of options. In fact, I usually pull out handfuls of triads and end up not using some because you just can't put that much color on a mini. I think I'll try this when I'm done with my exchange piece.
  16. ((I think that makes all of us.)) Dane tosses his homemade explosive, trying to gauge his toss such that flames will cover the floor to the doorway without spilling into the hall.
  17. Here's to hoping the party is quick on their feet. Dane doesn't want to BBQ his rescuers, but he'll toss the cocktail rather than risking either it exploding in his hand or the spiders swarming out into the hall. And if it looks like they're starting to do that, he's got no shame in fleeing to the well room, rather than dealing with a spider swarm; even one of "normal" sized spiders.
  18. Dane quickly checks to make sure all of his gear is still accounted for, medium-sized backpack included. He hasn't known spiders to loot items off of their pray, but it wouldn't surprise him if the unholy filth had started that practice while he was unconscious. The beginning of an infernal murderous thieves guild on the material plane seems as likely an explanation for their existence as any. Hellspawn. Curse 'em all. Assuming everything is intact, he quickly retrieves his flint and steel, an oil soaked rag, and a small bottle of fierce dwarven alcohol, constructing a molotov cocktail. "Everyone out!" he shouts, lighting the rag. As soon as everyone is to the door, he'll toss the explosive into the room.
  19. Dane rushes out into the hall and vomits when spiders start pouring out all over.
  20. "A talking wolf, eh?" he quips as he gets up again. This time he manages to stand, albeit on legs that wobble somewhat. "I'm Dane. And Grimm is an idiot. Well, he's probably dead. And if he's not, I'm going to kill him next time I see him. He was a...companion of mine. Recent acquaintance. Dumb as a brick. Useful, though, when you needed somebeast split with an axe." Dane stretches, looking around and attempts a few cautious steps. "I'm in the uh...tourism business. Got hired...well...I guess I don't really know how long ago. I haven't starved to death yet, so probably within the last few days. Anyway, these kids come up from Arl's Grange saying they want to check out the ruin. I probably shoulda known they'd all get themselves killed down here, but the coin was good and they did have some muscle with 'em. Who's going to blame me for taking the chance?" "I told them to be quiet and stay well behind me while I kept an eye out for anything that might send us down the River on a pink pony. We make it to the hallway almost to this room, and the next thing I know, these two kids are crackin' jokes at each other and yuckin' it up. Suddenly an army of giant..." He looks a little sick at the memory, and for a moment you think he might fall over again. "...of giant...well. Y'know? And suddenly we're in the thick of it, when the biggest..." He shudders. "Well it comes right at me. So I duck in here, and that's it. Not sure what happened after that. I guess it got me. Not sure about the others."
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