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  1. The newcomer suddenly jumps up with a yell, grabbing Daenir around the shoulder, then abruptly falls on his face. Attempting to scramble away, he appears to be suffering either from spider venom in the legs, or perhaps simply from having been upside down for too long. "Jaws of the seven hells!" he yells, still scrambling wildly. "Grimm, look out for the big one! It's..." He stands up again, this time falling over backward. This fall seems to knock the wind out of him, granting a moment of peace from all the flailing about. In this pause, he looks from one face to another, seeming to come to himself a bit. "Grimm? Wait. You aren't... Who are you??"
  2. Awesome work, SG! So now that this comes up again, I've been wondering about these large block bases I've been seeing. What are they made of? Where do they come from? How many do I need? I'm guessing they're not used in game, but am I wrong? Are they just fun excuses to do more elaborate bases? And why don't I have any?
  3. Aha! Life-sign! I was just starting to wonder how many XP I get for wandering in and killing an OOC thread...
  4. @Lochar DO THEY HAVE THOSE?!? @Bonwirn I don't know anyone who plays tabletop games, actually. I've been hunting for a D&D group, but no luck yet. I just meant in general. Never know when you're going to need an army of minis. Best to be prepared.
  5. I see. Thanks. *mutters about how many sets are required for an adequate elf army*
  6. I have one of those nagging questions that I've been meaning to ask for a while. I'm a little confused concerning how many pieces are in some of the sets in the store. For example, 06190 Elf Royal Guardsmen shows two minis in the picture, the puzzle piece says three (which I thought was how many pieces were included,) but the name is followed by "(9)". It's listed as $39.99, which makes me assume there are more than two in it, since you can order the individual pieces for about $10. If I order this, am I going to get nine pieces? Nine pairs? Three pieces, making up two minis? I know there are other sets like this, so I'm asking generally, not just about this specific set. Can someone explain the numbers?
  7. That moment when you're almost finished painting and you notice something you didn't see before, and you're like..."what the heck do I do with that??" Anyway, almost done painting. Now to start thinking about the base...
  8. Maybe I'll find out tomorrow. Learn by doing!!
  9. I know I took pictures after I did green stuff, but I can't find them right now. You can kind of see the important part in these, though. You can see on the under-tail shot where it molded kind of weird. I should probably fix that with some green stuff. Can I do that if I've already started painting? Anyway, here's my base coat. It's a little more 'teal' than I expected, but I'm going to roll with it. I can darken it up some with a wash. I'm painting him in pieces, and then I'll assemble. I also tried to get the 'gap spaces' in these so you can see how my green stuff came out.
  10. So, I'm finally getting around to getting a WIP done. These are just to show the gaps. They're pretty significant, as you can see. This was a new challenge, as I've never actually filled gaps before. The middle one is just to show my pin job-also something new for me. I had already glued him together before I heard I should pin, so all I did was put one down through each wing slot.
  11. Ok. In the interest of having something to do while I'm waiting, I've decided to do a map of Keppleshire. Did we get a final consensus of everything that needs to be included? Approximately what is the population? I feel like a Labrador that knows there's someone outside the door...just spinning circles in front of my screen waiting for something to happen.
  12. @Mad Jack: That's...a really good idea... I actually don't have any of those tools. I've never really modded any minis before; it's something I'm just starting to get into. And unfortunately, I don't have a good game store here to go look at pieces in person. I'd have to order something and hope it would fit. But I know there's a hobby store in Charleston (40 minutes, ish?). Maybe a trip up there would be worth it.
  13. I was considering this, but I came up with the concept before I knew the party balance. When (if?) he dies, maybe I'll come up with a tank or a sorcerer. On the other hand, if we ever surround anything, our sneak attack damage ought to rocket through the roof into the noonday sun, thus vaporizing any undead in the area... >.> <.< >.> Unless this system only allows sneak attack from directly behind... *Shameless plug for maximum damage* If a creature is fighting one party member, it ought to have a difficult time defending against any surrounding it, even on the sides, I would think. At any rate, setting our own traps and using a sneaky character to lure enemies into them might be an advisable strategy at this point. Or maybe we can find a cannon for cheap in Keppleshire and lower it down the murder hole, and then just push it ahead of us all the time...
  14. Perhaps not my favorite mini, but the best approximation of my favorite character is 03151 Achiah, Male Angel. I had to take a -4 level adjustment to play a half-celestial, but with +6 to three abilities and +4 to the other three, it didn't even matter. The sculpt doesn't quite do him full service, as he was a paladin (of course) decked out in full plate, but he did fight with a spear. His name was Justice, and the game was all about helping the princess claim the throne against her evil militant brother. At one point we had to enter her dreams to break a curse, and when we came out of the dream we were ambushed by the prince's men. Somehow Justice was the only one to make his fortitude save against the chloroform and took down 7 enemies by himself, thus giving the DM an aneurysm as he had planned for us all to be captured at that point, despite having only about 1/3 HP and all healing items and abilities having been expended in the dungeon. Ironically, he's been sitting in my box of shame for years, as I haven't known what to do about his lack of armor. Maybe now that I'm starting to experiment with green stuff, I'll pull him out of the box and take another look...
  15. Yon mini has arrived, is cleaned up, primed, and being base coated.
  16. Hello! Looking forward to joining the game. I've done some PBP before, and I haven't had a real life group in years, so I'm ready! I'll leave introduction of my character for the game and then put up some bio information and such. EDIT: I am now caught up on this thread and the "playing" thread. Just a couple notes: 1) Technology largely rejects me, as a person, so I'll be able to post regularly, but concerning updating wikis, uploading maps, and other tasks more complicated than typing and then clicking "submit," I can't make any guarantees. I'll do my best to be involved, but go easy on me. 2) Is there any time during the week that everyone tries to be available, or is it just "check in and post when you can,"? I know everyone has gaps sometimes, but if there's a regular meeting time, I'll be sure to be available. Sometimes it looks like there are a lot of posts and everyone is communicating in a short amount of time... 3) I can't find a suitable mini, and it's making me a little crazy. 02836: Piers, Young Mage is...not bad, but the staff isn't right and the armor might be a tad heavy, depending on if you interpret that to be leather or heavier. Actually, it might be too heavy anyway. If he took off the pauldrons it might be ok. I digress. Anyway, Dane is sort of a Bard/Rogue who fights with dual knight-stick-like clubs. When you get to know him, if you have any recommendations, shout it out. I'm still looking. 4) I think there was something else, but it's 2:25 a.m. and I can't remember. Maybe tomorrow...
  17. Cool. I've read some of the thread, but I guess I didn't get far enough to see what system it is. If I don't actually need books, though, I'll send him a character.
  18. What system is it, Knight? EDIT: Allow me to refine my question. I read your introduction to it. Is it all just generally conceptual, or are you using a specific system?
  19. I also tend to play 3.5 and would love to play a game if someone else ran it. I'd run one myself, but I don't have time right now. Maybe a summer game...
  20. Just ordered what I'm going to paint along with some other stuff for me. I'm pretty excited for this. Now to try to finish my other projects before my new order gets here!
  21. I'm also in on this. If I do a few of these exchanges this year and paint two minis to keep for every one I send out, that's a more realistic goal for me than trying to do one mini a week this year-much as I'd like to try that challenge.
  22. Just for funsies, here is Ninja II. When my daughter (now almost 3) was about 1 1/2, she got really interested in what I was doing one day, so I let her paint this one. Obviously, he's one of my favorites.
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