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  1. Here we go. I have about the worst combo of camera and lighting on the planet, but I figure I probably ought to get some work up so I can get some C&C. These were taken with my Droid, but I don't have another camera at the moment. Hopefully I can remedy that soon. Also, my lamp is super harsh, but it's the only one I have right now. It's great for painting; not so much for photographing. Just a couple notes. Cassie is the first mini I ever painted. My colors are flat, she looks unfinished and cartoony, but I actually think the effect is fun. As little as I knew about painting at the time, I kind of like the way she turned out. Somewhere around 7-8 years ago, I think? Sharyn is one of my most recent minis. She's a pretty fair gauge of my skill right now. I notice I need to develop shadows and highlights with her, especially when doing fair skin tones. I think my medium skin tones look better, but looking at her I think her skin lacks depth. Sylph is the same. I think she lacks depth. I like the way the wings turned out, though. Golanth was my first (only) attempt at black primer. That affected the color more than I expected. In the future I'm sure I'll use black primer again for monsters and such, but I'll stick with white for people/intelligent humanoids. Strumpet is another fairly recent one. I'm working on a set of Townsfolk, and she's actually the most colorful of the lot. My vision is for a poor town full of very "earthy" people. There will be lots of brown in the rest of them. She dreams of getting out of town and living a better life. The one nice thing she owns is the red ribbon in her bodice, but her dress is still dirty and she's not as fancy as she imagines.
  2. I was nervous about pinning, but the body pieces are pretty solid and I used a an unpowered drill, so it wasn't too hard to keep everything stable. The tutorial posted above looked pretty straight forward. One of these days I'll start a WIP thread. I can only procrastinate so much in one day, though.
  3. I actually did manage to drill down through the wing slots, so I got the upper body pinned to the legs, at least. And my green stuff came in the mail today, so I'm planning to get him filled, sculpted and primed by the weekend. The JB weld was actually pretty easy. I only had to hold it for 5ish minutes, and then I leaned him carefully on my lamp for a day. In the mean time, I almost finished my blacksmith today, which isn't as cool, but I've been meaning to paint him for a while so that counts.
  4. Ok. That's a great tutorial, and I'm sure I'll be referencing it in the future. I don't think I'm going to be able to pin this one, though. I had already glued him together with JB Weld when I posted the original thread, and it is holding in a fashion worthy of Viking song. That having been said, I guess I'll have to order some green stuff and some more paint for my base color before I can get started. I probably won't start a WIP thread until I get that in; not much progress to speak of until I can at least get him primed. In the mean time, I guess I'll just take extra time to clean him up and start wading through sculpting threads. Thanks again, Corporea, for the tutorial, and Baphomet, for the link. This is definitely the biggest project I've ever attempted, but I've got vision enough to make the Fates jealous, so I'll definitely be doing my homework on this one.
  5. Thanks, I'll have to get some of this...green stuff. And here I was hoping to prime this weekend... Corporea, what do you mean by "pin his joints"? I'm not a sculptor at all... And thanks for the welcome. I've actually been lurking these forums for about a year off and on, but mostly just looking at painting tutorials. Kind of intimidated by all the talent around here, but you seem a welcoming bunch, and I appreciate the encouragement.
  6. I've noticed that when I get minis that come in multiple pieces, they often don't line up precisely. The bigger the mini, the more gaps and distortion there seem to be. Specifically, I recently got #10006 Gauth (!!!GRANDFATHER! OF DRAGONS!!!)!) and the pieces of the body have some significant gaps now that I've got him assembled. I'd like to paint him for the 2015 annual diorama contest, but before I prime I'd like to make sure my finished product is going to look smooth and complete. Does anyone have any suggestions? What materials do you use? Etc. Also, I've never done a fig this big before. Is one bottle of paint going to be enough for the base color, or do I need to order more before I get started? I use the 1/2 oz bottles of Master Series Paint. I'd hate to get started on my base coat and find that I don't even have enough paint.
  7. I've been working on one for a while that would ideally run from level 1-20. I'm one of those guys who loves a good story, so there's plenty of narrative in what I affectionately refer to as "The Four Winds" campaign. Humans have united and established a lasting empire that has ensured peace on the known world for almost 1,000 years. Dragons have been chased from the world, necromancy is a banned magic and undead are all but forgotten-nothing more than myth to frighten children. Elves, still nursing old wounds to pride, have retreated far to the east and are rarely seen in human lands. Dwarves have a reluctant existence in the mountains that border the western sea, still with a proud city-state, but a shadow of their once magnificent kingdom. They essentially live within the human kingdom. Yet rumors spread that all is not golden. Unrest grows and an uneasy presence gathers just out of the corners of men's eyes. The PCs can be brought together in any number of classic, cliché, or unusual ways, and are recruited by the human empire to investigate a vandalism that has occurred at the ancient temple of the south wind. The towers of the winds are mysterious structures that have stood since the dawn of time; their origins unknown. Occasionally, pilgrims travel to the towers for purposes few understand. All that is known of the towers is their ancient nature, their perfect construction-even master dwarven masons cannot understand how the stones were made so smooth or how they do not deteriorate-and that they are observed with great reverence by all. Upon investigating the tower, the PCs find themselves magically admitted higher into the tower than the ground floor. After clearing the dungeon-like tower, filled with defensive traps and lingering vandals, the PCs ascend to the highest room of the tower to find the South Wind: a personified being of power, charged with governing the south wind via the use of a magical instrument called the Wind Flute. The "vandals" turn out to be thieves, and have stolen the power of the south wind. The PCs must track it down. As the adventure continues, the PCs will discover that the thieves are a group of undead vampires who are attempting to steal the powers of the wind in order to block out the sun, ending the reign of man and bringing in a new era of undead dominance of the earth. Attempts are made to steal the north, east, and west winds throughout the campaign as the PCs try to keep up and the human government begins to be overwhelmed by strange occurrences, rumors of elven armies gathering, and dwarven unrest. Can the PCs unravel the mystery? Can they stop the vampires in time? Can they stop a war that may be just the distraction the vampires need to take the power they crave? As a follow-up campaign, the four horsemen of the apocalypse-lovers of the four winds-are so enraged by the desecration of the temples of the winds that they come to take the winds away from the earth for their protection in the celestial realm, destroying the earth in the process. Can the PCs stop the apocalypse? If the PCs kill any of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, they must take up their responsibilities and become them. If they can stop them without killing them, the PCs may be considered for godhood or demi-godhood because they were able to restore the winds to the earth and overcome the apocalypse.
  8. I've never done a mini bigger than standard size (25 mm I think?) and I've never submitted here before, but I think I'm going to see how I do with Gauth. I'm thinking a diorama.
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