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  1. Vegascat: It's the pathfinder Baphomet symbol Pingo: shaded mettallics, so yes shiny silver
  2. Finished these gross guys for my pathfinder campaign. I like the GW blood for the blood god technical paint look for weeping sores.
  3. My first miniboss for my wrath of the righteous campaign. Please keep making these Pathfinder minis Reaper!
  4. The base is the mini's own base on a reaper "huge" size flat base. As far as painting, grab any lava tutorial for the colors. I did two reds, an orange, two yellows, and a white.
  5. Couple more demons for my Wrath of the Righteous campaign. This time its a succubus and the innocent new girl in town, Mary Lith. Bases are chaos bases from a recent CMON kickstarter. The marilith is based on a coral snake pattern and the succubus is based on a naked chick. Thanks! Thanks to carnacki for filling me in on the nudity policy which i should have read. The Following links contain nudity (though I dont know why a shirtless man is less offensive than a shirtless woman) Succubus http://i61.tinypic.com/142zdoh.jpg http://i62.tinypic.com/okd8vo.jpg http://tinypic.com/m/j5d
  6. Just finished the boar demon from bones II. I thought it would be cool for him to have a supernatural demonic illness, hence the glowing sores. Loved painting this guy. The bones material really lends itself to these larger figures. Hope you like!
  7. Couple of bones. I tried to make the freehand on the death knight's cloak match his shield. I imagined him as a paladin in magic armor that still held it's shine. The Cloud Giant was my first attempt at tartan. Also, i thought his base looked cool (and it was easy!) Both are shaded metallics (still working on improving that) Hope you like.
  8. This is my Alice vs. Wonderland diorama I entered in my local con. It took third in diorama/vignette. I don't have a big enough photo setup for the whole thing so please excuse the pics. I was trying a reimagining of the classic tale with Alice and some Wonderland characters as badasses. Alice is 14311: Kassandra of the Blade. The Cheshire Cat is 02480: Sabertooth Tiger and the White Rabbit is a Darksword Rabbit Warrior. I sculpted the rabbit's watch and the paintbrush. The wickets are staples and the croquet balls are pin heads. The cards were downloaded, then printed, cut out and glued toge
  9. more teifling, ahem, hellborn, for my upcoming Wrath of the Righteous campaign. I am working on the two Bones I females next, then onto the Marilith. I also bought the Reaper metal Vulture demon. Then waiting on Bones II for ALL THE DEMONS!!!
  10. Ha! yeah hellhound pelt. I thought it was fitting. I boiled and iced the griffin and the wings but they didn't stick. Just warped back :(
  11. Teifling fighter for my upcoming worldwound campaign. Also, my griffin was pretty bent when I got him so he's more swooping than rearing.
  12. I finally got done with this orc warband. The bowman had some deformities of the bonesium in his face so he got a wound that shows off his skull.
  13. I second animals. Wolves, bears, big cats are all great low level monsters as well as druid/shapeshifter alternate forms. Mounted characters would also be nice as well as stand alone horses. I would personally love to have the same character (two sculpts) mounted and dismounted for pallys, cavaliers, etc. One more note: I don't know what your relationship with Paizo is, or the turnaround time from designed to sculpt to mold, but I would love more Bones Pathfinder figures from their Adventure Paths. Nothing has been more satisfying than dropping painted Red Mantis Assassins that look like the
  14. I was you a year ago. First, the internet. I have a bookmarks folder for miniature painting techniques, many of which I found on these forums. I also had great success by copying other peoples looks and color schemes. I know it goes against the creative grain but it was very helpful to view different styles and techniques (gradients, linings, washes) on the miniature I was painting as I was doing it. Second, time. Unfortunately, you have to take it. I have taken painting classes where the entire hour (or TWO!) was spent blending the cloak (and I still didn't get it right). If you watch
  15. Here is my Red Mantis Assassin. A pair of these guys recently whacked two PC in my curse of the Crimson Throne campaign. As a beginner, I am always trying new techniques I find on different forums. I thinned all the red to orange highlights on this guy, not with water but with matte medium. It allowed the viscosity of the paint to stay the same so it didn't run down into the shadowed recesses and still allowed the darker coats to show through the highlights. Lots of layering but I love this technique. I made the base myself out of cork. The last pic shows the cobblestones the best. As always
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