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  1. Hi Mike, Thank you for the question. I have been following this KS since day one and I sometimes forget what others are going through when they first look at the main page. There is really only one pledge level available and all add-ons are individual models (or pairs in the case of vehicles and aircraft) so it is really simple. If you look at the Front Page at the second long graphic titled "Core Force Reward," that is everything you get for the $100 base pledge. The third long graphic titled "Reward Options" is a list of each add-on and its price. It's as simple as that. Alternatively, you can pledge at the $1 level and choose any add-ons you want and any individual models you like from the core without purchasing the whole core. Core models are $4 each (or $4 for a pair of vehicles or aircraft.) If you are a backer, the Pledge Manager is probably the easiest way to see what you get for a given price and calculate your total cost. It's the big blue button near the top of the front page. If you still prefer to use the spreadsheet to see a list of your planned purchase, you can: Enter what you'd like to purchase on the first page in the green boxes. Go to the second sheet and click the arrow on the orange chart next to "Owned." Select "Sort Largest to Smallest" It will list the models you have selected in order of how many you plan to purchase. Hope that helps,
  2. **UPDATE** Things are progressing toward what I originally envisioned for this spreadsheet, a tool to make it easier for a n00b like myself to more easily understand Forces and be able to make an informed purchasing decision for the Kickstarter. Silverback added New example Force added from Christopher Knudson as well as the massive Rach War Clan and the Terran 34th Legion put together by Girot. You can now select multiples of any force via a spin button control just below the checkbox when you select a force. That means you can see if you have the models to field two or more identical forces. Sounds like an even fight to me. I would love to add more sample forces to the sheet so send them if you've got 'em. You can post them here or tell me where I can find them. It would be easiest for me if you include a Force Name, Squad Name or type with model names and if you can include a short list of the total number of each model used across all squads in the force it would save me a lot of time. Thanks for your help.
  3. ***Major Upgrade - Version 2.0*** There are now 2 tabs on the workbook: "Enter options to purchase here" - No significant changes. "Force and Squad Construction" - is new and will allow you to select sample force groups via check box. The sheet will then tell you if you are purchasing enough of a given model to field that force group. Multiple force groups can be selected at the same time. Currently, only Girot's excellent example forces are included but I would like to add more and eventually add an option to allow user input directly on the form. I will need your help with developing additional sample forces. Please post them here. If you are finding the new functions useful, please leave feedback. Continued development of the new functions is time intensive so if I don't hear that it's useful I may scrap it.
  4. That is sweet. I want them. Thanks for showing us. It just makes me want to buy more Bonesium CAVs.
  5. **UPDATE** You now have the option of including or excluding locked stretch goals by selecting from a dropdown list. When models have both an A or B designation, only one will be produced. Both versions are now listed as available in the list. It is not a significant change yet but this may be going somewhere in future versions of this spreadsheet. Minor formula corrections and cosmetic changes.
  6. **IMPORTANT UPDATE** New unlocks added, including artwork. *IMPORTANT* The "Kraken" was originally listed as a Transport Aircraft. It was announced about 12 hours ago that it had been changed to an Attack Aircraft. To maintain consistency on the spreadsheet, not only the model type but also the sort order was changed. The easiest way to ensure your numbers are correct is to download the newest version and reenter you "option" selections. If you are copying and pasting your numbers from the old form to the new one and you have selected Kraken then they will likely show up in the new list as Baraccuda.
  7. **UPDATE** Newly unlocked aircraft models added, as well as preview artwork for some new models possibly in development. Major revision of notes for clarity. Bulky models now list DT in bold red. Other minor changes.
  8. You're very welcome. It started as a project for myself but if others find it useful then I'm really happy. Let me know if there's anything confusing or that you would like to see in future updates.
  9. Thanks for the positive feedback guys. **UPDATE** Hover mouse over model names for a pop-up photo of the unlocked models and CAV stretch goals. Core 8 model stats adjusted to reflect newest information from preview rules. I will update as data cards become available. (Warning: Only models with a listed "TV" should be considered accurate. Changes are bound to happen.) Numerous bug fixes to formulas and missing links to Reaper website.
  10. **Updated** Includes newest stretch goals Models reorganized by "type" and "task" within factions. Other minor cosmetic changes Please leave a comment, even a short one, if you gave it a look. It would be nice to know if anyone is actually finding this useful. Thanks
  11. Hi, I am new to CAV so I have been looking for a way to wrap my head around models, factions and tasks. I started working on this spreadsheet to help me better understand how many of each faction we would be getting in the Kickstarter and how rounded those forces would be. I need the help of more experienced players to tell me if I'm on the right track. There are plenty of other spreadsheets out there so is this even necessary? I'm looking for feedback to either make this better or drop it all together. If others find it useful I will post it in the Kickstarter comments as well. The sheet is based on the MODELLIST PDF on CAVBOSS' web site. It seems to be the newest list available but there are a few holes in it. If you can fill any of the gaps then I will add the data to the original. I highly recommend downloading the file and opening in Excel or your favorite program because the online viewer looks horrible. I am not especially talented with Excel so don't be too critical with my formulas but constructive criticism is welcome. I'm especially interested in improving the content and the presentation of the data. Error reports are also welcome. Original FILE HERE, including new Example Forces worksheet 17+ mb New Lite Version (without Example Forces) 2 mb Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Well, one of my two boxes arrived at the airport in Japan about 30 minutes ago. That was faster than I expected. The other is still showing as being in Chicago. Maybe it just hasn't been scanned yet. At least the one should hit customs Monday morning (tomorrow here) and potentially be delivered on Tuesday. Japan Post and customs are exceptionally fast. Original shipping mail was sent Wed. July 17th US time (Thursday morning here) for those calculating their travel times. 38 line items.
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