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  1. Or try the term Near Naked Naked or NNN
  2. Bryan never actually made it over there. A lot of “life” happened for him and his family.
  3. Metallic colors, in general tend to separate quickly, a couple swishes with the brush, now and again, will help keep them mixed on the palette.
  4. In normal conditions lead rot is not going to be an issue. If it is stored in an area with at least some air flow that's enough to protect it, depends somewhat on what its packaged in. The link below is a very detailed article on lead rot from the Navy in regards to protecting is exhibition models, many of which are old enough to use castings with 100% lead content as opposed to an alloy that includes lead. Its a fascinating read and goes into what to do and what not to do (well sort of, you need to read the full article). Lead Rot
  5. Here are a couple of updates. Midknight Heroes: has added a $100 Gift Certificate to be presented with the adult 1st Place winner. Bombshell: Each Bombshell entry in the MSP will be judged and could be awarded a gold, silver or bronze dog tag. In addition there will be a new Maelee Trophy for the three best overall Bombshell entries Warlord Games: Will award merchandise to the Best Warlord Games entry in each category; painter, open, diorama and ordnance
  6. There isn’t anything in it that’s going to hurt you including the lead.
  7. I have re-read this thread and figure I should bump it up for a new crop of painters and potential entries are ReaperCon 2021. There are number of other ReaperCon Competition threads here in the ReaperCon section of the forum, some of them specifically geared to the categories that we use. One thing to note is that in other conventions that use "Medal" judging put dioramas in the open portion of the competition. At ReaperCon they have their own category so that the story element can be judged as well.
  8. I'm a bit behind on this, its been a very busy year. I'll make additional posts as information comes in and update the information in this first post. MidKnight Heroes - is offering awards for the best painted Chibi miniatures. Chibi miniatures from all manufacturers are eligible! Adults: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies + $100 GC to 1st Place Youth: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies Bombshell Miniatures - Each Bombshell entry in the MSP will be judged and could be awarded a gold, silver or
  9. Erin’s suggestion is the best. There are so many entries that trying to get both a youth and an adult score would be to much extra work and could confuse matters. Asking a judge afterwards about how it might score in the adult world is a much better option. Generally a gold in youth is about a bronze in the main competition, however, I have seen some youth painting that’s truly great and would score a gold up against the adults. She has the option to enter as an adult if she would like to. If you want to send a picture directly to me I can advise before the show. Heisler1963 at gmail.
  10. I do appreciate the push Glen. Trying to up my game but time seems to be in short supply.
  11. Again, it depends. My RPG groups tend to supply refreshments just for themselves, that way everyone has what they want. Most of the players are not painters and don’t bring anything beyond the necessary gaming materials. If miniatures are being used, the painters usually volunteer to paint character miniatures. The GM provides everything else. My wargaming groups tend to bring drinks and snacks for everyone since we are often playing anywhere from 6-10 hours at a crack. Again they will bring anything requested by the host, since a host may not own the entire Union V Corps when refi
  12. I think you need to break this into two slightly different camps; RPGs and tabletop miniature. While you mentioned favorite army in your list, the conversation so far has been focused on RPGs. In my mind, when playing an RPG who ever is the game master is almost always going to host. They know what’s going to a happen and, should be, prepared with what they need. Anything players bring is a bonus but is just as likely to be in the way of the limited space as actually being useful on any given game night. Tabletop miniatures is a bit different, I think, in the regards to who brings
  13. I think the thinner wire is much better looking than the thicker wire.
  14. I did a search and those are the only two images I have found, interesting that they are both Tiger Is and appear to be eastern front. It looks to be a pretty rare thing. I’ll have to go through my books. I don’t recall seeing any pics of allied tanks decked out like this.
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