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  1. Heisler

    Display Backdrop

    Or check out backdrops from hanger 18 or any of the model railroad backdrops.
  2. I’ll have to check on that. Off the cuff I would say no. We already are doing a ton of critiques for those that entered the competition and I know we don’t get to all of them. I think the display part is okay, but it might be more effective to get critiques from artists’ row rather than try and squeeze it in during that short time on Saturday night.
  3. I wouldn’t think you would be disqualified for that. It’s not the primary focus of the piece.
  4. Heisler

    Warlord Games General Historical Discussion

    I prefer the guide from Warlord Games for the DAK over the AK Interactive one. They cover the uniform variations better and at least speak to the sun fading that occurs in the desert. My favorite guide for the DAK is from Artizan Designs though. I used that when painting my DAK army in 15mm. Flames of War usually has pretty good guides too. Some of the older army books can be found as PDFs if you want to see their guides. Links to some old posts https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/27310-afrika-korps-part-ii/&tab=comments#comment-402093 https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/27285-on-the-small-side/&tab=comments#comment-401978 https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/31406-pzkfw-iiij/&tab=comments#comment-462454
  5. That is correct. A an index card is supplied as part of the registration process. For Open I usually suggest some kind of presentation so the judges can see some work in progress. It is not required by any means, but if a conversion is done correctly then they may not know what you did!
  6. Heisler

    "Waylaid By An Enemy" ReaperCon 2019 Diorama

    I would paint it black all though I would prep it much the same as I would if I was staining it. Black will keep everyone focused on the scene and the eye will not drift down to the base. Your other option would be to match one of the greens on the base. Black, however, will make it like its floating. Is is this a heavily converted piece? Seems more like a diorama entry than an open entry. You might go back to the Reaper Con section and read the threads for open and diorama and look at how the scores are weighted for judging.
  7. Heisler

    When will they start accepting entries into the MSP?

    I believe it’s noon I’ll 5 on Thursday. I don’t have access to that part of the site right now.
  8. Heisler

    75 years ago today...

    I had no relatives in the landings. One was already fighting in Italy, one was fighting in the Pacific (and would die in the Philippines). The youngest was already home having completed 30 missions as a bombardier in a B-17. As as mentioned the opening of Saving Private Ryan is accurate enough the veterans of the landings had to walk out of the theaters.
  9. Again, Iwata wants you to buy their compressors, Badger wants you to buy theirs. Chicago Airbrush supply probably has all the fittings necessary to cross connect everything. Most of the high end dedicated airbrush compressors usually come with everything you need for the major airbrush brands.
  10. They want you to only buy their parts! Not strange at all.
  11. I think it sounds like a reasonable deal but I would consider that airbrush to be disposable. I think you will be happier going with the Airbrush you want rather than settling. I use a Badger Renegade, which is more of a detail airbrush. To start out I would go with the Badger Patriot as a good all around airbrush.
  12. Heisler

    Buglips and SisterMary present ... German Infantry

    They are!? As far as I know no one from Warlord Games has tried to contact Reaper about booth space at Reaper Con. Please have your Contact reach out to me right away as booths have gone up for sale. I’ll send a PM with my Reaper email which is also on the vendor page of the Reaper Con website.
  13. Heisler

    Buglips and SisterMary present ... German Infantry

    Looks fine to me. I have just never seen it, certainly doesn’t mean it wasn’t done.
  14. Heisler

    Buglips and SisterMary present ... German Infantry

    Just curious. Do you have a reference for using that camo pattern on pants? I have never seen that one used on pants before.
  15. Another category to enter in and the first post has been updated. Paint It Pink One in nine women will get this terrible disease in their lifetime. This has become close to home in our community this past year as one of our own is still fighting. Can you create a piece of art that depicts one of the many facets of breast cancer? From awareness, support, education, hope, research, treatment, survivorship – breast cancer has touched almost everyone in some way. Help us raise awareness through minis! Entering this contest simply says you care. A donation of any size is requested to enter. All donations will go to support breast cancer awareness and will be made in the name of the winner. We will have a donation container at the miniature registration table. Oh, and a trophy... there will be trophies for the top 3. Also expect to see something for Scale 75 coming in as well.