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  1. Again, it depends. My RPG groups tend to supply refreshments just for themselves, that way everyone has what they want. Most of the players are not painters and don’t bring anything beyond the necessary gaming materials. If miniatures are being used, the painters usually volunteer to paint character miniatures. The GM provides everything else. My wargaming groups tend to bring drinks and snacks for everyone since we are often playing anywhere from 6-10 hours at a crack. Again they will bring anything requested by the host, since a host may not own the entire Union V Corps when refi
  2. I think you need to break this into two slightly different camps; RPGs and tabletop miniature. While you mentioned favorite army in your list, the conversation so far has been focused on RPGs. In my mind, when playing an RPG who ever is the game master is almost always going to host. They know what’s going to a happen and, should be, prepared with what they need. Anything players bring is a bonus but is just as likely to be in the way of the limited space as actually being useful on any given game night. Tabletop miniatures is a bit different, I think, in the regards to who brings
  3. I think the thinner wire is much better looking than the thicker wire.
  4. I did a search and those are the only two images I have found, interesting that they are both Tiger Is and appear to be eastern front. It looks to be a pretty rare thing. I’ll have to go through my books. I don’t recall seeing any pics of allied tanks decked out like this.
  5. I’d drop the barbed wire completely. It just wasn’t done and it’s probably more dangerous to the crew than the enemy. They don’t want to get hung up on barbed wire trying to bail out of their vehicle.
  6. I have many Mormon friends, but I have some serious disagreements with a number of their beliefs. Enough so that I would not even consider converting. I’m comfortable in my Lutheran faith (sometimes known as Catholic Light).
  7. I had to do some searching but there are interiors for the Mean Streets Buildings. I think you just need to scroll down a little farther on the page. I see it now. Look for Mean Sets, those are the interiors. And I found the Sally 4th sets, Google Exotic Location Sets - Sally 4th. I found it when I searched for Rick’s Cafe from Casablanca.
  8. You might look at mean streets from the virtual armchair general. I looked back at Sally 4th, that web site is truly awful.
  9. Try Sally4th out of the UK. They have a couple that would fit the bill nicely.
  10. In theory that set should be available from Warlord as well.
  11. Warlord’s Indians are the old Conquest Games Indians they are excellent. They look small compared to Warlord’s regular lines because they are closer to 1/56th scale which is a good match to Perry.
  12. In a word, yes. And you should wear a mask as well and not some little sanding mask but a full on respirator style with replaceable filters. A booth will really help contain the overspray and a good one will have a fan that you can also vent out the window. If you don’t use a booth use a box, otherwise you will find slight misting of your paint on everything within 3-4’. You wear a mask because even with a spray booth some of those particles will get reflected back at you. Even more with just a box. There are a lot of DIY plans out there if you take a look on the net.
  13. Quite frankly Vallejo and GW tend to be “popular” because they are so readily available. Almost any hobby shop that stocks military kits is going to have Vallejo paints. Any shop that stocks GW games will have GW paints. Plus Vallejo paints are quality paints that have been around a very long time. I think GW paints are mid tier paints designed for one coat painting. My local hobby shop stocks about six different paint lines, but not Reaper. But I think, for my style of painting, that Reaper paints are the best choice for my work. I have paints from almost all the companies that make
  14. Better to ask! You are right anything that was entered in the virtual cons, or any format really, is still eligible for MSP competition. The only exception being if it was previously entered in a prior MSP competition.
  15. After the pin wash, at least for me, comes the chipping. The pin wash was done with an enamel wash and the chipping is done with acrylics. In this case a light dunkelgelb and chips both from Ammo by Mig. I only used a piece of foam which is a good way to do it you just have to be cognizant of patterns and remember to rotate the foam a bit as you move around the vehicle. The process was repeated on the skirts where I also included some long scratches that run horizontally almost the full length of the vehicle. I also did some chipping on the wheels. On the Rubicon models the tracks and wheels a
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