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  1. I know it’s in the banner links above but a here is the link: Manufacturer Awards If you have any questions please ask it here.
  2. Even easier if you raid your wife’s loose leaf tea containers.
  3. We expect snow here through most of May. Don’t plant before Memorial Day unless you have a greenhouse.
  4. Here is a serious Arkham model railroad Lovecraft railroad
  5. They have never had a requirement that the Chibi be from their line, they have always supported Chibis from other manufacturers.
  6. In this context a heisler is a gear driven steam locomotive primarily used on old logging railroads where the tracks might be less than straight or stable. It would get you from point A to point B no matter what.
  7. I did a brief mention on my blog. But it appears pretty quiet this year otherwise.
  8. Here is a link to my blog where I started construction on a couple of buildings made from foamed PVC. Keep in mind that Sinatra is a brand name. Calamity Row House
  9. I have used it fairly extensively. What do you need to know?
  10. The fans for booths are typically pretty quiet. You won’t notice it over the compressor.
  11. I’m actually going to disagreed with this statement with … it depends. With Reaper it maybe true but with smaller manufacturers metal is likely to always be more cost effective than plastic. Molds and volume are going to determine which way a company starts to lean to. While 3D printer at home is definitely a thing now, it’s not for everyone. It’s a little early to start calling the death of metal is nigh especially for companies that focus on producing miniatures for armies rather than characters.
  12. The bigger the better especially for your intended use. There are a several excellent airbrush topics in the forum. Just do a quick search. This link would be a good place to start: Airbrush Musings
  13. Great work, I love what you are doing with it.
  14. It all depends on what you want to "see". That spot is great for lower bowl. My wife and I watched Nathan McKinnon score from seats close to those (we were two rows up behind the glass in the curve of the bowl). The problem is it limits how much of the action you can see. If they are down in that corner its great, if they are at the other end not so much. You miss a lot. My favorite spot, at least at Ball Arena in Denver, is from the 1st-3rd rows in the top tier of seats right on one of the blue lines, preferable at the end your team attacks twice. You are closer to the action than you think and you can see everything from there. So the answer is....it depends.
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