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  1. Unless you have snow and ice on your roads all winter then all season tires with 4WD is just fine. Really 4WD can get you into some serious trouble on icy roads anyway, you still need to know how to utilize it properly, it’s not a magic bullet.
  2. Just a few notes. The use of zimmerit was stopped in 1944, July in the factories, October in the field. It was proven that it did not catch fire but the order was never rescinded. While the British and Americans didn't use magnetic anti-tank devices the Soviets did. Zimmerit was only a defense against magnetic anti-tank weapons, it did nothing to reduce the effects of bazookas or piats. Since it added days to the deploying a vehicle ( a blow torch was used to dry it) that probably had a lot more to do with it being discontinued. I think you are pretty much bang on for American camouflage. While it was more common than people think for the most part in Europe it was just adding black stripes. Although I do have a picture of a WWII era Sherman in a 4 color scheme, so feel free to go wild. I think the days of modelers getting hung on colors is pretty much over, just from what I have seen at any of the modeling competitions in the last few years. As Gadgetman stated, often camo was applied in the field by the crews and while it was supposed to be thinned by gasoline it could be thinned with almost anything. Plus pigment variations were common as the availability of painting supplies dropped. As an example the, more or less , common red brown we see on many German vehicles varies from an almost vibrant red brown to a deep chocolate brown, just depends on how and where it was applied. So run wild, no one can point out its not correct and for the most part you are doing the paper panzer thing so your reality is the only one that matters.
  3. I use Liquitex acrylic inks, never had a problem with bleeding through unless I didn’t let them dry long enough.
  4. Going to call these done. The version 1 came out pretty well. The bottle and jar spinners could be 1/2” to a full 1” shorter between the tiers, on the plus side the bottle spinner will also hold craft paint bottles. The tool spinners are a fail, the holes are really to small for some of the tools I use all the time. The “tube” spinner is very nice but I could probably increase the capacity to 12 tubes with some careful measurements. In fact I could then reduce from four types of spinners to 3 by combining the tool and tube spinners. You can find more pictures and info on my blog: Spinner Racks Finished
  5. Small update. I cut a lot of circles from square pieces of wood, drilled a lot of holes and even managed to start staining these spinners. The 4” lazy Susan hardware has arrived and I should be able to start assembling this week. Well after I cut a whole bunch of interior dowel supports. My hand is still vibrating from the band saw at this point. After 2 coats of Minwax Pecan stain with polyurethane.
  6. Something a little different for a WIP. I’m building spinner racks for my paints and tools. There will be a 6” and 5” diameters that will hold 8 paints per level. The Tool spinner will have a single level with 1/2” holes and hold 16 tools, paints will get separate spinners for my Oilbrushers ( one level 3/4” hole, 8 brushes), dropper bottles will get three levels with 1” holes (8 paints per level) and the 6” spinner will be for the big bottles ( 1 3/8” inch holes, 8 per level) with three levels. Hopefully this will help my chaotic workspace stay a bit more organized. this is the 6” spinner with the holes drilled, except the center, and ready for the bandsaw.
  7. Very nice. Smooth work, very well defined areas. Highlights could come up a bit to really make them pop.
  8. That’s a vendor not the manufacturer. I have been buying Vallejo paints for probably 30 years. During that time I never remember receiving any kind of notice, from Vallejo, when a paint has gone out of production, nor have I seen a notice on a forum indicating such (and I’m on a lot of military modeling forums). I have received notices from vendors, but I’m not aware of a manufacturer doing it. I suppose you could say that GW has done it when they have completely replaced their entire paint line. GW has definitely dropped colors without notification to anyone. The fact that Reaper has even offered to make a batch of paint, within restrictions, is unheard of. No company responds like Reaper does regardless of what you might think of their decisions. If Reaper wants to write off paint that’s their decision to make, we don’t even know how much is there, it could be just a couple dozen paints total.
  9. You all realize that there is not another company in the world that would do this, right?
  10. I would say this exactly the way the have always handled be it paints or miniatures.
  11. More difficult with 2 little ones, but don’t worry about traveling with a baby. My oldest had been to all the major game conventions within the first 18 months; Origins ( Baltimore that year) GenCon (Milwaukee), DragonCon and Gamex on top of the two local cons. He was great on planes and was really good at adjusting to strange environments and people. You learn to pack efficiently and how to keep the favorite items within in easy reach. Cheerios were our friend on long plane flights.
  12. Mixing with any brand of paint while trying to match a color is hard. Not just Reaper.
  13. I certainly wouldn’t argue with that. I think the biggest issue for the FLGS is if they already carried one or two other paint lines bringing in a third didn’t make good financial sense. Vallejo has a big footprint and at least half a dozen different lines a retailer can carry, if you commit to that it doesn’t leave a lot of room. Add GW which supports a very specific product and you don’t need anything else. Most Hobby shops aren’t pure game stores and Vallejo and Tamiya plus GW just make a lot more sense for their bottom line. I think the box sets make a lot of sense because you don’t need a paint rack to support it.
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