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  1. To be honest I was holding off on releasing the space vendors this year. While I do have an excellent idea of who would be attending the coordination would be tough. I’m sure Adrienne and Ron have some ideas percolating.
  2. Are you using prismacolor pencils? Another option would be weathering pencils from AK Interactive. Just be patient with their website it is truly awful.
  3. I haven’t had any problems after applying a varnish. I more typically use them on buildings and vehicles rather than figures though.
  4. I have yet to manage to log into osprey and I already had an account before this started.
  5. It’s unlikely that we will see manufacturers list the pigments on their paints, it would be considered proprietary information. Most of your information has been well discussed over the years on this forum. Thank you for bringing it together. Anne, developer of the current Reaper paint line, is a color genius! I have watched her break down another manufacturer’s color to its pigments in minutes.
  6. I’m pretty sure Sherman’s were shipped with stowage.
  7. Sherman with no stowage, I’m not sure that’s allowed. Nice work Glen.
  8. From an historical standpoint I still prefer chain of command over bolt action. It’s actually base on historical units and then you add support based on the scenario or campaign you are playing. Ultimately you get to paint lots of WWII miniatures and vehicles that you will actually use!
  9. There is no intention to change it at this time, it really doesn’t fit with the Reaper vision of the competition which encourages painters to enter their best pieces regardless manufacturer.
  10. I think that would be very limiting. If you only painted bombshell miniatures why shouldn’t they also receive reaper medals for the appropriate category?
  11. Actually not quite true. There are usually plenty of things that do go for less than 500 reaper bucks. It just depends on what people want.
  12. Nothing to fear. I have several extra detail sets for the wrong thing, so the duplicate errors should balance things out.
  13. Start with crocodile games
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