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  1. Heisler

    "The Golden Cheese is Ours!" Mousling Diorama

    It’s pretty common to find a base that’s cool and we want to use it and allow the base to determine the scene. Instead we should be composing the scene and building the base to fit the scene.
  2. Heisler

    The Next Project - A Chicken

    Military figure painters have been using oil paints on miniatures for years, however, I think you may begin to run into thick paint issues on our smaller miniatures. Time for a little more work on Chester. Unfortunately I took these photos after I had, essentially, packed the materials away for the day so these are not good pictures. At this point I'm applying Prussian Blue to all the body feathers. I'm very happy with the progress so far but this is still just the basic colors at this point. The saddle and other equipment will be done last so there won't be any paint on that till I'm finished with the rest.
  3. Heisler

    Judging the Reaper Con MSP Open - Diorama Division

    As long as the non-reaper figure is a supporting element rather than a primary it would qualify for the Sophie.
  4. Heisler

    "The Golden Cheese is Ours!" Mousling Diorama

    I think it would have been much better on a smaller base with less elements and a bit of backdrop.
  5. Heisler

    Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    I’m curious why you think his game mechanics have influenced any other company or quality for that matter. He is a pretty small player in the game and miniature market.
  6. Heisler

    The Next Project - A Chicken

    Working on something the size of Chester requires some fairly serious time. I can't grab a spare 20 minutes and throw some paint on him, I need at least an hour. I took an extra long weekend and managed to block out time to get some of the base colors on Chester. Primary Magenta, note the highly visible brushstrokes, pretty much inevitable with enamel paint (the traditional paint for carousel animals, minus the lead base now). A stippling brush is used to help eliminate the brushstrokes, tedious but required if you are going to have something that looks good. Raw Sienna as the base for the beak. Note the edge between the primary magenta and the raw sienna After stippling the beak is pretty smooth at this point. You can also see some of the initial blending that the stippling provides between adjacent colors. Burnt sienna for the first of the feathers Raw Sienna for more of the feathers. The tail and the body feathers will be painted Prussian Blue for the base color. Paints and tools Oil paints, these will be used primarily for highlights and shadows. The advantage of oils going over the top of enamels is that the oils will dry much faster as they pull the drying chemicals out of the enamel base (at least that is how it was explained to me).
  7. Heisler

    Reapers Paint lines...

    In general MSPs are thinner and designed specifically for a layered painting style. Bones and Pathfinder paints are more highly pigmented and thicker more suitable to a one layer covers style. They can certainly be thinned to act more like MSPs either with water or a flow improver. As always different pigments behave differently so the paint out of a bottle of MSPs or Bones or Pathfinder will not always be the same viscosity as another. Reds and a yellow tend to always be thinner than blues, as an example.
  8. Heisler

    Brush Issue

    I would say 10 years is accurate based on the last time I got a WnN brush
  9. Heisler

    Warlord Games General Historical Discussion

    And this is just one reason that I prefer Chain of Command!
  10. Heisler

    Airbrush of choice?

    Ultimately there is no right answer. I have owned and used the harbor freight one (truly a piece of junk), two Iwatas, a Harder-Steinbeck, and a Badger Velocity Renegade. The renegade is my favorite but its really a fine detail airbrush and I plan on getting a patriot for larger less intense work. In the end it depends on what you want to do with it and realize that a single airbrush can't do all things well. So one for fine work and one for something in the range of applying primer to multiple figures at once. It is what feels good in your hand and for me Grex is not a good fit, it might be a good fit for you. I would check your area and see who sells them locally and then literally go out and handle them. For compressors, if it has a tank and isn't to loud its probably good enough. In general I look for a dual action airbrush that feels comfortable in my hand which is why I love the Renegade. I prefer gravity feed over siphon jars, you can use smaller quantities of paint with a gravity feed and I struggle with anything requiring the siphon style jar. After that its truly personal choice. Oh, and like brushes I stay away from the cheap airbrushes. They are much like trying to paint with a bad brush. This is a tool and better tools make the work easier.
  11. Just be aware that chemicals in window cleaner, especially ones with ammonia will break down the rubber o-rings and seals in an airbrush overtime. If you want to use something other than water to clean buy a dedicated airbrush cleaner fluid, otherwise you maybe voiding any warranties provided by the manufacturer.
  12. Heisler

    The Next Project - A Chicken

    Was hoping to really get a good start on Chester over the weekend, but that didn't materialize due to time. I did get the chip sanded down and the last coat of primer on him.
  13. Heisler

    The Next Project - A Chicken

    Along with Chester there are a number of other pieces that need to be painted, one that needs extensive repairs and one unfinished horse. The ostrich is one of two small animals he was experimenting with. The other is a figure that would have been part of the carousel or steam organ decorations. Poor hippo, result of an enthusiastic 5 year old. I think this will be the painting guide for Chester.
  14. Heisler

    The Next Project - A Chicken

    He was a pretty good carver. I was hoping to get started on this and was running a tack cloth over the body to remove dust and debris when I found a chip on the back leg. Well can't start painting till that's fixed. Also decided that another coat of primer is in order as well so that will add another day before I can really start.