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  1. I don’t think those are the Heritage Dungeon Dwellers, the bases and the sculpting look wrong for that brand except for maybe the one in the upper right corner. Reaper sold the line to GFI and as far as I know they are still in storage. I have a few old Reaper miniatures that are in orange blister packs I should dig those up. I don’t even remember those blister cards in the picture and my hobby store, at the time, was an early Reaper retailer.
  2. As I recall, they are about 8” deep. A little shallow for some plants. The beds were designed by an experienced Gardner and she has been using them for years.
  3. Missed this thread. Our garden went in after the 15th of May, that’s because it’s the average date for the last frost of the year. We haven’t had a garden since we had to remove the beds on the south side of garage a couple of years ago. I convinced my wife that perhaps we could do gardening with having to bend over so much this time around and maybe even less weeding. Here is the fruit of that discussion. The raised beds are in an area we cal the “outback” which is basically uncultivated. The regular cultivated backyard is to the left. This was the initial planting. Things are going pretty good so far. Had to replace all the peas and cucumbers after a hail storm. So far no pests and two weeds.
  4. Ken showed me the prototype at ReaperCon 2019. I have held it but quite frankly I don’t remember much about it other than I liked the feel. I don’t know if there have been changes since that time. I have other knowledge that I’m not comfortable talking about.
  5. All the tiny epic games rock.
  6. Here is one of mine, definitely on the edge of to big and how I filled the empty space This one is smaller with a much tighter scene.
  7. I would actually say that the space is to big already. Bringing everything closer together will increase the drama. Adding space is just going to create even more empty space to deal with.
  8. To be honest I was holding off on releasing the space vendors this year. While I do have an excellent idea of who would be attending the coordination would be tough. I’m sure Adrienne and Ron have some ideas percolating.
  9. Are you using prismacolor pencils? Another option would be weathering pencils from AK Interactive. Just be patient with their website it is truly awful.
  10. I haven’t had any problems after applying a varnish. I more typically use them on buildings and vehicles rather than figures though.
  11. I have yet to manage to log into osprey and I already had an account before this started.
  12. It’s unlikely that we will see manufacturers list the pigments on their paints, it would be considered proprietary information. Most of your information has been well discussed over the years on this forum. Thank you for bringing it together. Anne, developer of the current Reaper paint line, is a color genius! I have watched her break down another manufacturer’s color to its pigments in minutes.
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