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About Me

I have been gaming since I was 8 when I received a copy of AH Gettysburg and I was in on the RPG band wagon when I picked up the white D&D box set in '76 and Traveller in '77. I still play in a regular Pathfinder game every other week.

In the late '80s I helped found the Train Gamers Association and railroad games are among my favorite boardgames. The TGA is still in existence and holds their national convention at Tacticon in Denver.

I started playing miniatures in about 1977, primarily historical miniatures.

My primary interests are American Civil War in 15mm, Napoleonics in 15mm, Thirty Years War in 28mm, WWII in both 15mm (army level) and 28mm (skirmish) and WWI in 28mm.

I have played a lot of different rule systems over the years but my favorites are: Fire and Fury (both the brigade and regimental versions), Command Decision (4th Edition, Test of Battle) and Spearhead (WWII). For other periods I'm constantly trying out new systems to see what will finally fill in the gaps.

I do a little fantasy gaming as well but for the most part its limited to RPGs, although I do have a dwarf army for Warlord.

I have been to or involved with every Genghis Con and Tacticon convention since they started. I have held virtually every position including convention manager for Genghis Con from Genghis Con IX to XXI and Tacticon '89 - '99. My favorite thing at the conventions (yes, even over miniature painting) are the auctions. I have been the primary auctioneer for the Denver conventions starting with Genghis Con V and I haven't missed one yet. I have occasionally served as an auctioneer at other conventions; Stratigecon, Origins, GenCon and Dragon Con. My favorite though is the auction at ReaperCon, its a different crowd and an entirely different kind of auction and its pretty nice that the whole show shuts down during the auction so everyone can attend and spend their Reaperbucks at the auction.

I helped create the Colorado Miniature Painting Alliance a number of years ago as well. We meet on the 3rd Saturday at Total Escape.  I have won awards for my painting but I'm still on the low end of that scale. I have two silver Sophies, one gold, nine silver medals and three bronze medals from ReaperCon along with a gold medal, 4 silver medals, a bronze medal and a Best in Competition trophy from the competitions in Denver.

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