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  1. Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you like them. Nice, thanks for backing that. The Spider-Dice are a really nice eye-popping color set. I would use the name that shows up when you comment on KS. As far as I'm aware, that's your "backer name." Huzzah! --OneBoot :D Thanks OneBoot for the help before I could get here. Thanks again to the OP for listing it!
  2. Use the same one in your profile (appears over your comments too). If you get it wrong, that's ok, the vote still counts. I use it to contact you etc if I need to, or if I see repeat spams I can delete them. Be of good cheer! Your votes have counted! : )
  3. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for posting this for me. This forum always beats me to it, and that really makes a guy feel good. If you have any questions fire away! It is a vote based system so come tell me what you want me to make! John
  4. Hi, friends. I'm the creator of the project, and I noticed pledges coming in from my old haunt here. I just wanted to give a special thanks to Inarah for posting this in the first place. The art for the 4th bag Harrek mentioned is officially posted as of about 10 minutes ago, I hope you enjoy it. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/johnwrot/game-night-bags/ Thanks again to everyone who's been so supportive. John Wrot!
  5. Only 72 hours left, and we have a St. Valentine's Day Special now available that ENDS WEDNESDAY! Take a look!
  6. Thanks for asking, the answer is 6. The base game hosts 3, and the expansions allow up to 6! John
  7. We're like so freaking close to funding. If ADAPT is something that you've considered backing, now would be a great time. : )
  8. Hey, Qwyksilver, good to see you again. Yes, it's a great game for kids and students. We recommend 7+, and have modified rules for playing with them. The core game has a decent amount of meat on it, meant for 13+, but I have kids and students too, so I make all my games with a 2nd rule set for gaming with kids. - As for students, the stuff is all pretty accurate. The appearance, fins, and special abilities are all true to the fish types. - The only legalistic glitch there is that I pretty freely mixed freshwater and saltwater, and tossed in as many mammalian "fish" as I felt like it. : P John
  9. From Gate Keeper Games, the designer and publisher of The King's Armory, comes A.D.A.P.T. Being supported by over 20 professional reviews, it is now funding tremendously well on Kickstarter (95% at time of posting! : ). Take a look and please consider backing today. A.D.A.P.T. is a card and dice game for 2-3 players, with stunning art, and fascinating new game mechanisms. "I was a little leary ...fish? But when I got to play it, yes, it was a lot of fun. The way they put this game together is pretty awesome." -NVS Gameplays In A.D.A.P.T. players start by choosing 1 of three guppies along with their color matching dice set... A.D.A.P.T includes 3 all new sets of our exclusive line Halfsies Dice. "For $29 you're pretty much getting 3 sets of dice a free game." -NJAPG ...from there they must Adapt new bodies and parts, upgrading their fish, their stats, and their abilities as they go... (Prototype shown, picture courtesy of Club Fantasci) "A.D.A.P.T. is a rather fun and clever card game that has some interesting aspects to explore. You’ll enjoy building some of the freakiest creations this side of Pripyat. A.D.A.P.T. is a tense back and forth tug of war battle with some surprising depth." - Club Fantasci Finally battling to the death to become "the last Masterfish in the sea". "This is the game some of my players were hoping for when they playtested Evolution. Personally, I like ADAPT better than Evolution." -Game Theory Gate Keeper Games is also introducing "UFRST" worldwide flat rate shipping. That means free to USA and $7 to everywhere else, no matter where you live, how many copies you order, or how many bonus packs you add to your pledge. I really like the streamlined stretch goals... Also very impressed with the low flat rate worldwide shipping. -Hillary, Current Backer Thank you for reading. I hope you join us for a really fun campaign on Kickstarter. With gratitude, John Wrot! Its really amazing how different these campaigns feel compared to most KS. There is, to me at least, a sense of "fun" and excitement! - Mr. Gomez, Backer --- Contents: 58 Unique Body and Fish cards (no 2 are the same, every card has unique art) 3 Player Aids 3 Player Mats 3 Sets of Halfsies Dice (21 total dice with standard numbering) 1 Rule sheet 1 Extra thick box to hold it all (keeps cards and dice safely separate)
  10. Hey everyone! I just want to thank you all so much for your support and enthusiasm. Special Thanks to Samurai Jack for his OP, and to DwarvenRanger for his awesome enthusiasm at the end. You guys are all great! John Wrot!
  11. We hit the stretch goal! : ) Psionic Combat Dice are now going to be produced! : )
  12. @Maglok - We've had a big day! We're only $800 away!
  13. @LittleBluberry - Yeah, Mother Earth is a nice one. But the way I see it, any new dice are good new dice. If we unlock all 9, A+. If we unlock only 4, well ok. The more the merrier, but all is well either way. Dice = a good thing. : ) @Florin - You might also go 8+1 if make your Charisma save. They do make good gifts. @Maglok - Thank you again and again. : ) @dwarvenranger - Exactly. I'm hoping for a ton, but I think more is more gooderer.
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