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  1. Thanx for the suggestions everyone I think I've cut it down to either Arnise WL 14018 Braskus DL 02774 Or Aundine WL 14089 Hers might be a little to big for liking. It is pretty wicked looking.
  2. Well this probably my first time on the boards in a year. I've done some lurking but thats about it. It's been that long since I picked up a brush also but tonight I'm back. Anyway, I'm looking for a figure Reaper or not that has a descent punching knife. It doesn't matter what the figure looks like because I'll be removing the hand and using the knife on a conversion. Any suggestions? And again it doesn't have to be Reaper
  3. I'm not finished with mine just yet but hopefully I will have it done and on its way by monday. So I'll just say sorry now for for taking so long.
  4. Neyuttad, I recieved the mini a few days ago but just got my internet up and running in my new apartment. Thanks it looks great. I'll have to post some pics later this week after I finish getting situated with the new place and new job. Again thanks!
  5. Well I'll be sure to have it done before then. thanks
  6. How long do we have again? I just started a new job and currently moving to a new place. Havn't had much time to do anything but the base coat. However I will make sure I have it done in time.
  7. I'll you what I would love to see. Some of Jesters art work become full production. Especially the satyre and the Elf with the double spear. The are awsome and I grab a couple of each if they were prduced in wide number.
  8. Someone at one of the hobby stores here said that they don't sell those things in california for some reason. Does anyone know this to be true or false.
  9. Are there any of these things available in california? I've tried joanes for winsor & newton and the folk art stuff. Nothing. I've tried all of the local hobby and gaming shops. They've never carried any nor do they use any for their painting. Any body have any other suggestions? Water just isn't doing any good.
  10. Just thought I'd bring this thing back to the top. Mabe we can getr more people to see it.
  11. well I guess I'll try those two and see if its any different. Thanx
  12. I wonder if that part of my problem with my minis looking grainy rough. Armory gray is the only spray primer I have ever used. Before I just used black paint for primer but didn't like black under everything. Is there a citadel gray primer. That would be the only other product available to me.
  13. actually while I was waiting for comments on this post I was reading the manual some more and may have found better settings. I'll try them compared to the others and see how it works.
  14. I have recently prchased a new camera. It is a Nikon coolpix 4300. The sales man said it would take excelent close up pics. I haven't had much luck with it. It has optical and digital zoom. It also has a close up mode. Maybe its my lighting. I don't know. Any suggestions.
  15. Well I guess what I'll do is roll up a character and paint a figure for that character to send for the exchange. That way I can have my little fun with out confusing anyone else.
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