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  1. The Wolfen are almost certainly from Rackham's Confrontation.
  2. Given the number of other sources for singles out there - including stores that specialize in the MtG singles market - my guess is that for a high-volume, low-overhead retailer like Miniature Market, the costs of shucking singles are just too prohibitive (and it's a non-trivial process - even if not buying collections, just going pack-to-sleeve, you have a lot of people-hours involved. And given the massive pivot in recent months (not just COVID related) to the online card game environment (more Arena than MTGO, at this point), I can certainly see the market as a whole starting to contract, even as prices go upwards in some formats.
  3. I wanna be on Haldir's box next time! :-D (currently spinning things up for a sci-fi/cyberpunkish game...)
  4. I took things! So, that's the loot take, this time around. I need to arrange for deposits, seal everything up, and get the address for the next person on the list - assuming all goes according to plan, this should go out Friday, presuming we don't get vast snowfall or something in the meantime.
  5. Sure, I'm in this time. Location: Rochester, NY, USA International: Not this time, please Box Starter: Not really feasible at this time.
  6. So there's been some discussion elsewhere on what a portable painting station should entail, and I figured I'd get this discussion started. So here's mine. It's undergone some evolution and change over the years, and this is just the latest iteration. The basic case is just an ordinary tool box I bought at Aldi a while back. It was one of those "I will find a use for that" purchases that sat in the airlock (the foyer between the outside and the inside of my home) for a while before I decided I needed a new painting station, and this was going to be it. The lamps (more later) I've had for a while. The top, opened - some foam for minis I'm concerned about, (currently a pair of - very old - Zocchi D-7s and a Bonesium Egyptian priestess I'm working on), one of the little tubs that came with the box, a selection of Bonesium animals that probably should be in the tub, the toolbox, and a pot of Citadel Wraithbone for primer. Under the foam is a set of snips for plastics, metals, whatever. And you can see the underlying gridwork that holds the thing together if I were using all of the yellow bitz holders. Toolkit contents - some brushes I got when the local AC Moore went out of business, a pin vise and drill bits, a flat-edge nail clippers, superglue, a file, some brass wire for pinning (not shown) and a mold line scraper - I should really wrap some thread or something around the handle of that. Nothing fancy, nothing super-impressive, just a basic set of tools. There's still room in the tool kit for bitz I'm carrying to work on, or other stuff as well - the entire top row is empty. The main compartment is mostly paints (primarily Reaper and Vallejo, with some Army Painter washes), two (very solid and bottom-heavy, actually) water pots and a pair of plastic palettes, and en empty tub to carry some larger minis, or whatever, in. The paints are curated, but not currently organized - I need to go through and re-org them after pulling most of the tubs (the organization-by-tub wasn't working as well as I'd like, and putting them in this way clears up an entire bay worth of space) The lights are just a pair of OttLite reading lights I got on sale at some point, and have used in the past when I wanted a little more light - right there, or wanted to add some light to backlight something, etc. They're really handy. So, that's my portable kit - it's not very fancy, and someday I'd like to make a better one (when I have access to a makerspace again...), but it works, and is pretty solid both in terms of construction, and capability. What's yours look like?
  7. They missed an absolutely whizzer opportunity to name it the PortFoglio (a left-handed Kickstarter!), but I am still solidly behind this one - there's massive amounts of Foglio artwork that hasn't been available as prints for a very long time.
  8. ArtelW has some cyberdogs - they're pretty good sized, and more techie than mechanical-flavored. One of the other resin casters doing not-40k has some cyber-canines in their wheelhouse for their not-Arbites, but I don't have a manufacturer's name to hand just at the moment - they're fairly similar in look-and-feel, though, and not very steampunky/fantasy ish?
  9. Ever have one of those days where it doesn't seem like you got a lot done, yet everything seems to be coming together? Yeah, that was my Sunday. First pass on Deena is mostly done at this point - I'll be going over to do some touch-up on some sports, but other than that, she gets sealed and moved on to the next step. Her chemise and the trim on her skirt is Mechanicum Grey (GW - unless mentioned otherwise, presume these are Air formulations - my FLGS cleared out a bunch of them, and I took gleeful advantage, since they need barely any thinning at all), her buckles on her boots ended up being True Silver (Reaper), and the lantern got a basic Candlelight Yellow (Reaper). I'm not super-enthused with the grey, but I didn't want to leave it just the primed color (which actually looked pretty good, I thought). I need to do something with the base, and contemplate what I'm going to do for basing - I want to put her on a Large base (because technically, on the battlefield she is), but don't want it to just be a plain old base. Deena when she isn't being a super-charged extraplanar servant of Tymora... Did some cleanup on her - need to do another pass on her. I'm not satisfied with how the Contrast (Snakebite Leather) came out on her boots, so I think I'll just redo them the old-fashioned way. I need to do another pass on the pants, darken up the purple - fortunately, it's the same color as Nova's skin, so.... Also, the cobblestones on the base, and the chest need to get painted. Deena's sometimes-paramour Nova - a Storm Giantess who has figured out that the Small Folk have a lot to offer. I really like how the contrast paint (Skeleton Horde) worked on her breeches here - need to call out the stitching with another color (bright red?) Her face needs another pass, and maybe some of her arms. The hair (also Contrast) came out... okay? These two are already sealed, waiting for wash and highlighting - they're basically table-ready now (although I see a couple of spots that need cleanup... :-/ ) Garius didn't get a lot done - I think he's the first project after I get home, is to get him to "ready for sealing" status.
  10. Everybody gather--gather together, we’re going to have a group shot! Oh yes! Oh, it's going to be a lovely night... (The beholder photobombed the shoot - it has nothing to do with using his eyes to use up paints, not at all...) Deena (and the Tressym's) eyes are LED Blue and Catseye Green (naturally), both from Reaper. I need to hit both of them up again with another coat. They're solid eyes in part because I stink at doing eyeballs smaller than those of, well, a Beholder... and in part because, especially in her Solar form, Deena is more magical creature than mortal, at this point. Deena's laces ended up being Cactus Rose (Reaper) another limited edition paint I will dreadfully miss when I'm out of it. Her choker is Sparkling Blue - which I might use for the trim on the dress as well? Not sure. I think the not-buckles on her boots will end up silver with a little blue in them - or maybe Gunmetal Blue with a little silver (and then drybrush them with mithril or something). Both of these two still need some cleanup - in particular, looks like the membranes on Lorge need some more coal black, and maybe a little nightmare black on the "fingers" of the wings, and smol needs an overall cleanup. Then Smol gets some shading, and Lorge some highlighting - Lorge Bastia is already dark enough as it is, so I'm going to drybrush her with some dark blue or purple (undecided) to draw out some of the detail and structure a little. I also still need to find a color for her ears.... Garius loves his Belt! It holds his armor up! It only coincidentally matches his breechclout, because he bought them from different merchants! I need to do another pass on the yellow and orange... whatever those ares - hanging off his pauldrons, and maybe another coat of brown on the scabbard - then off to do his pouches and greaves and what not. The belt is turquoise whatever, the copper is, uhhh... Dragon Copper (same as the hilt of Deena's sword?), and the frog for his sword is Dryad Brown (since i had it out to do some touch-up on Deena's boots).
  11. This only works if there's no delays in transit - which is good, for those it's good for!. Unfortunately, i know that, in my case, UPS shipments spend a night sitting in a trailer on a tarmac in Syracuse, waiting to make the transition from the distribution center there to ROC. And it was 28° here last night... :-/ And Reaper always makes good! I love that about them. But I'd rather not put them through the hassle, and me through the annoyance, if I know that there's a good chance between, say, end of October and end of March, that my paints are going to spend a night in sub-zero temperatures at minimum (not counting the transit time itself, just the time it spends waiting for a truck to pick it up). I took a risk last year, and got lucky - but it was also abnormally warm last year, with even overnight temperatures over freezing. This year? Not so much. I'll keep my eye open, weather wise, but...
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