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  1. As promised - comparison pics! the minis are a mix of Reaper, GW, and an Imperial Attack Thrawn, because, what the hell (and it was what I had quickly to hand. The Least to Most order for close-to-on-scale likely runs something like XL-03, XL-02, XL-15, XL-01, XL-12, then the XL-07, which is pretty close just because of it's beefy structure.
  2. The larger (1.25" minis?) scale toys are not quite 28mm - or, rather, they're 28mm scale in the way that a lot of terrain is - not actually large enough, but close enough for most purposes (and something actually large enough would be too big for the gaming able in many cases). I've got a number of them I just ordered that arrived, I'll take some pictures with some minis when I get home tonight.
  3. We don't know when those were commissioned, or where they ended up in the sculpting queue (especially if the concept art was commissioned, but then the minis weren't unlocked in the course of the Kickstarter - they may have gone into the "we'll be back in Brinewind again at some point" folder until someone pulled them out and said "hey, how about these, for a power-up?"). For me, with this update, my pull stands something like - Expansions - Briarwood Vale Lost Tombs of Hakir Add-ons Legendary Tales: Talons of Winterfall Officially Licensed Pathfinder Chibi Goblins Chaarondar the Cruel Storm Giant Queen Extra Ants! Extra Wolf Pack Power Ups Archons of Justice The Apprentice (Unpainted Version) Brinewind Pirates #2 - with about thirty bucks to go. The only power-up I can think of that I'd really want right now is a multi-pack of Murder Hornets - in part because, well - "a Box of Murder Hornets" falls so trippingly off a gal's tongue... 😊 but also because I'd like to rig up a couple of them with over-the-shoulder missile launchers and stuff as sci-fi terror aliens. (I mean, a Power-up of Skiffy Chronoscopic goodness would not go unwanted - nor unrewarded - but I'm honestly not expecting it). I'm still contemplating on some of the add-ons (the orcs are really good, but if I get those, I might as well tag in the Denizens expansion (and vice versa...) - which I'm considering as well (even though it's likely to be a while before I pivot back to fantasy gaming, at this point...).
  4. Condolences to Ed's family, friends, and co-workers/employees (many the same people in different hats). Losing someone you care about is always rough - having it happen during this season in particular is especially tough. He will be missed.
  5. A number of years ago, there was a KS from Defiance Games for a set of egg-walker powered armor suits - lower-tech suits that were driven, instead of worn, but not-quite up to the standards of Appleseed Landmates or the worn TAG systems of Infinity. Unfortunately, it ended up being ghostware - the designer never got paid, and nobody ever got any suits. Until, it appears, now. Following their recent trend of resurrecting minis sets from failed or partially-failed Kickstarters, the madlads at Impact! Miniatures have purchased the rights to produce these suits from the designer, Tim Barry, in all their hard-boiled fury! And if you're an original backer of the Defiance Games KS, they have a tier for you, to try and make things right. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/impactminiatures/power-armor-hardsuits-and-27-mecha-minis-stl-and-physical/description (you can also pick up STLs of the WHISPER mechs they produce, or physical models, if you want).
  6. It's from the Kryomek line, first made by Fantasy Forge back in the late 80s, now produced by Scotia Grendel. That's a Hellcat "Fury" assault robot - ostensibly 25/28mm, but it would work as a 6mm Battlemech-scale as well, I guess? There were three Hellcat variants - the Fury has the four gatling guns in the left and right sponsons, the Cerberus has a pair of... lasers, or plasma guns, or maybe heavy cannons, and the Loki has electronic warfare/reconnaissance systems or some such.
  7. So, these are the Battlefoam trays I have loaded in my ReaperKeeper - as @Cygnwulf says, they're the Battlefoam Small size, and not quite the size of a sheet of (American) printer paper. The trays fit in slightly loosely in the Keeper, both in terms of length/width, and depth - I could fit a slightly deeper pluck foam tray(or another of the larger of the two pluck trays replacing one of the others), but these were what my FLGS had on remainder, soooo... You could definitely fit a Moleskine pad (or something of similar nature and dimensions) on either dimension of the bag in addition to the trays, and with the load-out I have, I could likely fit something like a Fate rulebook or the like on top without any problems - I'm not sure if an actual 8.5x11 dimensioned book would fit on top?
  8. Not staff, but I have a ReaperKeeper at home that I used some Battlefoam trays to fill - I'll check tonight when I get home (after paying obeisance to the cat, As Foretold In Prophecy... 🙂 ) and see if I can tell which trays they are - they were on remainder at my FLGS, I just measured/eyeballed them to make sure they'd fit. They're normally intended to take a pair of the Reaper paint/mini cases (and sized accordingly) - I think the empty is for those who have custom trays, or have spare cases lying around, or the like.
  9. He's got Milk! Milk makes Bone Pandas strong! 🤣
  10. 1 - Wow, Inarah, you made out like a sci-fi bandit with that pull from the melt table. I'm a bit jealous! 2 - anyone not expecting this pun from someone this year? Anyone? Bueller? 😄
  11. Looks like it will be available in October, according to the Previews page 😄
  12. Yeah - they might end up getting turned into bits, but they're pretty cool. They are much much less complex than the dang RDF minis, though.
  13. I've been stuck in various Hells ("Chinese have a lot of Hells.") pretty much all this week, but finally managed to get through the box and find some things of interest - I'll be loading up a new box (the old one is getting kinda crumply) and shipping it out Monday.
  14. Twenty twenty twenty four hours to go...
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