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  1. izzylobo

    Citadel Contrast paints

    Yeah, they aren't cheap - although they are 18ml pots, rather than the smaller ones.
  2. Citadel has just released (to pre-order - they're coming out next week) a new line of Contrast paints which behave rather differently than conventional minis paints in a number of respects. I recently got a chance to play around with them at my local Warhammer store, and wrote down some initial impressions. Has anyone else gotten a chance to mess around with these, and if so, what was your thoughts on them? (my favorite result down below)
  3. Yes, it is exactly what it looks like - a heavy metal cover of Diggy Diggy Hole... I figured this might be relevant to some people's interests here...
  4. I took stuff! - I took an Aardvark... ...and I took an Atlas... ...and I took a British Major... ...and I took a Caveperson... ...and I took two Dinosaurs... ...and I took an Elf... ...and I took a Flamethrower Guy... ...and I took a Giant Cave Sloth... ...and I took a Hand-Held Widget... ...and I took an Iron Man... ... ... and there's no way I can link up J with an Epic Thunderhawk, so I'm not even going to try! And what's in the box?
  5. Box is on its way to @kristof65
  6. Well, fortunately, that isn't a problem :-D - between network issues, and other time sinks, this won't go out before tomorrow. (didn't end up taking much - pics later).
  7. Box has arrived from @Argentee
  8. Let's do the Time Warp Box o' Goodwill agaaaaiin! It's just some Orcs on the left... ... and paint some stuff in the ni-i-ii-ight! Put new figs in the box... ... and seal it all up Tii-iight! But it's the pix of looooot that really make 'em in-sa-aa-a-ane! Let's do! The Box o' Good Will! Agaaaaaaaiinnn! Let's do! The Box o' Good Will! Agaaaaaaaiinnn! Where you live - Western NY If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive) - Not this time around If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest) - Not this time around
  9. izzylobo

    Announcing Reaper Bones Black!

    Reaper doesn't like sandwiches... ... Reaper likes Cookies.
  10. I might have taken advantage of the fact that I have a significant amount of store credit at one of my FLGS, and they had a pretty significant Black Friday sale this year....
  11. I took things! (the dice bag was emptied and stuff from it put in other places - then filled up with a set of dice for a Dice Bag O Shame° Not a lot this time around - I'm getting selective in my senescence already having lots of minis to paint. I've wanted the Hasslefree mini for a while (it's gone into my shopping cart on their website multiple times, but never gotten the trigger pulled, Nimue just looked neat, the gobbos were cool, and the other two will make neat staging/opposition for my "the Word for World is Dungeon" campaign, if it ever gets off the ground. °the dice I give to players when they forget their dice...) I put stuff in! But you don't get to know what that is! <Nelson>Hah-HAH!</Nelson>
  12. Box is on its way to Marc - sent yesterday (computer troubles...)
  13. Arrived in good order, picked up today. Should go out Monday.
  14. Yeah, pretty much this. By the time it gets to me, I will (hopefully) be neck-deep in "new job acclimation rush", so....