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  1. Yeah - they might end up getting turned into bits, but they're pretty cool. They are much much less complex than the dang RDF minis, though.
  2. I've been stuck in various Hells ("Chinese have a lot of Hells.") pretty much all this week, but finally managed to get through the box and find some things of interest - I'll be loading up a new box (the old one is getting kinda crumply) and shipping it out Monday.
  3. Twenty twenty twenty four hours to go...
  4. And sorta with the wolf pack - two of each of the wolves, and a Warg.
  5. They gave up the Flumph, (Owwwww)...
  6. ... Wow. She's Pretty. (pretty mean, pretty well-armed, pretty scaly, pretty ferocious... okay, pretty cute too). {shakes tiny fist} @Rainbow Sculptor!!!!! [sighs, commits to wait until retail]
  7. Taweret, Wadjet, Bast, Anubis, Horus, Ammut and Sobek... the only way that could have gotten better, really, was adding Bes/Bisu (dwarf protector of households, god of dancing, music, sexual pleasure, and a bunch of other stuff) and, I dunno, Isis or Mafdet, or something, to get a full-on (if non-traditional) Ennead. I love it. The scarabfolk are one of those "I did not know I needed these" (and, really, I still sort of don't, but they're very cool), the terrain is all pretty well executed in the "I think I went once to some sands that were Egyptian." sort of way - weird ruins in the dunes and all that. Scorpions are neat, and the mummies are... well, okay, they're mummies <shrug>. Nicely done. Sold. I'm not quite as sold on the Denizens pack - on the one hand, skeledogs! The trolls are cool. The giant slug is just begging for a salt lick to get thrown at it. The hyenaedon is neat, and so is the giant lizzzard. And a few of those I can even use in skiffy games... at least vaguely. But, I dunno. the rest is "well-executed, nicely done, not something that's in my "must have now" list. So, will have to see.
  8. I was thinking more Mr. Scruff... 🐳
  9. Everyone who has ever said the word "Lighthouse" in reference to a Bones Kickstarter campaign needs to go and open their wallet to the tune of $30 right this moment... 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Well played, everyone at Reaper, well played... 👏
  10. That was the original, back in the 90s. It was frankly astonishing how much they got away with back then, in terms of aiming one level of humor at the kids, and another level of humor at the adults - and getting it all past the broadcast censors.
  11. It's Go Time, everyone! 😄 shipping address sent to Inarah.
  12. So, when Warlord was a going concern as a miniatures wargame, Reaper had three factions that were primarily (un)death-aspected - the Necropolis was mostly gothic horror - zombies and vampires, ghouls and ghasts and necromancers, gargoyles, skeletons and things that go bump in the night, with a side of slavers and pit-fighters. Razig and his crew were, unlike the other factions, all and strictly about the dead dudes - think Pirates of the Caribbean. Nefsokar was more mixed - everything has a very strong Nile river valley theme to it (pharaohs and alligator monsters, animal-headed avatars and scorpion-men and mummies... lots of mummies), and more than one figure bears a striking resemblance to some of Eddie's more Egyptian appearances. I'm wondering if this isn't the influence that Reaper is drawing from - if not a direct linkage to the Nefsokar, than similar lineage of inspiration.
  13. I gotta admit, every time I see these Owlbears, all I can think of is this old cartoon (which is not a bad thing at all). 😄
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