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  1. So there's been some discussion elsewhere on what a portable painting station should entail, and I figured I'd get this discussion started. So here's mine. It's undergone some evolution and change over the years, and this is just the latest iteration. The basic case is just an ordinary tool box I bought at Aldi a while back. It was one of those "I will find a use for that" purchases that sat in the airlock (the foyer between the outside and the inside of my home) for a while before I decided I needed a new painting station, and this was going to be it. The lamps (more later) I've had for a while. The top, opened - some foam for minis I'm concerned about, (currently a pair of - very old - Zocchi D-7s and a Bonesium Egyptian priestess I'm working on), one of the little tubs that came with the box, a selection of Bonesium animals that probably should be in the tub, the toolbox, and a pot of Citadel Wraithbone for primer. Under the foam is a set of snips for plastics, metals, whatever. And you can see the underlying gridwork that holds the thing together if I were using all of the yellow bitz holders. Toolkit contents - some brushes I got when the local AC Moore went out of business, a pin vise and drill bits, a flat-edge nail clippers, superglue, a file, some brass wire for pinning (not shown) and a mold line scraper - I should really wrap some thread or something around the handle of that. Nothing fancy, nothing super-impressive, just a basic set of tools. There's still room in the tool kit for bitz I'm carrying to work on, or other stuff as well - the entire top row is empty. The main compartment is mostly paints (primarily Reaper and Vallejo, with some Army Painter washes), two (very solid and bottom-heavy, actually) water pots and a pair of plastic palettes, and en empty tub to carry some larger minis, or whatever, in. The paints are curated, but not currently organized - I need to go through and re-org them after pulling most of the tubs (the organization-by-tub wasn't working as well as I'd like, and putting them in this way clears up an entire bay worth of space) The lights are just a pair of OttLite reading lights I got on sale at some point, and have used in the past when I wanted a little more light - right there, or wanted to add some light to backlight something, etc. They're really handy. So, that's my portable kit - it's not very fancy, and someday I'd like to make a better one (when I have access to a makerspace again...), but it works, and is pretty solid both in terms of construction, and capability. What's yours look like?
  2. They missed an absolutely whizzer opportunity to name it the PortFoglio (a left-handed Kickstarter!), but I am still solidly behind this one - there's massive amounts of Foglio artwork that hasn't been available as prints for a very long time.
  3. ArtelW has some cyberdogs - they're pretty good sized, and more techie than mechanical-flavored. One of the other resin casters doing not-40k has some cyber-canines in their wheelhouse for their not-Arbites, but I don't have a manufacturer's name to hand just at the moment - they're fairly similar in look-and-feel, though, and not very steampunky/fantasy ish?
  4. Ever have one of those days where it doesn't seem like you got a lot done, yet everything seems to be coming together? Yeah, that was my Sunday. First pass on Deena is mostly done at this point - I'll be going over to do some touch-up on some sports, but other than that, she gets sealed and moved on to the next step. Her chemise and the trim on her skirt is Mechanicum Grey (GW - unless mentioned otherwise, presume these are Air formulations - my FLGS cleared out a bunch of them, and I took gleeful advantage, since they need barely any thinning at all), her buckles on her boots ended up being True Silver (Reaper), and the lantern got a basic Candlelight Yellow (Reaper). I'm not super-enthused with the grey, but I didn't want to leave it just the primed color (which actually looked pretty good, I thought). I need to do something with the base, and contemplate what I'm going to do for basing - I want to put her on a Large base (because technically, on the battlefield she is), but don't want it to just be a plain old base. Deena when she isn't being a super-charged extraplanar servant of Tymora... Did some cleanup on her - need to do another pass on her. I'm not satisfied with how the Contrast (Snakebite Leather) came out on her boots, so I think I'll just redo them the old-fashioned way. I need to do another pass on the pants, darken up the purple - fortunately, it's the same color as Nova's skin, so.... Also, the cobblestones on the base, and the chest need to get painted. Deena's sometimes-paramour Nova - a Storm Giantess who has figured out that the Small Folk have a lot to offer. I really like how the contrast paint (Skeleton Horde) worked on her breeches here - need to call out the stitching with another color (bright red?) Her face needs another pass, and maybe some of her arms. The hair (also Contrast) came out... okay? These two are already sealed, waiting for wash and highlighting - they're basically table-ready now (although I see a couple of spots that need cleanup... :-/ ) Garius didn't get a lot done - I think he's the first project after I get home, is to get him to "ready for sealing" status.
  5. Everybody gather--gather together, we’re going to have a group shot! Oh yes! Oh, it's going to be a lovely night... (The beholder photobombed the shoot - it has nothing to do with using his eyes to use up paints, not at all...) Deena (and the Tressym's) eyes are LED Blue and Catseye Green (naturally), both from Reaper. I need to hit both of them up again with another coat. They're solid eyes in part because I stink at doing eyeballs smaller than those of, well, a Beholder... and in part because, especially in her Solar form, Deena is more magical creature than mortal, at this point. Deena's laces ended up being Cactus Rose (Reaper) another limited edition paint I will dreadfully miss when I'm out of it. Her choker is Sparkling Blue - which I might use for the trim on the dress as well? Not sure. I think the not-buckles on her boots will end up silver with a little blue in them - or maybe Gunmetal Blue with a little silver (and then drybrush them with mithril or something). Both of these two still need some cleanup - in particular, looks like the membranes on Lorge need some more coal black, and maybe a little nightmare black on the "fingers" of the wings, and smol needs an overall cleanup. Then Smol gets some shading, and Lorge some highlighting - Lorge Bastia is already dark enough as it is, so I'm going to drybrush her with some dark blue or purple (undecided) to draw out some of the detail and structure a little. I also still need to find a color for her ears.... Garius loves his Belt! It holds his armor up! It only coincidentally matches his breechclout, because he bought them from different merchants! I need to do another pass on the yellow and orange... whatever those ares - hanging off his pauldrons, and maybe another coat of brown on the scabbard - then off to do his pouches and greaves and what not. The belt is turquoise whatever, the copper is, uhhh... Dragon Copper (same as the hilt of Deena's sword?), and the frog for his sword is Dryad Brown (since i had it out to do some touch-up on Deena's boots).
  6. This only works if there's no delays in transit - which is good, for those it's good for!. Unfortunately, i know that, in my case, UPS shipments spend a night sitting in a trailer on a tarmac in Syracuse, waiting to make the transition from the distribution center there to ROC. And it was 28° here last night... :-/ And Reaper always makes good! I love that about them. But I'd rather not put them through the hassle, and me through the annoyance, if I know that there's a good chance between, say, end of October and end of March, that my paints are going to spend a night in sub-zero temperatures at minimum (not counting the transit time itself, just the time it spends waiting for a truck to pick it up). I took a risk last year, and got lucky - but it was also abnormally warm last year, with even overnight temperatures over freezing. This year? Not so much. I'll keep my eye open, weather wise, but...
  7. Thanks! Deena, Iron, and Garrius are only a small part (numbers-wise) of Calculated Risk - The whole crew runs out to... Fifteen? (not counting auxiliaries°) in total, with about twelve players, although we rarely/never get everyone together at the same time (I think it's happened once, in over two years of playing) - we got started as an Adventurer's League table, and split off about a year ago. Evening updates! Deena's boots are Dryad Bark (GW). Skin is Suntan Flesh with just a smidge of Sunburned Flesh (both Reaper). Beeg Kitty is Nightmare Black skin, with Coal Black on the wing membranes (Reaper, again). Smol Kitty is 1:1 Mountain Grey and Coated Armor (Reeeepurrrr...). Need to do a little cleanup on Smol and Beeg to finish up their base coating. Leathers on Iron Trumpet and Garrius tomorrow, and I need to figure out what to do with the laces on Deena's very cool boots. °with henchmen, hirelings, employees, and significant others... well, we figure we can almost certainly take out any one of the Great Houses of Menzoberranzan, including Baenre, in a fair 1v1 fight army-to-army - not that we, or they, ever would fight fair...).
  8. Favorite expansions for Bones5 (in order) Slot One - toss up between the Greek Odyssey and Dungeon Dwellers. Both are on my order list, but I think Greek Odyssey narrowly edges out Dungeon Dwellers because Yephima is sooo pretty (this is all @Corporea's fault... ). Slot Two - Dungeon Dwellers or Greek Odyssey. Dungeon Dwellers is brilliantly set up for a starting DM - you can run an entire Tier-1 to Tier-2 adventure series in the "B2 Keep on the Borderlands" vein using just the minis in this set - with the minis in this set and a core set, you can roll well into Tier 3, getting adventurers up into 11-14th level or so. Slot Three - Fan Favorites! I love it! So many cool, random bits - the FF pack was one of my favorite bits of KS4, and I'm glad it made a repeat appearance in KS5. I'm sure these are a royal pain in the elf for the sculptors and concept artists, and I really appreciate the effort they go through to make that bit of insanity happen. Slot Four - Brinewind. So much character in these characters. It's pretty much a must-have if you're running any kind of a nautical game - and even if you're not, it's still really cool. I'm not sure I'm getting it (because money), but I'm awfully glad it's there. Slot Five - toss up between Chronoscope and Dark Depths. There are individual minis in Dark Depths I want more, but Chronoscope, I think, narrowly edges it out in terms of utility (in part because I don't do a lot of nautical adventures, and especially not undersea ones). Slot Six - Dark Depths or Chronoscope. So, I will almost certainly never run a zombie apocalypse game (at least not a long-term one) of any sort - I am utterly zombied out, at this point. and while I'm not as totally done with Steampunk/victorian as I am zombies... it's not high on my "zomg things I must run". Still, some of the minis are neat, the science fiction/post-apoc section is good, and who doesn't want an Airstream fifth-wheel mini? Slot Seven - Daimyo - I dunno, this one just never seemed to gel for me. There are individual minis I like, and a couple that need only minimal work to go from "kinda neat" to "really quite keen" - but, overall, it just never went from "kinda cool" to "ZOMG must have nao!".
  9. So, let's get this show on the road, shall we. I have been... remiss... in actually documenting the painting I've been doing. Partially because this has mostly been utter speed painting of the "get paint on Bonesium so it doesn't all look the same from six feet away" variety, partly various other reasons. But today is Paintsgiving (my parents live in Texas. I do not. Hence...). So I have a little time. And some projects I want to get completed before Sunday (the next session of the high-level D&D5e game I play in - we're talking high level here, folks. The party currently includes a Chosen of Tymora, a halfling wizard whose next goal after we're done with this is to overthrow the Maharajah of the City of Brass, and become a Demigod of Fire... etc.) - currently our endgame for this story arc is shanking Lolth (or "she who will not be named" because we're not interested in drowing (drawing, but I liked the typo, so I left it...) her attention) and freeing the dark elven people from her bullcrap. So, the first set of "finish these" are - Deena Halentyr, Chosen of Tymora and her Sixth Dagger (one of Tymora's secret agents), and default leader of the band of adventurers known as Calculated Risk ("Our opponents have always taken a risk that was calculated... but they have also always been bad at math". Human, but currently taking on the aspect of one of Tymora's Solars (with her permission, and the help of a True Polymorph). Solars are supposed to be Large, but none of the minis I looked at really fit the bill besides the Angel of Shadow (especially not the Bones Solar, which is a pretty cool mini... but is about the beariest Bear that ever beared... and Deena is definitely not that. In fact pretty much the opposite - Deena is the femmiest Femme that ever looked at another woman and said "she's really cute." So, colors - Blues and silver were pretty much required - first, I love them, second, Tymora's colors run to blues and silvers, and third, Deena had already been noted (manymany sessions ago) as preferring them even before she took up Fortune's Coin. Her wings are (very) roughly based on the lipstick lesbian pride flag - but I stuck to only three colors (a dark red, a dark pink/rose, and a light pink/white) because with six the wings would be too busy, and the numbering doesn't match up - whereas with three, the wings start at the tips with red, and end at the base with red. Her skin will be a dark tan, her boots will probably be chocolate with some bright lacing, and the lantern will probably be my first half-serious attempt at some OSL. The rest of her wings will be some shades of blue - likely starting darker at the top and working my way down. Her eyes are heterochromatic, and she's a Higher Being (right now), so one will be bright green (solid) and the other bright blue (same). Hair got roughly blocked in with red ink, which should give everyone an idea of what her hair color is... I'm unsure what to do with shading for her - I don't want to just use one of the Army Painter quickshades, or something from GW, because I'm concerned it will draw the color down too far (and then I'll have to spend too much time bringing it back up again - which, honestly, is work I always hate (re-)doing - "I already painted this once, and now I have to redo it?!?!") I'm considering using one of the red inks I have (Army Painter red tone, or Reaper Red Liner/ink) but I'm not sure how well that would work? Deena's Familiar/Patronus/best friend, Bastia. She's a Tressym (theoretically - she's actually a Spirit of Tymora, but everyone mostly ignores this fact because she's adorable and cute and very much the epitome of "what if a cat had wings and an IQ of 110?"). Stones will be stonelike. Her body will probably be a sort of dark-grey-ish color, with slightly darker in the wing membranes, and a lighter shade on the ruffs in her fur. Like Deena's eyes, hers are heterochromatic - blue and green. Did we mention that one of Bastia's powers is she can get bigger? She can get bigger, and spoopier. The miniature is Ral Partha (now produced by Iron Wind Metals) Winged Panther. I'm likely to use Reaper's glorious Nightmare Black for her (I will be so sad when I run out of this) - a dark grey for the inside of her ears, something like silver for her claws (her attacks are magical in this form), and, again, blue and green eyes. If I was feeling really inspired (and had more time), I'd try and do a starscape effect on her wings, but, I'd rather learn something like that on minis I don't care about... Garrius is a Triton Paladin! He is Very Loud and Forthright, and sometimes Not Very Bright, because INT was his dump stat! He has No Fashion Sense Whatsoever! Deena is very fond of Garrius, even if he's a blooming idiot, because he's a very honest blooming idiot who is actually fairly self-aware (low INT, decent WIS). This... is not my finest work, at all. I'm painting directly onto Bonesium because that's how the player started with him, and I didn't want to strip off all of his work and start over, but I also wanted the mini to actually have paint on it - so this is sort of a mercy painting. "Has no fashion sense whatsoever" and "has lots and lots of money, and not much idea what to do with it" sort of runs the show, here - Garrius is bright and bold and clashing, and has made a lot of clothiers very wealthy with his gullibility... Iron Trumpet wants to be immortal, and wants to be a god. For someone who is as smart as he is, he sometimes needs to be reminded that the latter mostly encompasses the former (as much as one can in the Forgotten Realms). He's not evil... per se... but to a degree this is only because he hangs around with (and is slightly scared of) Deena, who has tried very hard to keep him (and most of the rest of Calculated Risk, who lean in the main towards self-interested/not quite Dark Side in alignment... ) on, if not the straight (yeah, right...) and narrow, at least targeted at people where if they end up dead, it makes the world a better place (so, red wizards, evil giants and dragons, evil ifrit lords, Lolthite priestesses, and the like). Iron's mini was a combination of "Iron needs a mini" and "hey, that one is kinda cool, and fiery halflings... who does this remind me of" - the sculpt is neat, the priming on this one actually wasn't bad.
  10. "Yo Dawg, we heard you like spikes, so we put spikes on your spikes, so you can impale while you inhale. Or exhale. Or something, I dunno, man, we just put a lot of spikes on this mother - you'll figure out what to do with them!" -- Xzibit the Mad Mage, on "Pimp my Monster"
  11. They mentioned that Sophie (Bomber Sophie) - but unfortunately the archive copy of her is broken (apparently the tip of the bomb got snapped off somehow). But I'm pretty sure she's one of the ones they're bringing back.
  12. ... And package is away - was intending for it to go out Saturday, but it turns out all post offices do not, in fact keep the same hours... :-| In penance, Lady Deena Halentyr, Sixth Dagger and Chosen of Tymora, and her sometimes-paramour, Lady Nova of the Storm Giant Ordning, Baroness Rauvin, who has recently become rather more interested in potions of diminution and other methods of being more on a size with the Small Folk... (both in progress, - not even done with basecoating in either case, really)
  13. I would do the "Grrlll Power"° and "A Lifetime of Adventure"°° as two separate expansions. 1st - Girl Power Where possible, this should be a set designed and sculpted by women - in part to encourage women sculptors, in part to avoid pitfalls - encourage the sculptors to speak up if they think a character is venturing too far into the hallowed halls of Klee-Shay. Part One - Setup - 12-17 women PCs - a variety of classes, races, etc. Scour through the catalog, and see what hasn't got good representation here. Most are sensibly dressed, mid-tier characters - spellcasters wearing pants, etc. A handful - 3-4 maybe - of exceptions - characters in fancy dress clothes (with things like an obviously magical staff, or a pretty-but-practical dagger on belt, etc. to indicate 'this is a PC' instead of 'this is a high-style NPC'), a character in night clothes with a sword (obviously just woken... a midnight ambush!), things like that. All of the characters should look competent - but not all of them are Hollywood Adventurers - a zaftig sorceress in ball gown, an older warrior with a missing eye, things like that. Work against type and expectations where possible. Not every sorceress is young and beautiful, not every rogue is slender, not every fighter is attractive and whole of limb. Part Two - Opposition - "I bet monstuhs lead Iiinteresting lives..." - 8-12 obviously female monsters - count is lower because here's where the big is. Let's give Succubi and Mariliths a pass for this section - there's several of each in Bonesium already - unless something different can be done with them. Same with the various Grecian elements (Oreads, Nymphs, etc.) But there are still lamia, Ogres (it would be nice to see a beautiful ogress - most of them are... not.) - all sorts of creatures that have sufficient dimorphism between genders to be "obviously female" that nonetheless are poorly - or not - represented on the tabletop. Part Three - Denouement - this is where everything that didn't fit into the first two sections goes. Another 8-15 minis (depending on sizes) - again, all are women/female. Some of these can be a little silly, or more classically tropey, but avoiding the classic pitfalls is still important - if you're going to have a cheescakey mini, make sure they're still vital, active and competent looking - no fading wallflowers or helpless victims. If including reprints from metals, or conversions to Bones Black, they go here. 2 - A lifetime of Adventure This one is actually somewhat easier, and in other ways lots harder. Part One - Setup - 16 28mm minis - 6 men, 6 women, 4 "non-gendered" (these can be androgynous, really non-human like insect-folks, dragonborn, or constructs, or something else). All of them are obviously starting out - "Tier 1" in D&D5e parlance. No fancy weapons, no plate armor, laden down with adventuring gear, practical clothing across the board - these are folks just heading out for their first few adventures. Where possible, look for non-Western European/Japanese clothing - let the concept artists go wild with Lithuanian peasant garb, or Ottoman armor, things like that. Part Two - Experienced - same characters, but now they're Tier 2-3 - these are experienced, hardened adventurers in the prime of their career - they've upgraded their gear, acquired some mementos (not all of them positive...), and generally just look more confident, experienced, and powerful - maybe some of them have companions they didn't have before (a good way to balance out the books in terms of value). Part Three - World-Shakers - Tier 4. Same characters - although some of them might barely be recognizable because of divine gifts (wings and such) or infernal blessings. These are powerful individuals - they hobnob with Halaster, take breakfast with the Blackstaff, and might sleep with Selune - and their minis reflect this. Jewels, crowns, obvious magic items, finery - some of them have given up wearing armor because they're too important - or too powerful and well-equipped - to bother, others still carrying some gear from back in earlier cuts. Some of the changes should be surprising - after all, Conan went from "a thief, a reaver, a slayer of men" to the king of one of the most powerful nations of Hyboria. °Likely not actually called this... °°ditto
  14. ... is it wrong that I want to paint those cockatrices up like Fierys from Labyrinth? They have a very Henson studio vibe to them for some reason.
  15. Yeah - One of the tables is here. At the time, Alu-Demons and Cambions were actually more stable in appearance and abilities than Tieflings.
  16. So, as a game writer and developer, I can understand trying to keep the "base level" classes and backgrounds and stuff sort of... I don't want to say "simple"... uncomplicated? - so that they are better entry points for new players. And given the sort of "keep the basic system low-drag high-speed, and low requirements - let the 3rd party folks deal with the complexities" ethos of 5e design, I don't exactly disagree with it? But that doesn't mean, in my campaign, that demonspawn and folks of similar ancestries aren't prone to all sorts of different features... ;-)
  17. I love how you can almost see the level of evil in the wives° - from the "I'm really really evil" scarlet red one to the "neutral only a little evil, except I sorta live on blood so..." dark red one. And, the light purple one, I gotta admit, looks like she's in mid-leap on someone and about to do something kinda inappropriate... °Wives, did I say wives? Daughters, of course. I meant daughters. Clearly they are daughters....
  18. 2nd edition Tieflings (and Demonborn in general) had a much, much broader realm of non-human features they could have - it's only in later editions that they settled on "weird skin color, horns, and slightly pointier/larger incisors" that we see in 5th edition. Planescape had a pretty good sized table with a bunch of different options - digitigrade legs, different kinds of horns and antlers, smelling faintly (or not so faintly) of sulfur, fiery eyes, goats ears, all sorts of stuff.
  19. ... huh, that cached copy was actually kind of prescient. A friend of mine commented that they kind of wanted to see alternate body types for the incubi - like twink incubi... ... and then promptly created the portmanteau "twinkubi" - and now I want to see them just for the term.
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