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    "Soon" sounds a whole lot better than "When we know, you'll know."
  2. Here you go: Heavy Gear DVD on Amazon.Com More HG at Amazon And Even more HG at Amazon Cheers!
  3. Hey Gang... I wanted to comment about todays poll about painting for enjoyment or for gaming. You see, I do it for both. I really enjoy painting, but I also game with the models I paint. I feel it goes hand in hand. Painting is part of the hobby. It one of the more enjoyable aspects of the hobby for me. But, gaming is also part of the hobby. And, that's also a very enjoyable aspect of the hobby. I voted "Absolutely Not True," but, in retrospect, I'm not really sure how I should have voted.
  4. 'Nother Question- To clarify- #DA and #IA means how many Direct Attacks and Indirect Attacks the model gets? I don't know Warlord, so, this is a new concept on the Datacards.
  5. Hey Guys... It told me to put feedback down on this forum, so, here I go. First of all. HOLY SMOKE! Just about everything's changed! I bearly recognize this game any more. What immediatelt caught my attention was the fact we're not doing contested die rolls anymore for attacks. The attacker rolls one die and consults it with the defender's defense value. If it's better, one point of damage. I like that... A LOT!!! I see luck playing a much less prominent roll here than before. No more CAV Yhatzee. Now, I'm just gonna have to figure out what to do with all of the d10 a bought. I also noticed some two new UCORs (NTG and Viper) amd several new vehicles. Are these names solid or TBD place holders? And, now my main questions: Direct Fire Range- While it gives the models range in their datacard, it states that if you fire on targets outside of that range band, you take a -2 penalty to your RAV (or have to win a Scan Check against Stealthed Units). Does this imply that you can fire on any unit anywhere on the table as long as you have LOS? I notice that Indirect Fire requires that the target be in range. Was this difference intentional? Defensive Fire- To clarify- When it says Single against any that attacked it, it means that when a Platoon attacks this target, it can return one, and only one Defensive Fire? Run And Gun- So, let me get this straight- I move my 60 Dictator 10 inches. And then, I go Run And Gun, so I move the Dictator again another 10 inches and shoot. Is this how it works? Now, it says that I perfom the ranged attack with all of the other ranged attacks for the Platoon. So, is this like the Move-Shoot-Move thing that CAV1.0 had? Just with a -2 penalty, now? Thanks!
  6. Just as an objective bystander... That Slithe Queen looks dangerously like an Alien Queen. You're OK is you pull the head piece off of her. But, with it, and the arms and legs and tail like they are... That just screems IP Issues. Just a word of caution.
  7. $4500? Yeah, OK... Thanks, but, I'll wait until the NS-5s come out.
  8. What part of: Didn't you understand? I was told there would be a price increase, there was an increase in the previous (December) release, so, I was expecting an increase. I was surprised that this was not the case. So, I merely asked if there was a train of thought behind it. If Saint is correct, and it's Reaper's way of thanking us for our patience- Then, my hat's off to them. I appreciate that.
  9. I was just at the Reaper Store and I noticed that the Starhawk IV is only $10.99. The Raider and Outlaw are $7.99 and the Ryoshi is $8.99. I thought these pieces were supposed to have the price hike? We were told that, because of rising tin prices, these items would come with a price increase. I'm not complaining. I'm just wondering what's going on.
  10. Yes, but you absolutely HAVE to support that armored column with air support of some kind. You simply aren't going to bring the kind of firepower that you need with just tanks, you gotta have the long range striking power that aircraft (Tsuisekis and Kharls) provide to soften up and funnel your fire lanes. My Tournament Rach Tank Company has 2x sections of Despots, 1x section of Kharls and an understrength section of 2 Harpys. They went 2-1 a couple of months back. Here's some pics & Cheers!
  11. Hey Gang... I've been reading up on some of the painting techniques here and there, just hip-pocket training. And, I keep running across articles on how to do NMM and techniques on how to do it better, ect. So, I'm wondering, why is NMM any better than just straight metalics on a model? I mean, unless I'm doing some hardcore metalics (like chrome), I don't really see a difference between a sword painted boltgun and silver versus a sword painted NMM style. So, my question is: What are the benefits to this technique versus regular metalics? Is this technique important enough to devote the time for a novice or intermediate (me) to learn and practice? Thanks for the time...
  12. Good news... So, what are we looking at for pricing?
  13. Hey Gang! Question for you as I'm a bit confused: I've started applying Darin Hlavaz's painting article in the Craft section and it's worked wonders for me. Thanks again, Darin. Now, in that article he's mentioned using flow Improvers and Extenders/Retarders with the paint. That's great, and it's helped alot. But, I've also read articles about wet pallettes (one was a great idea of using a WarMachine blister (you know those big clam-shell blisters for their minis), as a wet pallette.). So, I'm wondering... Do I want to use a wet pallette when I'm using acrylic extenders? I'm concerned that a wet pallette may make my paint too thin, if I use flow improvers and extenders... Is there such a thing as, "too much a good thing?" Please Advise! Thanks!
  14. Yeah, but the rulebook provided- A) Will become essentially obsolete with 3rd Printing. B) Is easily replaced by the free downloadable rules (fluff not included, of course). Besides, the CAV selections provided therein are horrible! I say it would have been much more reasonable for Reaper to release a starter army that included the downloadable rules, and a healthy selection of not just CAVs, but combined arms. Such a starter could easily be $40 MSRP and Reaper would not have to discount. Example: 1x Dictator Blister 1x Specter Blister 1x Tsuseki Blister 1x Hedghog Blister 1x Heavy Infantry Blister Plus all the dime-a-dozen dice you need and a dollar store tape measure. Heck, you could even be sassy and provide paper cut out AOE templates that that'll cost you, what, $.10 off of a color copier? Then they can take the money they save and get a real CAV box to go with that CAV starter army... Not a Dark Haven Dragon Box. That's all I'm trying to say...
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