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  1. They're discovering new dinosaur species all the time. Look up Ambopteryx, announced just a few weeks ago. I think when the Avengers went back in time, they caused something to change so this specific species hasn't been discovered in our timeline yet - but two years ago in the original timeline, it was actually discovered back in the 70s. Them's the risks of time travel, folks.
  2. No, they didn't have the paint issue in the prior Bones Kickstarters. This was an all-new Bones IV adventure opportunity for them. :)
  3. I love that you have miniatures there so we can tell the proper scale.
  4. Chiming in to thank you for the added cat content. And to say that's one handsome inspector you have there! (And now I really, really want Reaper to create Edna the crazy cat lady, or something similar as "The Cats of Bones V" for some mystery future project. Maybe with some specific cat poses of the "If I fits I sits" variety. This thread proves the demand!)
  5. Or do a super-quick glue assembly of them - it's okay if they're not painted, they'll still look fabulous!
  6. That's possible (maybe even likely) by no means guaranteed. Last time, after they were sure everyone had received their packages and had time to submit issues, Reaper had a quantity of the Expansions left over, and they offered them in their store while quantities lasted. Most of them were marked up compared to Kickstarter pricing ($80 instead of $50 is what I recall).
  7. Schrodinger's Bones - until she sees you and the box after the game, it's both sealed and opened!
  8. Of the 30+ Kickstarter projects I've bought into, I've had three fail/never deliver. Two of them were small dollar amount buy-ins, and were the first projects by their creators. (Both of those creators actually sought out information, a few years later, to provide refunds to all backers, which they were having to pay out-of-pocket from their earnings on their day jobs - because I could afford to let the money go, I intentionally did not seek refunds, and I have great respect for those creators that they honored their commitment to backers to that regard, and no regrets for the money spent on t
  9. I think it's a safe bet there are a lot of winged flyers in the box.
  10. I got both paint sets - and received duplicates of 6 bottles and none of 6 others. So you'll still need to check them. Oh! A few people reported having the wrong label on one specific paint bottle. Checking my - umm, no, that's not a spreadsheet, pay no attention - okay, it's the 09324 Sorcerous Mist from Paint Set B being mislabeled via typo as whatever paint# 09234 is; correct pinkish paint is in the bottle, just the wrong label on the outside. And it hasn't been that long since people were wondering if we'd really hit 1000 pages.
  11. Especially if they have to exit the same way they came in. "Wait, we have to go back past all those other statues. Do you think they're ALL going to animate?"
  12. Glad you're feeling better! Yes, that's the right email. And the mixup of paint sets seems to be the most common issue - I had it too, and I've seen a lot of others post about it. So they won't be surprised. Another common issue that you may want to double-check for: mixed up hands on the two-headed troll.
  13. I was trying to decide whether to do them as stone, or bronze. I'm actually thinking the smooth ones may end up bronze, and the textured ones as stone. But I'm sticking with stone-colors, not painted-stone. If I paint them "like giants" then I'll never convince my players to disregard the "stone statues" as mere window dressing.
  14. I would love to see the step by step for that (if no one else has already asked...)
  15. Maybe I'm trying too hard to find a silver lining for you - but having your town be the one showing in the Tracker with Wave 14 and 0 orders remaining would be kind of hilarious bragging rights...
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