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  1. I agree with Cyradis - wait until you've done the entire inventory before contacting [email protected] with the info on what's missing. They'll take care of you. (I'd try and get that inventory done in the next two or three months, personally, because that way if they do have any supply limits, they can order more when they place the Bones 5.5 orders.) If you want advice on how to do the inventory, I suggest that you go through each set (Core Set, expansion etc) and compare the minis to the Kickstarter on-screen images. Sometimes I use a sharpie to label each bag with the number of the mini; more often I list the numbers from the Kickstarter images in an Excel workbook and then check them off - or you can hunt for one of the Excel workbooks with the complete figure list for Bones V that some people put together and share. When looking at "needs assembly" items, look to make sure each sprue has something attached at each "end point" (or else that the empty end point matches a piece loose within that bag) and that what you've found makes sense - for example, "I see the figure's torso has both legs but no head or arms; the sprue has a head, it has two arms, this must be complete." I dry-fit a lot of the larger minis as I inventory because otherwise it's hard for me to tell what everything is; for example, if the dragon's lower jaw is there or not. Be careful to examine carefully before throwing away a sprue - one of the dragons has a tongue as its own separate piece that might not look important at first glance. If a single mini has multiple sprues, the plastic shapes of the sprues themselves (the parts you'll be throwing away) are usually different, so that can help you spot if you ended up with a duplicate sprue instead of the other one for a multi-sprue figure. And yeah, in the past I've been pretty lazy about washing before either gluing or painting, and I've had pretty good luck; but it seems like the translucent pieces are especially prone to requiring washing or else the glue gets really tacky and the pieces come apart. For Bones V, I'm trying to do better about staging a "quick wash" setup when I organize a set to glue them. My cats are NOT cooperating with all this.
  2. Yes, the core set bases were in one bag. I think it was about 25 2-inch and 50 1-inch.
  3. I agree, my Meriwyn shrine also has an arm stub, and from the art, I think that's how it's intended to be.
  4. Forgive my confusion, I've been collecting since Bones 1 but I don't remember everything that's been offered along the way. When referring to DDS2, is that something different from the 2014 "Dragons Don't Share" box? I'm trying to confirm what I have here, I don't see the number 2 on the box, but I think it's the one you are referring to. (If so, what was DDS1?)
  5. I'm kind of in the middle on this one. I like fully assembled minis, I'm fine with Reaper having "assembly required" pieces if that's what makes sense for the sculpt, but I also am much less likely to ever get around to painting minis that would have hard-to-reach spots if they're pre-glued. (If I can go ahead and glue them before doing any painting, that's fine.) I see two downsides to assembly-required on smaller figures. (1) it takes a LOT longer to inventory the contents and confirm if I have the correct bits (is that a hand or a bit of scrap?); and (2) if the connecting pieces are too small, they are occasionally hard for me to glue (those tiny hands...). Although I did care enough about assembled-or-not to enter that info in a spreadsheet as I checked it all in. And having gotten almost everything (I skipped the busts, dragonslayers, Navatharr, and the fire giant hellbringer); by my count, I've got 475 distinct minis that are fully assembled (480 if you count the Brinewind Extras crates as separate pieces), versus 197 that need assembly (and one mini that's missing but I am guessing from the art will need assembly).
  6. Based on my packages, you're getting 2 boxes. The 12 lb. box is a ship, the 15 lb. box is "everything else" that you ordered; and the 27lb with the same tracking# is actually triggered by it being a 2-package shipment, the weight is the total of the other two. And it's so good to see everyone getting their shipping notices. CELEBRATE!!!
  7. I know it doesn't help, but I had the impression they really believed they were sending in waves - and because they were moving so fast, they didn't understand the issue on time to troubleshoot it properly, or to realize their "reset" was still missing something. That is, they thought they DID have the ability, and are as baffled as any of us that it isn't working (and unfortunately, given the lack of a dedicated communications person, slower to receive and process the feedback). So hopefully they had a chance to figure out any gaps during the fire-marshal delay. I'll admit, I'm concerned on your behalf that they may not have a good way to realize if some Wave 1 folks like you are getting left out when they do their resets. I hate the idea that you or others might have to wait until they say all shipping is complete before getting them to check your specific order to troubleshoot it. Hopefully, you'll have a shipping confirmation by tonight; if you don't, given that you're Wave 1, that would mean they definitely still have something scrambled in their database. Either way, they'll presumably do a Lessons Learned analysis after it's all done, so at least they can prevent similar issues next time.
  8. Hey, someone started a separate thread last week for advice/tips on assembling the Kickstarter minis, but I can't find it. Anyone remember that and have a link?
  9. Re. "Waiting for paints" - I used to work in a shipping warehouse, and that kind of note could also occur if they had the paints on hand but were separating out which boxes needed something (paints) added and which ones were already complete. But the need to sort-boxes-and-add-paints-to-some could definitely cause a delay (bumping other jobs ahead that are already prepped for shipment), even if everything was in-house.
  10. Regarding package weights for those with ships, I think there's a UPS email for one package for ships (12 lbs. per ship) with a tracking#, a UPS email for another package which contains "everything else" with a different tracking# and that package's weight; and then UPS is sending a third email confirmation which lists one of the earlier two tracking #s and the total weight of the two packages.
  11. Thanks for the info on UPS My Choice - I was starting to get anxious because my shipment has no updates, but I'll just chill and give it a couple of days. 🙂
  12. Hi, Thoramel, Log into the Pledge Manager (big button on the Kickstarter campaign page), and click on Order History at the upper right. If they've already shipped, you should see tracking number(s) near the top, above your list of ordered items. Also, sign up for UPS My Choice if you haven't already. That way, you'll get notifications when UPS has packages for your address, even if the Reaper emails don't reach you. They said this afternoon on the Twitch stream (and I may be misquoting the specifics, but the gist should be right): While they had thought they were pulling in Wave order, there were big discrepancies; in particular, many of the ship orders didn't seem to be queueing up properly. So they reset the system today in order to fix an issue, and have spent much of today catching up on orders that included either of the Ships, and possibly also on other very large orders. So especially if your order was big and/or had a ship, it likely would get pulled today at the earliest.
  13. I have UPS Tracking!!! Wave 3, one regular ship and one ghost ship! (I got my tracking info from UPS - I haven't yet received an email from Reaper.)
  14. Re. Storage: I use a few different sizes of tackle boxes and Artbin-style plastic cases, labeled by type of critter - for example, Goblins or Undead or Riders-on-Mounts. Those fill multiple bookshelves. I also have a set of "Alex" storage drawers units from Ikea (the 26" high, 26 3/8" wide version). Really big pieces go on bookshelves. Really good painted medium to large sized pieces go in my "Dragon Cabinet" (what most people apparently call a "China Cabinet" even though no one in my circles bothers to own fine china). That's not all Reaper Bones minis, of course. I have an extensive collection of pre-painted plastic D&D/Paizo minis in addition to my Bones 1 thru 4 collection. I also have two shoebox-sized plastic bins that are filled to the brim with primed, unpainted metal Reaper miniatures - I carefully piled them in there prior to moving some years ago, and have never unpacked or inventoried them. And a few plastic tubs for really old or less-valued items, like a bunch of Heroclix stuff I picked up years ago. Any unassembled Bones minis go back into their plastic baggie (I cut them open across one end; if the baggie doesn't survive or isn't big enough to fold closed securely, I can usually grab one from a larger, one-piece mini). The Alex drawers hold most of the unpainted collection, but I wonder, if I were to sort them into the "by critter type" storage bins, would it encourage me to paint more of them? I'm really hoping to find more time to paint, as my painted-to-unpainted ratio is pretty abysmal. If "she who dies with the most Unpainted minis wins" then I'm definitely in the running!
  15. Update #128 has the expected tax rates for various Canadian provinces. Maybe check that, and contest the charges with UPS?
  16. I saw this discussion and went to Facebook (which is a major concession for me already, I avoid Facebook like the plague) to see the exact wording/reasoning - but I wasn't able to find anything on Facebook indicating they don't want people to use secondary email accounts. If it's there, it's not obvious to me, anyway. Meanwhile, the pledge manager itself provides the instruction to use a different account: "If you want to select more, please register another account." So I think those who want to order more via a new account are doing fine.
  17. My understanding is, the Bones Black material can be cast with varying shades. Makes me wonder of people are judging from the shade of the plastic, rather than the other characteristics of the material.
  18. I saw somewhere that it's in the U.S. and customs has waived the need for the long-delay-inspections that would risk dragging it out. So it's likely waiting for transport from the port to Texas. Which would normally be really quick, but there's a potential for it to take as long as several weeks, given current logistics delays nationwide.
  19. They're discovering new dinosaur species all the time. Look up Ambopteryx, announced just a few weeks ago. I think when the Avengers went back in time, they caused something to change so this specific species hasn't been discovered in our timeline yet - but two years ago in the original timeline, it was actually discovered back in the 70s. Them's the risks of time travel, folks.
  20. No, they didn't have the paint issue in the prior Bones Kickstarters. This was an all-new Bones IV adventure opportunity for them. :)
  21. I love that you have miniatures there so we can tell the proper scale.
  22. Chiming in to thank you for the added cat content. And to say that's one handsome inspector you have there! (And now I really, really want Reaper to create Edna the crazy cat lady, or something similar as "The Cats of Bones V" for some mystery future project. Maybe with some specific cat poses of the "If I fits I sits" variety. This thread proves the demand!)
  23. Or do a super-quick glue assembly of them - it's okay if they're not painted, they'll still look fabulous!
  24. That's possible (maybe even likely) by no means guaranteed. Last time, after they were sure everyone had received their packages and had time to submit issues, Reaper had a quantity of the Expansions left over, and they offered them in their store while quantities lasted. Most of them were marked up compared to Kickstarter pricing ($80 instead of $50 is what I recall).
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