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  1. Congrats on the promotion!!! As for the mummy queen not looking very undead, there's a cool Paizo adventure (The Pact Stone Pyramid) where one of the undead is a female mummy who has been casting Gentle Repose on herself to preserve her looks. But her art has obvious mummy wrappings for clothing, with maybe a bare midriff etc. This figure doesn't look like it's wearing mummy wrappings.
  2. Your pictures were really helpful - thanks for sharing them! I don't want to read too much into it, but I feel it is a hopeful sign that they displayed the slaughter pigs and the "Familiars II" figures. I hope that means those might get offered via Pledge Manager, if enough additional funding gets added in the Pledge Manager. <fingers crossed>
  3. So, I wasn't planning to get the Chibi Goblins. But with the Goblins of Rotstump Bog, now I'm picturing getting the Chibi Goblins and painting them like they're carved from wood, and having them be statues (or warning markers) at the entrance to the Bog.
  4. What's that guy in the hoodie, sneakin' up on poor Lardgulp?
  5. Multiple people in the Kickstarter comments said they've just decided to get the Core with this last reveal, or that they're becoming tempted to get 2 copies. You never know what's going to push someone over that edge from "nah" to "worth it!"
  6. I just posted this as a request in Comments on the Update 30 where they showed the concept art, anyone else who agrees, please go and post it there as well!
  7. He put the same question into the Kickstarter Comments, and Denizens is getting a LOT more votes than Hakir.
  8. I can imagine using that wall as part of a puzzle, using some of the hieroglyphics.
  9. Early bird or first (one or two) day credits can also backfire. When I discover a campaign after the early bird rewards are no longer available, it causes me to hesitate to back. Exclusive minis only offered to the early birds are the worst, I generally won't back if there's no way to get "all" the stuff - if it's a monetary penalty, it may or may not really affect my ability to afford the campaign but it is really off-putting, and even a minor difference can affect my willingness to pay.
  10. Okay, new thought. If they aren't going to break up the core for Add-Ons, except for specific cases (like the ants), what subset of the core do you think would be worth them offering as Add-Ons? I vote for the mudmen, especially if they can be offered in translucent. Then they could be painted with translucent paints as lava-men, as various types of oozes, maybe a purple with sparkles mana-ooze. Okay, I can do all of those without them being translucent, but I think they'd get a higher uptake if they were clear.
  11. On the KS Comments, when people share their wishlists, one particular suggestion is for a "meta mini" - a figure that is holding and painting a mini. While unlikely to appear in the kickstarter, I think that would make an incredible bust - or maybe a future Sophie mini.
  12. There's no such concept as "just bacon"
  13. There've been a lot of questions on the KS Comments about how to pledge for additional items. New-to-Bones backers may benefit from a special update and/or a highlighted "How to Pledge" box at top of the Campaign page to explain.
  14. I am super-excited about this figure! Along with the Murder Hornet, Shimmerscale has me really tempted to get a second copy of the Briarwood Vale set.
  15. I agree with Cyradis - wait until you've done the entire inventory before contacting [email protected] with the info on what's missing. They'll take care of you. (I'd try and get that inventory done in the next two or three months, personally, because that way if they do have any supply limits, they can order more when they place the Bones 5.5 orders.) If you want advice on how to do the inventory, I suggest that you go through each set (Core Set, expansion etc) and compare the minis to the Kickstarter on-screen images. Sometimes I use a sharpie to label each bag with the number of the mini; more often I list the numbers from the Kickstarter images in an Excel workbook and then check them off - or you can hunt for one of the Excel workbooks with the complete figure list for Bones V that some people put together and share. When looking at "needs assembly" items, look to make sure each sprue has something attached at each "end point" (or else that the empty end point matches a piece loose within that bag) and that what you've found makes sense - for example, "I see the figure's torso has both legs but no head or arms; the sprue has a head, it has two arms, this must be complete." I dry-fit a lot of the larger minis as I inventory because otherwise it's hard for me to tell what everything is; for example, if the dragon's lower jaw is there or not. Be careful to examine carefully before throwing away a sprue - one of the dragons has a tongue as its own separate piece that might not look important at first glance. If a single mini has multiple sprues, the plastic shapes of the sprues themselves (the parts you'll be throwing away) are usually different, so that can help you spot if you ended up with a duplicate sprue instead of the other one for a multi-sprue figure. And yeah, in the past I've been pretty lazy about washing before either gluing or painting, and I've had pretty good luck; but it seems like the translucent pieces are especially prone to requiring washing or else the glue gets really tacky and the pieces come apart. For Bones V, I'm trying to do better about staging a "quick wash" setup when I organize a set to glue them. My cats are NOT cooperating with all this.
  16. Yes, the core set bases were in one bag. I think it was about 25 2-inch and 50 1-inch.
  17. I agree, my Meriwyn shrine also has an arm stub, and from the art, I think that's how it's intended to be.
  18. Forgive my confusion, I've been collecting since Bones 1 but I don't remember everything that's been offered along the way. When referring to DDS2, is that something different from the 2014 "Dragons Don't Share" box? I'm trying to confirm what I have here, I don't see the number 2 on the box, but I think it's the one you are referring to. (If so, what was DDS1?)
  19. I'm kind of in the middle on this one. I like fully assembled minis, I'm fine with Reaper having "assembly required" pieces if that's what makes sense for the sculpt, but I also am much less likely to ever get around to painting minis that would have hard-to-reach spots if they're pre-glued. (If I can go ahead and glue them before doing any painting, that's fine.) I see two downsides to assembly-required on smaller figures. (1) it takes a LOT longer to inventory the contents and confirm if I have the correct bits (is that a hand or a bit of scrap?); and (2) if the connecting pieces are too small, they are occasionally hard for me to glue (those tiny hands...). Although I did care enough about assembled-or-not to enter that info in a spreadsheet as I checked it all in. And having gotten almost everything (I skipped the busts, dragonslayers, Navatharr, and the fire giant hellbringer); by my count, I've got 475 distinct minis that are fully assembled (480 if you count the Brinewind Extras crates as separate pieces), versus 197 that need assembly (and one mini that's missing but I am guessing from the art will need assembly).
  20. Based on my packages, you're getting 2 boxes. The 12 lb. box is a ship, the 15 lb. box is "everything else" that you ordered; and the 27lb with the same tracking# is actually triggered by it being a 2-package shipment, the weight is the total of the other two. And it's so good to see everyone getting their shipping notices. CELEBRATE!!!
  21. I know it doesn't help, but I had the impression they really believed they were sending in waves - and because they were moving so fast, they didn't understand the issue on time to troubleshoot it properly, or to realize their "reset" was still missing something. That is, they thought they DID have the ability, and are as baffled as any of us that it isn't working (and unfortunately, given the lack of a dedicated communications person, slower to receive and process the feedback). So hopefully they had a chance to figure out any gaps during the fire-marshal delay. I'll admit, I'm concerned on your behalf that they may not have a good way to realize if some Wave 1 folks like you are getting left out when they do their resets. I hate the idea that you or others might have to wait until they say all shipping is complete before getting them to check your specific order to troubleshoot it. Hopefully, you'll have a shipping confirmation by tonight; if you don't, given that you're Wave 1, that would mean they definitely still have something scrambled in their database. Either way, they'll presumably do a Lessons Learned analysis after it's all done, so at least they can prevent similar issues next time.
  22. Hey, someone started a separate thread last week for advice/tips on assembling the Kickstarter minis, but I can't find it. Anyone remember that and have a link?
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