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  1. Hey Reaper, is there a price list for your individual miniatures from the Wave 4 Kickstarter, I am a retailer and would like to put some of the new minis up on the wall. If you could send me something or have a published list I would appreciate it. Regard's M@
  2. warcraftgames

    Something that I've been working on ...

    Thank all! I started off not wanting to add too much in the way of uniform but like any project it just gets away from you! I'll have to post a pic once I finish adding the sword and cleaning up the pistol and get him painted up. Green uniform of the 95th. Rifles for him! Regards, M@
  3. Here's a model that I have been working on for a RP mini for the Iron Kingdoms campaign setting. My inspiration is from Sean Bean starring as Richard Sharpe from the "Sharpes Rifles" series ... if you haven't seen it, get it and watch it. It's one of the few movies that you can watch and poor ole Sean doesn't die! Captain Sharke!