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  1. Hi all, There used to be a fantastic resource available that listed all the Bones I figures, along with a roll-over feature that would pop-up an often times painted picture. The link was at: http://greg.botch.com/bones/ However, it no longer seems available. There is one available for the Bones II set: http://www.bones.kgdcraftermath.com/ My searching has not found me anything similar to the 1st link. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! -Ed
  2. Full disclosure, we are recycle-holics. We try to recycle everything we can. Anyway, we were dismayed at all the plastic bags this was packaged with. I completely understand that this is necessary for packaging, so not faulting Reaper. However, they all appear to be #4 plastic bags. Bags can't normally be recycled in the normal stream, but here in Boulder, Colorado there is a company that handles harder to recycle items. http://www.ecocycle.org/ I suspect other cities have similar facilities. I hope I don't sound all preachy and condescending, that is not my intent. Just want to try and get out a positive, helpful message. Thanks for listening! -Ed
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