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  1. Most synthetic brush hairs are made of nylon (polyamide); though it's usually labeled as a brand name like taklon or sabalene. Nylon is a very solvent-resistant material.
  2. It's the same problem with Reaper Bones and any other brand model made of PVC, though polymer clay has the added issue of a volatile plasticizer that's supposed to evaporate during baking but seldom does completely. While there may be some exceptional sprays that work fine, and that water-based sealer can act as an isolation coat to prevent the sticky reaction, the general guideline to avoid a sticky bad time is just never use anything out of a spray can on PVC models.
  3. Something I did years ago, so this is just as an example.
  4. There is great value to be found in repainting cheap toys.
  5. I'm backer #227, so I guess I still have a while to wait.
  6. A surprising amount of paint is lost to overspray. It is normal to expend more paint to achieve similar coverage to brushed-on paint, but it will generally go on more quickly and evenly with the airbrush once you learn to control it more effectively. Sometimes the nozzle of the airbrush will get fouled with dried paint and not perform correctly, so when it starts that reverse trigger behavior you're noticing, it's time to clean the nozzle and needle. As for overthinning your paint, you'll need some acrylic Airbrush Medium. It's nearly as thin as water, but has as much acrylic resin
  7. The materials used for Bones since the fourth Kickstarter is much improved over earlier iterations, but it is still flexible and some models just can't support their own weight. Here's what I did with the Jabberwock to deal with this problem: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63873-so-rested-he-by-the-tumtum-tree-89016-jabberwock/
  8. Just checking in on when the next round might start, and also the last time I was involved I lost the log book that was packed on my circuit. I found it again and would like to forward it on to its home, though its information is probably useless at this point, not that there was any great accounting anyway. Just thought I'd mention it. Best wishes.
  9. The sample I received was free of any residue.
  10. The one included in the sample was a wolf with a sword in its mouth. Its feet stand on the rim of the 25mm circle base and is about 35mm long nose to tip of tail, 20mm tall to the top of its ears. Next to a character figure it looks as big as a normal medium-large dog, which might be a bit small for a wolf but still passable. The figure came in 6 pieces. It assembled fairly easily without glue, but the head pops off at a dirty look.
  11. I didn't see this listed so: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/archonstudio/dungeonsandlasers-plastic-tabletop-rpg-scenery I received an engineering sample of the product today. They're made of hard gray injection-molded plastic, my guess would be ABS from its hardness and density. The floor and wall ties fit together tightly, though it takes a bit of effort that likely would wear at paint on those surfaces had they been painted. Due to response from earlier sample recipients, the production tiles will be slightly larger than the samples.
  12. Gremlins, kind of like Pathfinder goblins, but with aviator helmets and assorted tools
  13. Oh yes, that was done long ago. I added a jar of blue Lit glow powder to my order. A recent update said they would be sending out the remaining USA orders next week, so it shouldn't be long now.
  14. I presume my order was among those affected, since I'm still waiting but I never got a notice or coupon.
  15. So many pieces, so much assembly, the scale of some of the pieces was a bit unexpected, and I'll have to come up with a way to polish those flight rods.. A combination of ultrafine abrasives and coatings might do it.
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