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  1. I completely forgot about this until I saw someone mention this on Facebook. I'm moving so I want to the 5.5 Pledge Manager and updated my address. So I should be all set to receive my goodies now... right? 😉 M
  2. Yeah... I am afraid they may very well be finished. I'm allowing them to thoroughly thaw out and I'm hoping the nature of Reaper Paints might be a bit more forgiving but I'm not holding my breath either. I will have to check about the FlexDelivery service. M
  3. It was fun... Got my package / stocking today. I got coal. lol On a serious note, the colors of the paints look awesome but they are frozen solid. Something of a cold snap the past few days here in Montreal. I'm hoping the paints will be recoverable but I guess time will tell. Reaper paints flow quite well compared to others so I'm hoping for good things. Otherwise, I lost the chance to use some cool looking paints. Anyone have anything like this happen to them? M
  4. I just revisited these brushes (9 months later) after I first wrote about them. For those interested, you can find it here. The quick version, they are decent but prone to issues while painting with them. It could be related to the manufacturing and, having pointed this issue out recently, they asked for some pics and are apparently sending me replacements. They got top marks in my book for customer service but we'll see how the replacements work out when I get them. M
  5. UPS is handling the shipping for ROW until it hits the point where it goes international on behalf of the USPS. This happened to a couple of unrelated packages of mine, and confused me each time as well. They were domestic only, so that just added to my confusion. So are you saying, that the package will eventually revert to US Snail, and UPS will not be handling the cross border shipment? The reason I'm concerned is that UPS brokerage charges to Canada are absolutely insane - pretty much 1:1 for each dollar of value shipped. Thus, $650 worth of miniatures would end up costing me $1300. The Egg I got my confirmation yesterday (I'm in Montreal) and was really shocked to see UPS. Kinda pissed me off based on the assurances I had seen that Canada was USPS. But then I noticed there was no UPS tracking number and the link provided got me no where to track my package (though it took to the UPS page). I figured it might have been an automated canned response or something. Once I saw both what 24andahalf and Pegazus had to say on the subject, I'm not going to panic as much (but keep my fingers crossed).
  6. Was it Wave 1? I'm Montreal Wave 1 and haven't received my email yet. Though I did see Montreal CA Wave 2 a fifteen minutes ago. I thought the tracker was tormenting me. So there will be TWO shipments arriving in Montreal on the same day! Possibly more actually... I've seen two for Montreal in Wave 2. But, with work, I haven't been keeping a steady eye oneit. I just keep going back to check on it now and again. I saw two for Montreal, one for Quebec City, a couple in more remote areas of the province of Quebec and one for Ottawa. So, there are definitely a bunch of drops within a 250 km radius of Montreal thus far. I did not notice any Montreal in wave 1 but, like I said, I certainly wasn't glued to the screen and was only checking more in earnest with ROW Wave 2 started due to a busier morning. M
  7. It is always wonderful to see 'Montreal CA' show up. Then I look at the wave number and realize... it's not me. ;) M
  8. With the way things have been rolling.. I'm certain all the ROW for wave 1 will be wrapped up tomorrow and a good chunk of ROW for wave 2. It will still be a few more days yet for me (ROW, Wave 3) I am pleased at how swiftly things are moving though... Based on the first couple of days, I figured mine woudl ship towards the end of next week. Now I'm hopeful for the beginning of next week :) M
  9. Not too shabby -- I'm Wave 3 Canada so it will still be a few days before mine goes out. However, I love to see this awesome progress and it really shows that Reaper learned from the first Bones experience and made this one so much more efficient! Thank you Reaper for all the great work you're putting into this! :D M
  10. Hmm... Wave 1 was 2000 right? Even with some missing people not having locked in, we are a few hundred away from having 2000 shipped. Even if I fudge that number to 1600 shipped from wave 1 at the moment, we are still looking at 400 to go. I have *not* compared it to the numbers remaining though. Maybe those ROW orders are still being treated (yay customs forms!) M
  11. I only wish the total of orders shipped were also kept. I think it might be interesting to keep track... as least till mine comes up in wave three. ;) We we are something like 721 last night? It was 7-something. Can anyone confirm? M
  12. It will appeal to adults as well -- especially if they are familiar and liked old school Dungeons & Dragons. I guess you can say that it has elements of AD&D with some of the streamlining brought about by d20 (3rd Edition). In other words, the d20 is the unified mechanic for saves, attacks, and ability/skill checks and AC is ascending (the higher the better). However, it doesn't have an itemized skill system like you see from 2nd Edition AD&D and onwards. It's a class based game (just like D&D) and there are archetypes so each class you would expect to see may have skills or abilities tied to that class. It introduces a system of prime attributes as well to compensate for the lack of skills which effectively gives a bonus with attempting a task or check associated with a particular attribute. If you've played D&D before, C&C will look and feel familiar while steering away from the complexities that arose in later editions of the game. Decidedly less expensive than the newest edition of D&D about to be unleashed. The 5th edition PHB for Dungeons & Dragons will be costing $49.95 (which means I will be checking out Amazon if I decide to order it). If you have any specific questions about the game, I'll be happy to answer them for you (feel free to PM me). M
  13. Thank you for the kind words. Compared to other to other mini's I have painted, this one wasn't all that hard -- the base coat had an 'iridescent greyish' sheen to it (not unlike a silver) which was followed with dark blue wash. Beyond that, it was mostly done with some drybrushing using a very light baby blue and a white. I am very pleased at how it turned out. M
  14. Well, this was the first dragon I painted a while back as a beginner. I have learned so many things since this one but, despite the poorer picture (I really need to invest or construct a lightbox), I felt it would be a shame to ignore the chance to put it up in the mix (as we count down to midnight). Have a happy new year folks! M
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