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  1. Well I'm happy to report that my package has arrived! Seemed like such a long wait but as always with Reaper it was worth it. Thanks to LadyStorm for pulling my order. Now I'm going to spend the night dry fitting and making sure all the bits are correct!
  2. Canada 03/08/2015 6:07 P.M. Package cleared by foreign customs office FINALLY!!! :) Hopefully it will be here soon.
  3. Still sitting in Canadian Customs since the 25th. :( I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to get it while I was on vacation. I wonder how long I should wait with no movement before I start trying to have it investigated?
  4. Finally there was an update on the tracking site! Canada 02/25/2015 9:05 P.M. Package arrived at foreign customs office So its been sitting in Canada for a day, which is nice to know that is hasn't been caught in any bad weather. I doubt it will be here today, but hopefully it comes early next week while I'm still on vacation. Basically, I'm feeling the excitment!
  5. I wish I at least had that update :( I'm waiting in the Toronto area
  6. I've washed and reapplied primer on a SDE and Bones mini. I've shaken the paint bottles for at least a minute. And then I've applied a light brush straight out of the bottle and then on a separate area a thicker layer of paint. So far I'm seeing very little cracking. Except for in the really thick areas of paint. I think the suggestion of a few lighter base coats instead of in one or two might help with these cracking paints. I'm going to keep experimenting as I have hope! Thanks for all the suggestions.
  7. The mini in question is from Super Dungeon Explore. I'm using reaper primier on the mini. In this case the mini had been primed for nearly a month before I got to touch it. I have always used reaper primer. And it has been seven bottles of different paint cracking since I first noticed in May. Each paint bottle cracked on different miniatures. I have applied a coat of paint without thinning straight from the bottle. I have tried thinning with water. I have used flow improver in the paint. I have mixed a colour that hasn't cracked with one that has and even thinned that with water. But still I get cracked paint. If I use a different colour in the same area where the cracked paint was applied, the new colour does not crack. If I use the cracked colour in a different location/different miniature, it cracks. I have no problem painting with Volcano brown on the same figure today, but the Basic Dirt cracked on two separate figures. I'm just wondering if there is no way to save these paints or if I need to get replacements. As I said, so far I have seven bottles that have cracked. And the paints are 4 years old and barely used. I have other paints that are near 10 years old and have no cracked like this. I might have to go through all my reaper paints to see if they are starting to crack.
  8. I forgot to point out that this cracking was my base coat. And it cracked within 10 mins of drying. As in I applied my first coat. Waited for it to be dry before going back to do any touch ups and start shading or highlighting. Then I notice the cracking right away. Its not the case of the miniature being finished and then 1 week to 1 month later noticing the paint cracking. It happens as soon as it is dry on the figure.
  9. I've seen several posts on this, but I am having a lot of problems with reaper paints cracking over the last 6 months. I have a collection of seven paints that have cracked. The most recent one just cracked today. 09245 Basic Dirt. I hope you can see from the pictures the cracks that are happening over the miniature. The mini was primed several weeks ago with reaper primer. (as all my miniatures with the cracking issue) And each of the seven paints that have cracked have done so with a straight coat out of the bottle. No thinning. Just a light brush over for base coat and then a second coat after the first has dried to fill in any missed areas. But still the paint is cracking. Also my first painted cracked in May, and the new one cracked today. So temperature and humidity I can't see being the factor. Because they have cracked in cool weather, room temperature and a warm day. I've tried thinning with water to stop the cracking. I've tried mixing the colour with another. I've even tried using reaper flow improver and anti-shine additive. But nothing is working. Are these paints just separating finally after owning them for 4 years?
  10. My minis arrived today. And the quality is great! Love the look of these miniatures. I don't think anyone can really knock the quality. Shipping was faster than expected given that I heard some people had some problems. But once I got my shipping notice they were well on their way. So I'm hoping that with the new help with shipping, that ToH1+2 will have better fullfillment results than this kickstarter. So continue to have some hope :)
  11. I'm in Canada and I just got a notice my shipment of demons and devils is going out. Just need to pick the shipping option and then get my tracking number. So I have a little hope that I might be going in on this kickstarter. Like if I get my tracking number and see the package moving, then I'll put a pledge on. Otherwise, I would not be going in. Not getting minis for two kickstartes really put my wife off, and she won't let me go in for this one(without the demons and devils), and I agree that its not a good way to do business. I think CSM needs to do a lot to make up for their customer service over the last few months, how dealt with people and the delivery of minis really left a sour taste in my mouth. I do hope they can change my mind. I love the minis they they are producing and want to support them. But anyway, I'm hoping that those still without minis have some hope, they are coming!
  12. The minis in the update look good. Glad I added them.
  13. I think the Elven children set is a cute idea. I'll probably go in for those, just because I think the style of the greens so far, fits perfectly with a child miniature. I was surprised the male Kitsune unlocked. A few backers dropped and then suddenly a mini rush happened. I've already put him into my pledge. If he matches the other elven greens, he'll really be fox like in "sleekness"
  14. that is one cool looking figure.
  15. For me the looks of these elves is something more of a half-elven teenager. They don't have the typical elven look that most fantasy games portray. I really enjoy some of the concepts and would probably use them as that half-elven teenager npc types, if I grab any. But like most, its the little add ons that are winning my money! Now we just need that Kitsune!
  16. the pixies are awesome! Someone in my gaming group always wants to adventure as a pixie.
  17. I really like the looks of this Sophie. I hope it stays really close to the awesome artwork. And I think I'll add an extra or two depending on the price (*if we unlock it of course*)
  18. Aww, they cut the "map" image in half, not more pirate ship, no more valley of bones... I guess it was too much of a tease, but it was a really cool graphic.
  19. Grippli are a favorite in my house hold. And the drawings look cute enough that if some greens are shown and they look similar enough then Stonehaven have a new backer. The grippli, kitsune(if achieved) and little ent guy, are hard to resist. Just wish there was some individual prices to calculate a pledge at the $3 level.
  20. That new "map" image is amazing!
  21. I've been hoping for werewolves since the start of this kickstarter. So I'm with ya! Werewolves! Female Werewolves!
  22. Was pleasantly surprised to check the kickstarter this morning. I like a lot of those new paint colours, and the new expansion set so far looks good. Pledge will have to be upped once we get them unlocked. Or should I pledge for them now in hopes it will help unlock them? hmmmm
  23. Its a reference to Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail
  24. maybe he's just getting over a sunburn? Love the night sky effect on the wings.
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