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  1. I think a lot of people were surprise by shipping costs, maybe for the better. Since it suddenly jumped when the calculator came out. So either everyone upped their pledge with their shipping money, or they saw that they could grab a few extra add-ons because shipping would be cheaper than thought. I know I was happy with shipping cost(didn't add to my pledge) but did add an extra set of Sylvan Creatures.
  2. I really like the tiger. He's got great coloring and the stripes are well done.
  3. That was such an informative video. It was really cool to see the process of miniature making, from the start of your sculpting to the mold making and then metal casting.
  4. Happy we got Cinder, was just counting the pledges till that one came We are sort of split on Verocithrax in my household. One side likes it and the other side doesn't. Although the money will probably get added to it once we hit it. Cause we kinda had this problem with the clockwork dragon and the side of the household that didn't want it, now sort of regrets that we did not get it.
  5. I had a problem with getting two of the same Hydra head attachments. E-mailed right away when the bones came back in July. early Sept. I got an e-mail saying that a proper head would be on its way. Mid Sept the tracking e-mail went out. A week and a half later my new head attachment came. It was the exact same double that I had originally gotten. So now there are three of the same had attachments. My poor hydra! I took a picture to so they could see what is I'm dealing with. And last friday they responded that they will send another replacement head. So turn around time in this case might be way different, since I'm probably now towards the end of their list. But otherwise the first turn around time was not that long once they informed me of what they were doing.
  6. I've had success using a sharp hobby knife to cut the glue bond in the crease and then just popping the part the rest of the way off. Mind you, I've only pulled a pair of wings of a little demon lady so it wasn't that hard to do.
  7. Clear. It was stated in the KS update that included the green of it. EDIT: I take that back. I thought it was posted there, but I can't find it now. That could mean either a) it's buried in the main KS comments, or b) I'm hallucinating. It either case, until I can prove otherwise, my answer is "I'm not sure." ~v It says translucent plastic for the cube and two slimes right in update 33
  8. Just saw the preview for the PF Villains. They looks cool. I love that Horned Hunter. I am already envisioning a campaign with him as villain!
  9. I'm hoping they us USPS and not FedEx or UPS. I agree. I would rather pay a bit extra in shipping USPS(cause sometimes it does cost more) and be able to have it sit at the post office, than deal with the hassle of UPS or FedEx. There have been times with UPS that the only way to get my item was to take a day off work!
  10. I've decided to make painting the monsters/creatures a priority. And then paint the PC/NPC types as needed. This system personally gives me confidence I'll be through what I really really want/need to be by the time Bones 2 arrives. I'm really bummed they passed the werewolf on the map/pic tracker and we didn't see a werewolf :( And I also thought we would have hit the million dollar amount within the 12hr launch period. But we were nearly damn close as far as I can tell. Since I went to bed a little after its 12hr time frame and it was close. But it sure was exciting watching it climb. Also to me it looks like some of the bugbears and gnolls are duplicate of figures from Bones1. Not something I personally want, but I can see how others want them. Those are just some random thoughts from yesterday. Don't imagine today will be as manic.
  11. Hope they put up the option to add extra "core sets" like they had last time. Really want a second set with the centaurs and fey!
  12. That's what I thought I saw, like a huge cave or something
  13. heroes and villians option looks awesome
  14. Can't wait to see the werewolves (which happen to be my favorite thing ever!) Also I feel a little upset that I just purchased a metal mini order last month and then find that half of said minis are now bones in the core set!!! I'll just mod the Bones I guess.
  15. Don't imagine I'll get much sleep tonight, thinking about whats going to be in Bones 2. It's almost like christmas!
  16. I think this is my favorite painted version of this mini I have seen. They green eyes and eye shadow are very nice.
  17. For a pink eye beast he's very realistic. He looks like he needs a drop of drool or something.
  18. Are they really going ahead with this? I thought the plan was to start Tome of Horrors 2 only if they had managed to fully deliver on the Demons and Devils by then. Starting now, with all this competition, and with the majority of previous backers still waiting on their previous two Kickstarters doesn't sound like the best idea ever to me. I was just on their KS forum. I think they are realizing that this might not be a great idea. I love the old school minis and want to support them but I can't pledge again until the first two get shipped. No offence to them. I wouldn't do this for any company. Just saw the post from them, and I hope they hold off on launch. I love their minis from the last two kickstarters, but it just seems logical for them to hold off especially considering so many still haven't gotten their pledges.. But I probably would have supported them anyway, just not with as much money going against Bones 2. Have to wait and see what happens.
  19. Have they even delivered on their other kickstarters yet? No one has been posting here that they've gotten their stuff. I've seen posts on their facebook from some people who have gotten their kickstarters. And CSM posted that Demons and Devils is 1/4 shipped. I didn't realize they had even sent the last of things in for production. I have not paid close attention though. I can tell you that I have not received my rather large pledge in Tome of Horrors #1. Demons and Devils was before Tome of Horrors #1. They are still working on greens for the Tome of Horrors, so don't worry, no one has received that one yet.
  20. Have they even delivered on their other kickstarters yet? No one has been posting here that they've gotten their stuff. I've seen posts on their facebook from some people who have gotten their kickstarters. And CSM posted that Demons and Devils is 1/4 shipped.
  21. Let us not forget Center Stage Miniatures: Tome of Horrors 2 starts Oct 1 as well!!
  22. I hope you'll keep posting more as you do them. They are amazing! And since I just got some SDE minis today they are a great inspiration.
  23. Yeah, we need some close ups, so we can *drool* over this army!
  24. Stunning. Such smooth painting and the colours compliment each other so well.
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