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  1. If it comes in October money will be tight, especially with another mini kickstarter starting up in Oct. But there is no way I would miss out on it! Especially if it is going to be "bigger and better." I guess its soup for dinner in October.
  2. It is very inspiring work. Also serves as a great step by step tutorial of sorts, if one wanted to try sculpting.
  3. A great job with the base making it work with the figure.
  4. yeah I thought of a goblin Dark Knight, lol he's a cool looking figure though, like how the jeans came out
  5. I like the material. So far its durable. I've dropped several figures without worry, whereas metal figs would have given me a heart attack. Plus I find with Bones I'm not worried about painting that "perfect" miniature. So its much more liberating. And for the priced paid for the bones its excellent. I know there is some loss of detail but I've also had loss of detail with some metal figures. I'm less upset about Bones detail loss than when I find metal detail loss. So overall the bones material is better for my peace of mind, lol
  6. He has a mustache? Mine doesn't have a mustache. He looks good. I like his skin paint job. And the base gives a rocky/sandy beach vibe.
  7. I like the idea of this. Can't wait to see some more pics.
  8. I thought the exact same thing. Inarah, the paint job on this mini makes me want to order one. You did a fantastic job.
  9. Solauren

    Jarlis's Bones

    makes him look like he has a fire elemental in his ancestry. I love it
  10. I've always found that silicone mold will release easily from what you are molding without needing a release agent. Its just as MonkeySloth says, when and if you are making a two part mold then you need the release agent. The silicone will mold to itself without the agent. You have a good set up for your one part mold. I just used Lego the other day as a molding box and that work out well. But anything that can make a tight seal will work. I can't wait to see the finished product.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I think I'll look into getting a gloss sealer at least to try and keep the shine for my Bones Spider Demoness (which I had the problem with) I can always just repaint my other figure and trying sealing again to see if maybe I'm just at the end of the bottle life and I should start another one. Thanks again. I was just wondering if anyone else had run into similar problems.
  12. Love the goblins! The look ready to take on any would be heroes and give them a run for their money.
  13. Hello all I just sealed four Bones Mini's, five minutes ago but as I was working with the Reaper Brush On Sealer I noticed something that hasn't happened before. The sealer was foamy but I thought that was just from giving it a good shake. I used it and in some places I noticed it has changed the color of my paint. It looks like it was a deposit of sealer that didn't get brushed properly. But it dried flat and just changed the color from a blue/black to a grey/brown. Also I used a gloss paint(not reaper paint) for part of a mini and the sealer pulled the gloss off. I could brush a soft dry brush over the area and little flakes of sealer/gloss came of the area. I haven't had any problems before and actually I used the same bottle nearly a week ago for sealing. The only change is the bottle might have been in direct sunlight for 12-14 hours over two days. But even then I've left the bottle in the sunlight before without incident. Any thoughts? thanks for the help
  14. For my smaller minis I've started using the empty Reaper Paint pots, they are good size and I have dozens of them so I can dozens of minis at the ready for when I want to use up left over paint on my palette. (I hate seeing paint dry) But normally if they fit I just use the empty container that my super glue squeeze gel comes in. I want to get some tac or something, because right now I'm just using clay (non-air drying) and they can easily pop off if they get knocked.
  15. Love this idea! For some reason Roc' always end up snatching up my groups PC's in ever campaign and trying to feed them to their young. So maybe some baby Rocs too!
  16. I don't mind so long as free shipping is still an option. I hate when shipping can come to more than half the price of what you are ordering. Plus increased minimums means I get to buy more minis! But then increased minimums also means I have to pay for more minis. Which I did just last night.
  17. I think they are stunning. The green is just so vibrant and looks as if its actually glowing.
  18. I think sitting at the bottom of the pot could melt them. Since that is where the heating element touches. I use the microwave though. I just boil the water in the microwave then take it out and place the miniature in. I've held the figure each time because I only needed to bend swords etc. I haven't needed to bend a whole figure back into shape like some have.
  19. I've had this problem with the Storm Giants sword. I have to boil it at least four times before it ended up being straight enough that I was happy with it. It still sags slightly but it looks like its because where it bends the Bones material is thin compared to the rest of the sword. And gravity does the rest.
  20. Genasi (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) A male and female version of each.
  21. Just finished painting the Vandorendra Demon and I've noticed the nose is very flat. So looking over other minis, I have noticed that most of the miniatures seem to loose the most detail with the nose. I'm getting ready to paint Goldar the Barbarian and his whole face is nearly flat. Personally I find that so long as the detail on the larger minis is okay than the lack of detail on the smaller minis is not so bad. But it's still something to look into when possibly making new Bones figures, so we don't get the detail loss we are seeing.
  22. My wife and I did an initial inventory last night; Only one missing. I got a second Haunt set, and had three of one type instead of two, and 1 of another instead of two. So, total count was right, and off by 1 mini. Did a more detailed examination of the ones in 'pieces' to be assembled. Only anomaly is the Hydra. Two 'left heads + feet' the same. All other miniatures (and I ordered all the add on but the Orcs), and no other issues are problems.
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