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  1. Looking trough the latest releases, I noticed that instead of the bryangles, the pictures now have letter-blocks. How big are these new blocks? And are there any meaning behind the different letters?
  2. I liked the movie very much. It left too many questions open to be truly great, but it was very enjoyable non the less. And probably most important of all, it managed to create a world I really, really want to see more of. The elves are a bit overpowered though. I heard something about the critics where shown the screening as if the movie was a normal hollywood release, with a cinema screening and everything. I don't think that helped their impression on the movie, it very much is a couch movie.
  3. Hmm, never got around to reding Gold Digger: This might be the excuse I need.
  4. Will-save partially failed. I am going for the complete Nightstalkers army. The 68 scarecrows/spectres was just too good a deal. The booster was a nice idea as well. I am going to pass on the Northern alliance though. Even though the concept art looks so awesome. Maybe when it hits retail.
  5. That's probably because, you are less likely to ever run, more than one of each character type, in small games like this. Even when you scale it up to full kings of war, there is not that big a focus on characters.
  6. Aren't most of the existing basilean sculpts multipose with multiple weapon options? Something that would be perfect for a skirmish game. I seem to recall the man-at-arms, sisters and paladins, I got from the kickstarter where at least. I don't know if they have updated the sculpts since then.
  7. Maybe a furry Barioth? I don't really see it as a proper dragon (too few limbs) but it looks kind of feline
  8. I may have to get multiple of that Sophie, just for the Lizard.
  9. I remember reading somewhere that the standard rules would be tile based as shown on the included board. And the advanced rules could be the normal skirmish game But I completely agree, the included terrain is severely lacking. These kinds of games, benefit greatly from some verticality, in their terrain and the rules to support it.
  10. Wow that last stretch of Darkreach really is gold. As soon as it gets released, I am going to get a couple of those thrones. Could probably easily get Dragoth onto one.
  11. My memory may be playing me a prank here, but didn't Reaper once have a range of dinosaur models? I think it was meant for museums or something along those lines. This new expansion would be a great way to not let those sculpts go to waste. Dinosaurs are almost dragons, so this seems to be a must buy for me.
  12. Well, time to sacrifice some people to the skydragon.
  13. Found their site but couldn't find the boat, got distracted by all the dragons. They have some good, cheap, asian dragons.
  14. I have no real interest in any of the humans, but there are a lot of nice beasties in this one. Several of the monsters I have never seen models of before and the submerged crocodile is an interesting prospect. (Think land shark but a crocodile)
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