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  1. Beautiful. Thanks Siri and everyone else for sharing your tips.
  2. How funny, I was planning on going to Ikea this weekend to get a glass display case. Yours looks great!
  3. Thanks for the comments everyone. I already replied to madpandadad via private message, but the scimitar can be found in Weapons Pack IV and the shield in Crusader Weapons (both conversion packs can be purchased on Reaper's site). I didn't explain my thought process on the base - it's actually snow, not gravel. Because she is a priestess of the goddess of the sun, flame, and redemption, I wanted to show how her steps melted the unnatural snow and brought forth Spring (hence the flowers). You do make a good point that the areas don't seem very integrated; I probably could have done more snow scatter across the greenery.
  4. I'm here, there's no cell phone reception in the main hall! Will be signing up for the 8 pm Pathfinder game - Destiny of the Sands Pt 3, so of anyone is around chine stop by and say hi!
  5. Kadrus is up in Show Off. Per usual, tried to get a figure done in time for ConnectiCon, and I'm not even close. My boyfriend's oracle acquired an axebeak animal companion. I hadn't even begun painting her original horse companion! Oh well! 03092 Axebeak, Prehistoric Bird: Started what would've been my shaman for PFS... didn't get far. On the bright side, it only took two tries to get the eyes in. If I'm feeling brave later, I may go add a white highlight to make the eyes really shine. 89008 Feiya in Bones:
  6. Kadrus is a Nagaji PC from my Pathfinder Jade Regent game. The player picked out #77060 - the rather plainly named Dragonman Warrior - to represent him on the table. The Story: Kadrus was captured by slavers and shipped half a world away to be some depraved noble's exotic "pet". Luckily for him, he was freed by a band of rangers opposed to the slavers trespassing through their lands. Stranded on a strange continent, with his only marketable skills being "kill things dead", Kadrus has joined the party hoping to earn enough money to eventually buy passage back to Tian Xia. The party is on the cusp of discovering an ancient artifact which will send them racing over the Crown of the World to depose an unjust tyrant. If the fates are kind, Kadrus will survive the journey to see his beloved Nagajor again! A better view of the shield: SO proud of this gem: Thanks for looking! I welcome comments and critiques!
  7. I imagine they all just sulk into their WSJs or stare tragically out of the window reminiscing about better days.
  8. I agree, she looks very intimidating! Red + blue is one of my favorite color combinations, ever since I saw Renaissance depictions of the Virgin Mary wearing deep blue and bright red robes. Add me to the list of people who agree that the quality of your photos is probably holding people back from commenting more. I think you've done something cool with the tattoos on her head, but it's hard to figure out exactly what's going on there. I look forward to your next Show-Off thread!
  9. I will be at the PFS sign-up area first thing Friday morning. I'll post to this thread (with a picture of myself if need be) when I get there so we can coordinate! Excited!
  10. So I went and Liked every post here, because it is a great topic with a lot of useful answers. I am studying Web Design right now, and I can tell you that Wordpress has totally changed the game. It is no longer impossible for a non-programmer/designer to create a simple but nice looking page without knowing the least bit of code. Going on what cutebutpsycho said, I think it would certainly be worth it to take a look at what you can do with Wordpress or another CMS (content management system) to promote yourself as an artist and give your customers something to follow so they know when you've put a new piece up for sale. Since redpiano already has a Tumblr site, I would suggest trying to make that as professional looking as possible (since Tumblr also does not require the user to have extensive knowledge of code), and including the link to your Tumblr in the eBay listing as well as on the invoice the customer receives. Good luck!
  11. I'm going to be at ConnectiCon all three days! My boyfriend and I are signing up for a few Pathfinder Society tables, wandering around and playing a lot of board games. Would love to meet people as I haven't been able to attend any painting days so far!
  12. Yay, I like all of it! I wish I had seen this thread when it started, as I would've loved to use those fireworks goblins. Alas that my group is now past that part and is preparing to explore Brinewall Keep. On a related note, have you got any ideas on where I might procure figurines?
  13. The purple/brown in the werewolf's skin adds a lot of depth. The inner ears in particular are just really pleasing to my eye (I'm an unapologetic weirdo when it comes to appreciating art). You could try glazing deep blue into the roots of the fur - basically where it is growing out of his body - for example, the darkest shadows in his beard. That way you are not muddying up the nicely highlighted fur too much. Anyway looking great and can't wait to see what else you'll be working on!
  14. I'm really enjoying the "classic" color scheme you gave him.
  15. I continue to make more work for myself by attempting shortcuts that look terrible. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" as the saying goes. I put some fairly heavy brown wash on Kadrus' skirt, which I ended up having to paint totally over anyway to get the intensity of color I wanted. Should've just stuck with the deep orange basecoat and highlighted up from there!
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