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  1. Errr... thanks Death Angel... I'm sure there is a normal one of me somewhere but if there is, I have no idea where... I can't even ask my parents as they only have photos of me in the bath as a baby and that would just be a little embarrassing
  2. I didn't mean I couldn't go because I was banned from the US or something... it's just a little out of my way so to speak... Saying that, I put a coffee machine in my painting shed because the kitchen was a little out of my way... being 30 feet away 'n' all.
  3. I couldn't go... and that's my suggestion... maybe a ReaperCon(Europe)? Yes it would be expensive to run and a logistical nightmare but hey... you can't turn down a jolly to Europe
  4. lastavailableid - I only buy through ebay though... nothing I do is worth selling
  5. I love PaintShopPro 8.0... been using it for some time now and it does everything I have asked of it. It's dead easy to resize images, crop images, modify backgrounds, use layers, add solar flare... If you can get it for free I highly recommend it
  6. Can you attach an image you aren't happy with? maybe seeing the photo will help understand the problem.
  7. 1. Primer 2. Base coat the entire mini 3. Change colour ideas 4. Strip mini 2. Re prime the mini 3. Re base coat the entire mini 4. Recessed detail like eyes, mouths etc 5. Shade everything 6. Highlight everything 7. High detail like buckles & nails 8. Strip mini 9. Melt mini
  8. Errr... I haven't actually got a normal photo of myself... so... here's one underwater at my gym... and one taken last weekend in the peak district climbing a big scary arete.
  9. I would try to replicate your photoshop experiment with paints onto paper and see how it goes... these multiple transitions may be best suited to wet blending using fairly thin paints. If it's just a helmet, I imagine the surface area isn't too large so you would have a good chance of getting it right wet before any of the colours dried up. I'd be interested to know how you get on... new colour schemes are always welcome
  10. I got over the theft fear thing with my last car, it was a roadster thing and there was no roof and no way of locking anything up... it was insured though, same as the shed contents. if it all gets stollen, I have a backup of my data and everything else is replaceable
  11. All sorted... there's too much humanity going around! It must be something in the water The problem was as described, it just took a while for my e-mails to be responded to. There was no payment note but the e-mail reply cleared it up. Thanks for the advice Jester
  12. When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled... brave, brave, brave - Sir Robin! I always found that to be good advice… If I can’t figure out how to paint something, I just run away. Sooner or later I’ll think of something and I’ll do it. I find that if I sit and stare at something trying to imagine suitable colours, my head hurts. If my girlfriend can spend 2 hours choosing 6 items of clothing for one night, I can spend a month thinking about a colour scheme that’s going to last years on a mini.
  13. I know, I know... GW paints suck... I didn't really want to get drawn into the great paint debate. I've seen some sterling results with every paint imaginable, I've seen vallejo paint slopped on with a spoon and citadel paint applied so well it'd make you cry. Not really that relevant to the painting area though, is it?
  14. Thanks for the offer... I have been trying to find some extender for a little while now. I never used to use it and I was thinking about giving it a go. If you could point me in the right direction I would be grateful. What's Salute then?
  15. I'm having the reverse problem at the moment... I have purchased an old unpainted mini from someone and after e-mailing them (and getting a reply), paid them via paypal. I checked my ebay details and it still had the "Pay now" option. I checked with PayPal and the transaction was rejected by the seller twice and since then I have had no return e-mails. Weird... any thoughts?
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