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  1. Indeed. Thanks for the advice everyone. For the most part it looks like all the paint arrived safely. There is only bottle I question because I'm not familiar with it.


    The Anti-Shine/Matte Additive. What should the consistency of this stuff be? The stuff in my bottle is very thick. Possibly just a tad thicker then Elmer's Glue on the thicky-liquids scale.... if there is such a scale.

  2. Got my paints! So far everything looks good! I guess I won't be able to tell for sure until I sit down and get to work. I'm sure all is well though.


    One question I do have though is, do all droppers have an agitator in them? Some of the thinner paints and the washes clearly do but some other bottles and the Matte Additive, I can't tell. I went through and gave every bottle a fairly good shake while I inventoried them. Some might need more shaking but I already gave myself a headache from what I did do haha.

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  3. Well here is my follow up. After checking the forecast for the state last week I placed my order for the complete MSP set. Go big or go home right? Just my "luck" mother nature decided to hit us with a cold front. My paints will arrive in state tonight where they will sit in a non-climate controlled UPS warehouse and it will hit 20-30F degrees tonight. I might weep.


    I'll let you know how it goes. I'll either be celebrating with massive hip thrusts that will throw out my back or I'll be looking for that ledge Cash was on.

  4. Yup, it's the second thing I do after I open the pot, add a hematite paint agitator (8mm hematite bead), and run a sharpened paperclip through the nozzle from the base if possible.


    I should really also paint over the paint name & number with the paint in question to mitigate fading ink issues.


    I thought all reaper paints had an agitator in them? Most of mine sound like they do... although now that I think about some sounds like they don't...

  5. I recently received my Rosemary brushes. I ordered Series 33, sizes 0/2 through 3. The post office used my package as a door holder and ended up bending the ferrules on them. Sizes 1 and 2 were to bent to fix and Rosemary is sending me new replacements for free. The others were not bent as bad I was able to repair them myself. Rosemary probably would have replaced all but I only reported on the two really bad ones.


    At the moment I have only used the brushes once (and only size 2 this time) and I am very happen with it. I was using Citadel brushes before and the points on those where all over the place. I am having a harder time using the RB (Rosemary Brush) to perform the basecoat on Bones minis it could be the mini though I might have cleaned it well enough and my paint might have been alittle to wet. Going forward I will probably continue to the Citadel for basecoating and use the RBs for detail work.


    I will certainly purchase from Rosemary and Co again!

  6. My group currently plays PF. I'm in on it only because I want to game. To me 3.0, 3.5, PF, and 4ed are all terrible RPGs that turned table-top gaming into paper-mmos. It is all about how much of X can I stack and how far can I min/max this. They are all quiet the step back in rpg evolution imho. Luckly after the Rise of the Runelords AP we're playing we're going to move onto Shadowrun. I'm also going to have to take a look at Rolemaster from the OP! I haven't heard of that one before.

  7. Hello - I was wondering, do the Reaper Master Series Paints freeze? I'm assuming they do since they are water based but at the same time wasn't sure if there was something in them might prevent it? I've been wanting to order the complete paint set but the temp is starting to get cold here. I would hate for them all to freeze when they are left at my door step while I'm at work. :(

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