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  1. An earlier update literally said that they already had the clockwork dragons. How hard would it be to just be around and assure people that they aren't taking the rest of the money and buying a yacht? Honestly, DG has a bad reputation, but it's Torn Armor that's seeming shady here by posting the failure and then completely disappearing for over a day.
  2. Since I only backed this because Reaper had enough faith to put it on their front page, I'm now asking that they not post Kickstarters run by incompetent people on their front page anymore. Especially since Torn has been conspicuously silent about the free Clockwork Dragons that they supposedly already had on-hand, and which would go a long way to lowering my lost money. I guess they shipped those off too.
  3. Has anyone here ever had to pay duty on a Reaper shipment before? I haven't despite a few fairly large orders, but I don't know if 'Free Shipping' somehow excludes duty or if the border just lets most things slip through. I honestly can't remember ever having paid duty for anything in my life, in fact. Whether this KS will have duty or not will mean a difference of like 80 dollars in my order so I'd rather know now if I need to hold it back, or if I can get more miniatures at a great cost. Thanks for any further information people can give me.
  4. Unidentifiable, are you certain about your calculations? I have a pretty set limit for how much I can pledge if I still want to eat six months from now, and, among other things, this suddenly having huge duty charges would ruin me.
  5. I would also like to chime in and say that 'PC vs Monster' is the wrong way of looking at the dynamic, despite people asking for 'more monsters'. Personally, I just want miniatures that I can paint in more than one color and have multiple of. A highly unique, PC Wizard will probably only get painted once even though I own three from the KS Vampires. With PCish armored knights I might only paint two or three, because all I can really change is the kind of metal their armor is made out of (gold vs steel, for example). If you released a few generic, hooded cultists, a few generic bandits, generic mercenaries, etc, I'd probably buy dozens of each because I can do cultist robes in blue, in red, in yellow, all depending on what deity they're fanatical about. Bandits can have a wide range of colors depending on their affiliations, and so forth. Even something really unique like the Minotaur works in this sense too. Most games only need one minotaur, but what minotaur will that be? An ice blue minotaur found in some frozen caverns? A fiery demon-style minotaur fought in the depths of hell? Or a regular labyrinth minotaur? I own, and have painted, four minotaurs even though individual campaigns will probably only need one of them. I can safely say that any monster you release, I will buy four of it, and that I will buy between dozens and hundreds of any generic 'mook' like character if the price is right. For PCs, I'll only buy one, and even that's just for completions sake.
  6. I'm not going to recommend anything specific, but Reaper really needs more models that I can buy five of and less that I need one of. How many specific wizards holding some specific thing am I ever going to need? One, and that's only if I need that specific wizard. How many skeletons do I own right now? One hundred. Some are on fire, some are ice skeletons, I have skeletons of every shade and color just because I can. I have eight purple worms because I wanted ice worms, fire worms, radioactive worms, sludge worms. Even something like the minotaur I own four of because he can be all different colors. Player characters, not so much. I guess the main point is that I want more monsters and less humans. Even releasing another skeleton would instantly make me buy thirty so that I have as many of that skeleton as I do every other skeleton.
  7. Look man, the only people who are getting hostile here are you and the imaginary people you're referring to in your post. Absolutely no one told you to "suck it up", so I don't know why you're putting quotes around that like it actually happened.
  8. I just checked my Kaladrax, and while I was able to twist the horns like the picture on the previous page, it isn't without considerable effort on my part and I was actually pushing so hard I was momentarily afraid that I might be breaking them. They're moveable, yes, but no more than any Bones arm, spear, sword, or leg that I've ever encountered. Honestly, the force of a brushstroke wouldn't move them at all. So there's another testimony to add to the pile, I guess.
  9. Well my tracking number went from 'It's in Ontario' to 'It's in Calgary' to 'UPS now has possession of your package in the US' to me getting my package. The 'UPS has it in the US' one and the 'It's in Calgary' one both happened at the same time so I think that was probably just a system glitch.
  10. Well, I hope this doesn't seem like bragging or anything but I guess you guys could use the info. I live in Calgary (which isn't as underwater as some of you seem to believe) and my order was one of the ones that went out before UPS clamped down, but it delivered today just fine. Whatever UPS thought the problem was, I think they imagined it.
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