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  1. Took a quick photo from the front to show where the bends are. It appears I have bent the attachment points slightly away from vertical, but there's a bend in the wing itself slightly above that. Also, you can see how the front foot is off angle again.
  2. I'd be very surprised if it could. The wings didn't feel like they were getting softer at all, just deforming. I dipped them repeatedly, hoping that as the core temperature rose they'd reach a point where they would start to bend, but they didn't. Well, a little, I was able to push them away from the vertical. A little of that is the attachment points on the body, which no longer point straight up, but some is the wings themselves. The rats-a-fratzing feet aren't aligned anymore. I've seen some mention here of the Bones material reverting a bit with time, and that appears to have happened
  3. That's exactly the sort of thing I was interested in hearing. Yes, I'd like to see the results. And intermediate steps, if you have the time.
  4. If anything, they seem heavier. They're certainly stiffer.
  5. I was looking over the translucent red and green figures, and I was thinking that some of them clearly would benefit from some paint in some areas. Not the all-fire Fire Elemental, but at a minimum there's a tombstone on the green Ghost, and there are a lot of details that are hard to make out on some of the other figures as-is with no paint to increase contrast. I'm just feeling a tad cautious about it because it seems that there's no point to the material if you don't leave some sections unpainted, and potentially the difference between the painted / unpainted areas could look bad.
  6. If I had a spare piece of plastic of the same material, I'd experiment, but I don't want to damage what I feel is already a good result. EDIT: Also, it looks like I should have done something differently when I registered for the forum, since I don't have the Kickstarter badge and I have a couple of sets of Vampire as well as Wyrm Gear.
  7. You're a bolder man than I. Yeah, I think the vertical, flat wings need improvement, but I'm 95% sure that if I tried cutting them into segments and gluing them in a new shape, the result would be awful.
  8. I've been lurking and finding the advice here on Bones useful, though I haven't started painting yet. However, I feel a need to post something of a Public Service Announcement. I have repaired quite a few of my Kickstarter figures uses the boil-and-bend technique, and I got so confident with it that I decided I'd use it on the wings of the Clockwork Dragon (aka Wyrm Gear) to give them more character. This proved to be a mistake. They're not the same kind of plastic, which I really should have noticed before I started. They don't become flexible when boiled, they warp, and you don't really
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