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  1. Man, do those take me back...ah, the good ole days... *ahem* The first thing I notice is the amount of "blank" space you've left on the minis. I don't know what line you use, but the first thing I would do is look for colors that you feel would look right in those spaces (as opposed to primer white). Reaper has a good selection, if I remember correctly. The next thing is what should be known as the new painter's mantra: "Thin your paints, thin your paints, thin your paints." There's nothing that will ruin the look of a mini like thick, chalky paint. I keep a small cap (soda, paint pot, gatorade, etc) of water so that I can dip my brush and paint and thin it before I apply it to a mini. It doesn't look like your paint is too thick, but it is something to keep in mind. Try experimenting with black primer. This will make the colors a little darker, but it gives you instant shading and will keep it from looking like colors floating on white. Give it a try, and see how you like it. The main thing to remember is patience. Don't try to get complete coverage with one application. Build up tin layers until the paint is as opaque as you want it. You've got a very good start here, and eventually you'll want to move into highlights and shading. Hopefully someone will come along who can be more helpful that I. Good luck.
  2. Thanks, deep_sashelas. Actually, as of right now, the only non-craft paints I use are GW's silver metallics (Boltgun, Chainmail, Mithril)...simply because I haven't found anything better. As for thinning, when I get a new bottle, I usually squeeze out about a capful and then fill the bottle up with water until it just reaches the neck. When I'm painting, I like to keep a bottle-cap of water on my palette so that I can thin the paint while it's on my brush. I don't really have a formula, I just dip the paint into the water until I feel it's about right.
  3. All right, so I was sitting at my table waiting for some paint to dry, so I figured I'd try out a new color I recently discovered on my mom's paint rack... So far, I think this is my best gold attempt... So, what can I improve upon? To me, it's still missing something to make it "pop"...but I can't tell what. By the way, this is painted on some GW packaging carboard...in case you were wondering.
  4. I know what you mean about mixing. If there was some way to avoid it, you can be sure I did. Also, CMON scores aren't the best things to base your opinions on. Unless you're one of "the greats" you'll rarely get comments (or votes, for that matter) and then there's sniping... Forums like these are the best places to get decent feedback, especially if people know you don't mind a little constructive criticism.
  5. That's fantastic. I can't help but notice the difference (and improvement) between this and the scribe you posted recently. Was there anything else besides the paint that you changed? Or do the paints really make that much difference?
  6. I most often use sticky tac and one of those large flying bases from GW (the clear ones)... It's enough room to hold all but the largest minis, and relatively easy to remove.
  7. Rex, bone is (I think) the thing I am best at (probably because GW has a skull fetish... ). I don't know what brand of paints you use, but I'm stuck with Delta Ceramcoat, Apple Barrel, and their ilk. My basic recipe is as follows: Primer: Black Base Coat: Light brown ("Territorial Beige" from Apple Barrel) ---This is basically to give me something to work with. Since I prime 90% of my minis black, it's nice to have a relatively neutral place to start. 1st Highlight: "Maple Sugar Tan" from Delta Ceramcoat ---This is about the color of straw. For this piece, I applied this color to everywhere but the darkest recessed (like around the oval shapes on the Banshee's armor). The trick to this is to get the paint as thin as you possibly can while still retaining coverage. Do it in several layers so that you'll end up with a smooth surface. For darker bone, simply cover less of the brown with this and the successive highlights. 2nd Highlight: "Goose Feather" from Apple Barrel. ---The transition between these two stages is almost impossible to mess up because, for some reason, the colors naturally blend remarkably well. Again, keep the paint thin and make sure a decent amount of the 1st highlight shows through...just to give the color some depth. Final Highlight: "Satin Cream" from Apple Barrel. ---This is probably the hardest because this color is so much brighter than the last, and it will easily ruin the transition if you aren't careful. The trick here is to apply it only to the most light-catching surfaces, and keep it thin enough so that it will disappear into the layers beneath it. I hope that helps, and I wish I could explain it better. Hopefully, I will be able to put together a few tutorials in the near future.
  8. Some of you may have seen this a while ago, but I've finally gotten my hands on photoshop, so I don't have to turn out tiny pictures so they'll fit online... Duel Coolminiornot
  9. Those eyes are wild, and I really like the bolter. Did you use a flamer nozzle to convert that?
  10. The story is (as well as I can remember), the 13th Company chased a band of chaos marines into the Eye of Terror and became trapped there for what would become centuries in real space. They were forced to scavange for armor and supplies, and the influences fo the warp accelerated the mutation inherent in their geneseed (hence the lord's werewolf appearance). These guys are pretty "hard core" as they have been operating behind enemy lines for quite a while. You can find more info in Codex: Eye of Terror if you're so inclined.
  11. Thanks for the compliments. Cade, the 13th Company uses a less blue grey in their scheme, to further distinguish them from the "generic" Space Wolf army. I too like the more natural grey, but to each his own, I suppose.
  12. I finally got the chance to sit down and knock out some commission work. These were relatively quick jobs, just to get them done...so I can hopefully go back to some recreational painting...hopefully. Space Wolf Scouts Wolf Lord Front Wolf Lord Side Wolf Lord Side Wolf Lord Back All these marines were converted by prophet-miniatures (I can't remmeber his name at the moment) and were really fun to paint. Witch Hunter The client wanted this based on Kate Beckinsale's character in Van Helsing...so...I tried... Half-Elf When I sold the first one on Ebay, this client didn't push the "Buy it now" button fast enough...so he wanted one of his own...
  13. Ah, the first step along the road to cyborgs...
  14. Guess they couldn't have waited until after the holidays?
  15. Exactly. If nothing else, you should give it a shot when it comes out for rent.
  16. Yep, some things just don't go away...
  17. Yeah, it's gotten to the point that when you hear someone say it right, it sounds equally odd.
  18. Hey, thanks. That was almost exactly what I was looking for. Just a couple more questions: Which soldiers usually handle the larger support weapons (SAW's, M60's, etc)? Is the designation "Specialist" a rank unto itself, or does it simply identify persons with more...well...specialized training? Thanks again.
  19. I'm trying to nail down the background for an army, but I'm having trouble finding the information I need... For those of you with military experience/knowledge (preferably in the Army or Marines), how are squads or units organized? What are the most common ranks found in certain roles? Or, what types of duties do the "lower" enlisted ranks (E2-E6) perform? If this is completely inappropriate, can someone point me in the right direction to find this kind of info on my own?
  20. Man, I just want to be at home with no books to study, reports to write, or projects to finish... Oh yeah, new paints would be nice too...
  21. Don't you just hate when that happens? I remember playing Xenogears (a great game, by the way) and I'd given one of the female leads some pretty powerful stuff...only to find that I couldn't use her anymore...bah!
  22. Does Reaper accept Paypal? It converts automatically...
  23. Your first two questions may answer eachother... *shrug* I was glad it was just a dream rather than yet another case of selective amnesia.
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