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  1. I'm not sure I understand... I thought she looked better than she ever has...maybe it was the hair...
  2. I accidentally tuned to FOX one night and caught the first episode of Wonderfalls. I was immediately intrigued by Caroline Dhavernas. She was just fun to watch, in addition to being an excellent actress. So you can imagine my " " when the show was cancelled after only 4-5 episodes. Don't get me wrong, Angelina is hot, but not as...stimulating...if that word isn't too awkward.
  3. It's like waiting for Christmas morning...
  4. Yeah, the exposure you get on a featured auction is great...even if the feedback you get isn't (assuming you get feedback). ixminis, I have.
  5. First time I saw that when I was playing my NES, I damn near threw the controller through the screen. To this day, I have yet to beat that game. I got to the last level, within eye-shot of Bowser (my last name, by the way ), fell into a lava pit, and cried...
  6. I honestly don't know what happened. That was one of the newer minis I put up, so...
  8. Ah, more senseless GW bashing...ain't it great? To me, the mini looks unfinished. The airbrushing is nice and smooth, but I think it could use a final highlight to prevent it from looking..."soft"...I guess that's the best way to describe it. The various rivets and the joints in the armor would benefit greatly from some blacklining (especially around the feet), and I think the rivets on the shin guards should definitely be metal. Finally, something essential to every mini is making sure you clean up the edge of the base. Just going over it again with some black would do a lot to give it a more finished look.
  9. Hmm...I was wondering why my rank had gone down (or up as the case may be)...it would seem one of my better minis somehow got removed... It was holding around 8.9 (I just can't seem to break 9 on that site).
  10. It is one of those shows where it's not very hard to get lost. I too have been watching the Sci-Fi re-runs as much as possible, but have still missed a lot.
  11. Well, then, there's only one thing you can do: READ THEM AGAIN!!! Seriously, there are some relatively new ones: Dragons of Summer Flame and the War of Souls trilogy... But as much as the world changes, there's always the same ol' Tas.
  12. "Kinder?" What's that? Do you mean "kender?"...from Dragonlance...with their hoopaks?
  13. So, what's your personal theme song? You know, the music that would play during a montage of your life. Mine would have to be "Burning Bright" from Shinedown...heck, the whole "Leave a Whisper" CD works for me...
  14. Glorfindel Sáralondë Lotho Burrows Nice, respectable names, those...right?
  15. It's better than I thought it would be. I enjoy the show, but then again I seem to be one of the few to enjoy "Enterprise" as well...
  16. There was an episode of CSI that had rather prolonged nude scenes. Granted, it was a corpse (and perhaps a mannequin), but it was nudity nonetheless. I used to think a scene with a man cutting his fingers off and a woman pulling a piece of glass out of her eye would be too much for tv, but there was that and a lot more on Angel (may he rest in piece ). At least there was a parental warning before and during the episode, though...something many programs/stations have seemingly forgotten.
  17. I understand he isn't "flesh and blood" as it were, but I think his eyes could use a little more distiction. How about a bright green to contrast with his skin tone. You wouldn't even have to paint the iris/pupil...him being magical and all. I think your photography would benefit greatly from the addition of a brighter light source.
  18. If I remember correctly, she started her rubbing of the Queen, blacked out, and woke up in her apartment with that symbol on her back. I am a little distressed over the amount of sexuality they're putting into the show. If it's going to be reduced to Clark putting someone out of action between rows with the local teenage hotties, then I don't know if I want to watch anymore. Personally, I'd like to see less skin and more character development... If I wanted the opposite, I'd watch [insert Random Reality TV Show]. By the way, what was Wonder Woman's real name? And what were her people called?
  19. Did you seriously expect an answer to your "legitimate" question? Because it sounds most childish and rhetorical to me...
  20. The ever-increasing quality of this stuff never ceases to amaze me. That Elsabeth is simply amazing... ...can't wait to see what the pro's do with that one.
  21. They kinda alluded to it with the red blanket in one of his numerous "clothes are irrelevant" scenes... But (not being a die-hard DC fan) I'd like to see them do something similar to the way the X-Men were handled: simple, effective, and not tights...
  22. That thing's huge! Are those two cockpits I see? Perhaps some battle damage would make it look a little more convincing. Dull coat is indeed in order, whatever else you decide to do.
  23. So I wasn't very effected by Charlie (unlike the unfortunate millions), but this one seems poised to really mess me (and many others) up. You see, I've just moved into my apartment near the University of Central Florida in Orlando. My "home" is in Palm Bay, just north of where the projected landfall will be. On top of that, the track takes it straight to Orlando...so either way, things look bleak. Hopefully, when my family and I get back from Georgia, our home and my apartment will still be there...
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