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  1. I'd suggest staying away from "GW green" and going for a more human complexion...just to show that his orc blood isn't that dominant. I prefer the skin tones that they used in the LOTR movies, but that may look too brutal. Or, rather than straying too far from orc skin color, you might consider making his equipment look well-maintained and cared-for.
  2. It's a trap! Don't fall for it!
  3. That's exactly what I'm trying to avoid. Honestly, I've never even considered trying to paint blush before. Do you think it is important to the whole "realistic makeup" effect?
  4. Well, being a teenage guy, I tend to be drawn to female minis... There's a small problem, though...I don't really know how makeup should look on something this small. For instance, on most minis, I usually just paint pink lipstick with pale green eye shadow. This looks basically okay, but I feel like I'm missing something. Do the ladies out there have any advice? Does anyone know of websites or other sources I can look up? Right now, I'm painting a drow with purplish/brown skin and pale blonde hair (think Spike from the shows Angel and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer).
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