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  1. What odds on the final container gets to Reaper today?
  2. So the only way to use the Pledge Manager is to make a new email and whole new account?!
  3. I didn't realize that they were overstock thanks :)
  4. Are these releases all going to be packaged together instead of individually like normal or am I missing something?
  5. I intend to use dire wolf stats and make them amphibious
  6. I have enjoyed all the figures that I received from Bones IV, but I think I will be more selective with Bones V. I have sooooo many kobolds, goblins, orcs and such that the core becomes far less appealing when it has even more "basic" creatures in it. The Expansions for IV were the absolute best and I look forward to seeing what expansions will be in V.
  7. Any ideas about when in June they will be released. There are a few of those that I want :)
  8. I used to check the Preview Gallery daily, but since it is gone I don't check this site any where near as often.
  9. Does anyone have a picture of this miniature with the sword option?
  10. Ok, I will place my order on Sunday. That will do nicely in my current game:)
  11. I really liked my dungarees back in the day. I was really up set when we switch uniforms to utilities. The dungarees were more durable and once broken in were way more comfortable. Anyway back on topic, I may just try to give her taller boots. That should not be to hard. Thanks folks :)
  12. I like this miniature and I am thinking that I may purchase it, however I hate the short pants. How would you go about modifying the miniature to have longer pants and/or taller boots?
  13. I am thinking the same thing. I like Sophie sculpt quite a bit, but that lizard is awesome and I NEED it for my table :)
  14. This cleric and the two rogues from earlier this year have been the best of the year in my opinion. I am looking forward to seeing the October mini, got my cart ready to go :)
  15. I want the lizard that Sophie is hanging out with
  16. So we should see the October miniature this week right?
  17. I did not know they were having packaging issues. What happened?
  18. There are several Bones 3 Miniatures that I want to buy (some sooner than later) and I was wondering if there is an updated Release Date list? I know the backers got one with their package of pretty plastic miniatures, but I don't believe that it is still accurate. I know that anything they have scheduled is subject to change, but it would be nice to have at least some idea as to when we may see the miniatures at retail.
  19. I received an order from Reaper today and to my surprise they had included some cool flight bases in translucent red, white and blue. Some like 74044: 2 Inch Round Transparent Flight Stands and some like 72253: 1 Inch Hex Transparent Flight Stands. They are nice and well made, but I don't know what they are used for. Is there a system that they are designed for? I have a couple of ideas on how to make use of them, I was just curious if they have a primary purpose that I am unaware of.
  20. Hill Giant Female Warrior Hill Giant Female Shaman (Think giant Hag) Fire Giant Female Warrior More Stone Giants Storm Giants, both male and female Cloud Giants, both male and female A Huge Cyclops with some sheep A really big Gold Dragon complete with whiskers A Portuguese Caravel An Arabian Dhow A Chinese Junk Various ship parts such as figureheads, cannons, and decorative bits to customize the ships
  21. Catfolk adventurers Tiefling adventurers Dragonborn adventurers Goliath adventurers Firbolg adventurers Warforged adventurers Minotaur adventurers Or a "not" version of any that are under IP and Copyright protection.
  22. @Reaper Bryan What ever happened with the mysterious Hill Giant that slipped into a picture a few days ago? The one with the ring belt buckle.
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