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  1. Loving the focused expansion idea. Imagine if there was a companion book that had an adventure with stats for everything that comes in the box and a fold out map of the castle. That would be amazing.
  2. I was scolling through expansion #3. Yawn, scifi stuff I will never use. Wait, what ? Police. Call. Box. *expletive deleted* Shutupandtakemymoney.jpg
  3. I believe no, since they already sell those in their store, and therefore have no incentive to offer them at a KS discount. Ah I didn't know they had those.
  4. I declared message bankruptcy at the start of the ks. There is no way I can keep up so Mark All Read it is. Sorry if this was brought up already but any chance of getting square bases?
  5. I probably could but I would just be slapping a base coat on them. I am more concerned with storage solutions. I already have miniatures on my desk, table, entertainment center, under my desk, the bathroom cabinet....
  6. The spruces We be Goblins came in make excellent bonesium test subjects.
  7. I bought some non ks bones I didn't already own so I could catch em all, as it were.
  8. Given the scale you could use actual owls....
  9. I was thinking about fulfillment. If the miniatures are going to be cast in Texas they could do shipping in waves. Cast up wave 1, ship it, cast wave 2, ship it, and so on. That way they wouldn't have to store so many miniatures at once. Shipping would be more expensive and of course international backers would have problems. I am not sure if it would be cost effective.
  10. They were definately not the same kind of bonesium. They are not the same color, texture or bendability. They were closer to wyrmgears wings material.
  11. Regarding mounted minis: I have been thinking about it and the only thing different is from the waist down. They could cast them in top and bottom parts and people could glue them how they want. Or I was thinking of using magnets for mounted/dismounted poses.
  12. I shouldn't because I have painted exactly zero of my miniatures (I assume primer doesn't count) but I am all in for KS2.
  13. I have to echo that I would rather have different creatures than variations of the same creature. Human fighters and wizards feel like variations of the same creature.
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