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    Newbie paint selection - and some prep questions

    Another method for Bones and other plastic minis, which I favor, is to use sanding needles/strips. You can find them from Alpha Abrasives brand. The Medium (blue) and Fine (white) are usually all you will need for Bones.
  2. I PMed @Generic Fighter earlier. They are Start Player Express dice from a Kickstarter by Bezier Games. Used for deciding who is the start player in board games.
  3. Wish I’d taken a picture of the cookie recipe. Looked good. Also, how you liking the group paint mini?
  4. I really liked the video. It’s a different approach from what I usually take and will be trying this on my next minis.
  5. Pics or it didn't happen! BTW, on the group paint mini, I added a little bit of detail to the boots, did some touchups on the ground, leg and added a coat of matte brush on sealer (though not to the transparent spell effect since I thought it looks good shiny.
  6. Generic Fighter box shipped back to @Generic Fighter
  7. Received the @Generic Fighter box from @hungerfan . Going through the contents. Gonna take pics and send box on Saturday. The group mini is almost done but I’ll add some details and sealer tonight.
  8. @Generic Fighter box has arrived!
  9. I asked Generic Fighter earlier about whether he wants to put final touches on the mini and he said that he started the mini with some paint effects on it when he sent it out. So I will finish it since I am last in line before it goes back to GF.
  10. Looking forward to seeing seeing what’s in the box. These kind of community activities are what redeem the rest of the internet. I also just noticed that I’m last in line before It gets back to Generic Fighter. Should I finish the mini? Or leave it with something left for you to paint GF?
  11. Cool. I am collecting a set of things for the box. Have plenty of different items. Resin ok? Potentially including some lead too. How should lead minis be labeled? Btw, sorry for missing the voting. I will definitely put some paint on the tiefling. Interested to see what kind of scheme it has when I get it.
  12. I'd like to join in Where: Near Nashville TN International: no sorry Starter: no, not on first try
  13. synistar

    Paint Track Apps?

    Anyone have experience with the PaintMyMinis app on IOS? It has paint tracking and stores recipes for your color schemes. It has a neat looking color wheel took too.
  14. synistar

    Bones Satisfaction?

    Sounds like a really fast fix. As an alternative, the Alpha Abrasives sanding needles (designed for plastic) work really well. I think they sell direct on amazon if you can't find them locally. The blue medium grit and the white fine grit are the most useful needles.
  15. synistar

    Reaper paint case review

    I bought the two MSP HD paint sets recently from a retailer and they turned out to have the Outrider Hobbies cases. The cases are nice but the one of them has been badly slathered with the above mentioned goo (or possibly the glue migrated around inside the case as the weight of the paint forced the foam pieces to drift). Unfortunately this has left a mess on the bottles. And even though I cleaned the bottles the goo gets back on them when I put them in the case. Anyone know of a solution? Can I use something to dry out the glue? I would like to store the paint in these cases.