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  1. Thanks for the advice I am new to terrain modeling. I will admit that most of my for war games was 2D or cardboard boxes. Recently I started playing pulp alley and that encourages 3D terrain so I decided I wanted better then boxes so now I am trying to figure out the in and out of terrain building. I have the Styrofoam hills and such down though on the bright side.
  2. Hey can I ask the dimensions of your building? I am currently working on Middle-Eastern village and I am starting to think I do not have the sizes right. My wall height is about 3 inches with the measurements for wall length differing based on building but a lot of my buildings are coming out not looking to scale any suggestions?
  3. Hello all, I love this mini and I am wondering if the bone mini is very detailed? If people like it let me know. Cheers, Daniel
  4. Pulp alley is a great system to use the minis with, it allows you to stat out your minis. I suggest for Fantasy and Pulp, (Have not attempted syfy). http://pulpalley.com/ And no I am not a seller of the system but I do love using reaper minis to play it. Cheers, Irish
  5. Any word on these hitting the Online store? I have all the pulp figs and cowboys in mind as well as a few of the monsters that translate well to my pulp addiction.
  6. This is unfortunate I will hold off on the CAV stuff till the Bones come out and then see what happens. Cheers, Daniel
  7. Hi, I just noticed this game about a week ago and I am wondering if it is a active well supported game worth getting in to or if it is a older game on it's way out? Cheers, Daniel
  8. Kristof, I have no local game stores. I have to order all my minis, paints and whatnot online. And where I am in the north I get mail on a bi-monthly basis.
  9. Wow thanks everyone for the quick and helpful answers. Hopefully they come out early August otherwise I will have to wait till Christmas to get my stuff, my school may be a rather remote one this year.
  10. Hi all, First time poster on the thread but long time lover of reaper minis. I apologize first if this is a over asked question with a easy to find answer I am not good with searching stuff online so I figured I would as you fine ladies and gentlemen. I am wondering when the bones in the preview gallery will be available for purchase in the online store? It says July but I wondering if this is correct? I have been following bones since the kick starter (I was sick at the time of the kick starter and they were not sure I would see the final product so I did not invest much in it, this is no longer the case). Regardless now I would like to pick up a bunch of models before I head but up to Northern Canada to teach and I am just wondering if they are out in July or they may be pushed back for us non-kickstarters?
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