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  1. Thanks Bryan. That's what I needed to know. It would be like UPS to not scan it and throw it aside for a few days since I'm local and they don't have a commitment to deliver anytime soon. I've seen it happen before. The computer says it will be there tomorrow but the humans just don't bother with it unless you pay for overnight shipping.
  2. Anybody? Buehler? Just wondering if the packages were picked up last night as they should have been?
  3. Did something go wrong with UPS pickup last night? I got my email from Reaper yesterday afternoon, then an email from UPS a while later showing it as ready for pickup. Then I got another last evening saying it would be delivered today (I'm pretty local). Of course the first thing I did when I got up was to check the tracking and it still shows as "Order Processed: Ready for UPS", no change from last night. Then I get a UPS email saying my package won't be delivered today and that they will let me know when they have an updated delivery date. Any idea what gives? I've had quite a bit of experience on both ends of the UPS cluster mess and this makes it look as though the package was never scanned into their system. Normally if it's out for delivery it's updated around 4:30 AM in Mesquite. This one has no status at all except saying a label was printed (more or less). Weird . . .
  4. SloppyPainter

    Fulfilment Tracker

    Yeah, you don't have to worry about it. This was a message to ALL backers because there are 1000+ who haven't locked in pledges despite Reaper's best efforts via their website, numerous updates, emails, Facebook posts, Twitter feed, AND forums to get people to lock in their dang pledges. I don't find this annoying in the least bit with regards to Reaper. I am, on the other hand, annoyed with the people who haven't locked in their pledges and making Reaper's job harder to do since Reaper is awesome and I know these people will inevitably complain about not getting their pledges and blame it on Reaper for messing up when it was their own faults. I was among that group, sadly. When I got my first mail about the pledge manager, I went in immediately, looked things over, debated adding more. After a few more times going in there (I have it bookmarked) I decided not to add more, and seeing that the balance was $0.00, did nothing more. This is normally the case with most KS projects, if you don't need to change anything or add more payment, your default info is used. For Bones I there were add ons I wanted and I upped my items, so I never had this issue, but with this one, I didn't. There really should have been a "You must check out even if you have a zero balance" notice on the page, to make sure everyone hit it. Having a button to check out a zero balance isn't intuitive, and I'm guessing that's why this number is so high. Many folks tend to do a set it and forget it with KS projects, esp when they take a long time. What sucks for me is I've been following this close since the last crate came in, blissfully unaware that button was needed (and wondering why I hadn't seen a shipping mail from my wave 2 order). I had even been into the pledge manager several times in the last two weeks, it just doesn't make it clear enough with the zero balance that more is expected. I suppose now this means my shipping gets bumped to the end :/ Depends. If your Wave is already "done" then you'll go out Today. And as for the "Balance Zero": this is why in Update #108 we showed screenshots of what an incomplete Pledge and a Complete Pledge looked like. SO people don't need to wonder. The two screens are very different. Honestly, Bryan, I don't know how you could have been much more clear. Frankly I got sick of the reminder emails to lock in my pledge. It may be different than other kickstarters but wasn't confusing in the slightest considering the amount of effort you put into explaining it. Though if one person missed it then it's likely that's the cause for the remained of the hundreds that haven't locked in. Now get back to work! I'm in Wave 4 and fully expect my order to ship today!
  5. SloppyPainter

    Fulfilment Tracker

    How are we back on ROW again? I though it took so long to switch systems that they finished all that including last minute ROW backers before going back to earlier domestic backers? Edit: back to US after a couple ROW orders. Confused but not concerned.
  6. SloppyPainter

    Fulfilment Tracker

    Not true. I worked for a couple Fortune 100 banks and it was a day off, hence the term "bank holiday". :) Possibly school teachers, too, depending upon their system.
  7. SloppyPainter

    Fulfilment Tracker

    I'm guessing the Wave 1 ROW orders were mostly pulled and packed and just waiting for labels, hence the quick shipments this AM. Very impressive, hopefully Wave 2 goes just as fast!
  8. SloppyPainter

    Fulfilment Tracker

    Yeah, they are really jamming it out this morning! Any idea how many Wave 2 ROW orders there are? Yeah, it's obsessive, but that's why were on this thread, right?
  9. SloppyPainter

    Fulfilment Tracker

    Thanks Bryan. After me griping about no potential updates you've really it it out of the park and hopefully made your life a bit easier, too. Real time? Dang! Technology FTW!
  10. SloppyPainter

    Update #109 (February 4) Discussion

    We didn't say no more Updates, we said no Daily Updates, and I cannot actually guarantee that we will notice when Wave 1 orders stop and Wave 2 orders begin, except that we may need to restock some items around the same time. We will probably be doing updates, but we cannot guarantee any regularity or specifics. Thanks, as always, Bryan. You are the man. Just a quick update here and there on how shipping is progressing will be awesome.
  11. SloppyPainter

    Update #109 (February 4) Discussion

    Flowing or not flowing, it still would be nice to know. Not because they are milestones but because at this point we can't even guess when we will see our stuff. We just know it's in Denton and will ship "as soon as possible".
  12. SloppyPainter

    Update #109 (February 4) Discussion

    Like everyone else I'm beyond thrilled that we are finally on the homestretch. I'm sure fulfillment will be challenging to say the least so wishing the best to the reaper crew who will be working on this. One thing puzzles me - why no more updates? Would it be that difficult or time consuming to quickly post here or on facebook "wave 2 starts tomorrow"? That way we know when to really expect to see our stuff. I mean, does a wave take 2 days or 2 months to ship? Did I miss that somewhere? I know the team doesn't have any idea how long it will take to ship a wave yet. That's not my point. I'm just asking if we could please get an update when each wave finishes, ideally that would be a KS update so all backers would receive it but I'd settle for facebook or forum post. I'm sure there are plenty of volunteers here that would put up the post if all of reaper is too busy to send out an email . . . Yeah, some people are "just like that" but to people who don't know the reaper crew personally and don't know much about the company all they see is a commitment made over a year ago that's been delayed for months. Considering that most of us have a couple hundred dollars that we paid 16 months ago tied up in this you gotta at least see where some are coming from. I'd be furious with a company that I had no relationship with that pulled that, especially after all of the talk about how much we learned last time, how much better we will do this time, etc. I know fulfillment will be better but we still missed the promise date by a third of the total expected lead time. I sympathize with both sides. I'm one who is disappointed we didn't get our stuff on time but appreciate the honesty and regular updates about progress. I just don't want to see those updates end now when we are almost there. But I wouldn't say I'm angry, just dang impatient! I need that stuff here so I can look at it and put it into a box waiting to be painted for months.
  13. Wow, looking great! I'm making some good progress on my two sets plus tons of add ons as well. I'm using a similar color scheme to your UD pieces but with less blue and a little bit lighter. Question - how do you plan to seal them, if at all? It seems like acrylic paint wouldn't stand up to too much handling without some sort of protective coat. I'm thinking of airbrushing mine with a very dilute Future polish wash (I know many hate it). I usually do about 5:1 polish to water and it gives a pretty tough finish. On my normal tabletop minis I do that then top coast with Dullcote. Since my pieces are just a bit lighter than what I'd like I'm thinking of tinting the wash with just a bit of black ink to darken them overall. Once they dry I'll decide if they need a matte spray on top but I likely won't be using Dullcote simply due to the cost to spray that many pieces. Of course I'll do one or two test pieces before I ruin all of them :) Do you have any plans for finishing? Thanks for sharing your WIP. I'm enjoying the thread.
  14. SloppyPainter

    Dwarven Forge Cavern Tiles

    and exactly when they promised them to arrive during the KS . . . My are on the truck for delivery Wednesday . . .
  15. SloppyPainter

    2014 Feedback

    Lots of great feedback on everything, mostly great and some common themes on opportunities for improvement. To comment on the auction - this year's auction was significantly smaller than last years though attendance was larger. In addition, classes were scheduled on top of the auction. I like the idea of a raffle, but how about using Reaper bucks to buy raffle tickets? Maybe have an auction with some of the usual stuff, even a big item or two, but keep some great stuff aside for a raffle, maybe some of the smaller stuff, too. That way you can either use your bucks in the auction or hold them to buy raffle tickets. That way anybody who wasn't in a pool and didn't have a realistic shot at anything in the auction could still have some hope of taking home something nice. Store credit is a good idea but probably not realistic. The fact is that groups that pool their bucks set the market in the auction, and that's cool. But it's not cool if you are a newb and aren't part of a big group. And as far as the argument "just join a big group" see Hymn's original comments that that is easier said than done. Not because the people aren't friendly and welcoming, but let's face it - the old timers feel a bit "cliquey" and unapproachable at times. Of course it's not on purpose - everyone there is wonderful - but it's still intimidating to newbs and the auction experience this year was very disheartening when it used to be a really exciting "bang" at the end of the con. I don't have all the answers. I'm half inclined to propose just scrapping the auction but that would mean less free stuff and nobody wants that. Auction or no, Reapcon is the best value for your buck in the hobby con world, no doubt about it. It just concerns me that the way the auction played out this year obviously deflated the whole con experience for some newbs and that's bad. And you have to assume that if one or two newbs come to post their feelings here there are probably lots more that don't bother and left an awesome weekend on a disappointing note. My little group had nearly 3000 reaper bucks and walked away with nothing because none of us have an iPhone five or would have been interested in the cases if we did. Last year 3000 was a decent chunk of change. This year it was all but worthless. Also, one more throw in - contrary to what I heard from most people I thought the ribbons were silly. Or at the very least they drew away resources that could have been spent making gaming and other things move more smoothly than running around handing out ribbons.