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  1. Thanks dsmiles and we are looking for others to get in on this great deal as well!
  2. Final 24 hours, only six four two new backers needed to open the mini-stretch goal. 28 24 upgrades needed for the Pterodactyl and just over $1600 under $1500 $1400 for Stretch Goal #7. That's right three goals to meet today to get lots of bonus miniatures. Come over and take one last look.
  3. Let's get that Automaton opened for MissMelons! Only one week left and new Add-ons announced today.
  4. Stretch Goal #3 has been achieved! Get all the details on the update https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/941525798/rafm-new-airship-pirate-miniatures/posts
  5. We just processed this FAQ and we were shocked by the value here: Here is the listing: MSRP RAF1401 Robert Brown $7.95 RAF1402 Kristina Erickson $7.95 RAF1403 Josh Goering $7.95 RAF1404 Dan Cederman $7.95 RAF1405 Titus Munteanu $7.95 RAF1406 Jody Ellen $7.95 RAF1407 Mechanical "Airship Engineer $ 6.95 RAF1408 Baron Celsius Von Fahrenheit, Agitator $ 6.95 RAF1409 Constance Bashford $ 6.95 RAF1410 Airship Pirates - Pilot X2 $13.90 RAF1411 Airship Pirate Marine X2 $13.90 + Derek Brown Miniature $ 7.95 + Peeler #1 $7.95 Total Current MSRP $112.95 + Shipping Included! Wow! And still adding more miniatures! At the $5000 stretch goal which is only $150 from being fulfilled, a free copy of the Skyfolk Pirate will be added, which will bring the total to $119.90. What a value for only $40, shipping included. So come over and get a great deal on some excellent miniatures.
  6. Stretch Goal #2 Achieved! Now at 15 RAFM Airship Pirate Miniatures for $40! Hold on to your seat belts here we go into the wild blue yonder. Get your pledge in now!
  7. Sorry Brian for not seeing your PM in the KS. Been busy hustling up support and didn't notice the PM's. We have answered them all now. Thanks all for answering Brian! You are correct shipping is included to Canada.
  8. Stretch Goal #1 Achieved! That's Thirteen Miniatures and counting for $40, shipping included. Stretch Goal #2 Revealed. Come join in the goodness!
  9. We just added a bonus miniature for reaching the $1000 funding level!
  10. Kickstarter is live and Funded! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/941525798/rafm-new-airship-pirate-miniatures
  11. Thanks for all the input, we appreciate it! We have a lot of different things to work on and only limited time and funds. Choosing what to do and getting funds for projects is key.
  12. Final figures will be integral bases, similar to Bones. The metal miniatures come in a variety, some are slotted and some are integral, thus the plastic bases for pictures to bring some conformity.
  13. Pictures of miniatures are on our Facebook site. The backgrounds are neutral in these pics. Is this more what you are looking for? Here is the link. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rafm-Fantasy-Miniatures/294884277354707?sk=photos_stream I will change the artwork up on the KS in the morning to get it to a more neutral background. Thank for the input!
  14. 1. My apologies @Arkady, the it we were refering to was the program in general. Sorry for the big leap there. Will have to watch the grammer. 2. Sorry for the bad research. 3. We have done costing at the $125 level. @Carnacki We can post pictures of miniatures on a neutral background. We will post them later.
  15. @Carnacki - We just want to make sure we understand what you want. Do you want pics that show more detail of the Reaper Bones minis so you can compare them to ours? I agree they are pretty washed out in that picture but that was because we were going for size comparison and not details and it looks like our lighting was a little too intense for those white Bones minis. We do not have any painted Bones minis to compare them to, sorry we do not paint those minis, we have enough to do with our own. Or is it that you want a background in the pics? Or do you want them closer? Thanks for the clarification. We will have to take the pics over the weekend so it may take me a day or two to get them posted once we know what you would like. Of course our miniatures look good. There is nothing wrong with those miniatures. Some were made to compete directly with Games Workshop. Agreed they are not the digitally rendered models of today, but they are not computer graphics either, they are actual completed pieces. Then again we are biased here at Rafm Miniatures about our Rafm Miniatures. Let us know what you want and we will do our best to get that for you.
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