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  1. Hi all. More updates for you. House 1 is complete. Heres a final shot of it, and some (attempted) closeups of the icicles. House 2 & 3 have now got their basecoats on. Next up is detail painting and then finalising. Also, my first few scatter terrains. A mausoleum, a well, a water tower and some road signs. These are by TTCombat.
  2. Hi all. Heres stage 3 of House 1. Only a few little titbits to add now (some more tufts, icicles etc) I think I went a bit overboard with the snow, so I'll use less of houses 2 & 3
  3. Hi All Update time. I have basecoated all three houses and trimmed their bases into shape. I've started adding some flair to them but am coming up a little stumped with ideas. Here is House 1, basecoated and drybrushed. I still need to put some washes on and do some highlights. I added a little bit of fencing to the front to give it some character. I'm going to give it some cobblestones at the fron porch and round the left hand side. I have also painted the base and started to flock it round the side. Once I'm done with everything it'll get some snow and possibly some icy elements. Maybe some more rubble. I managed to get some texture on the wall by sloppily peeling off the paper cover from the foam board, and using air drying clay to seal the joins. Also, I have begun work on the Living Statues needed for one of the Frostgrave settings. They are the Player Character models from Descent (Which were too small in scale for my regular use). They have had a simple basecoat and heavy drybrushing. I am very unhappy with how the Plinths have come out. I'll use some card or something to make them a bit more plinthy, rather than a Pepsi cap glued to a 40mm Base.
  4. Thanks knarthex, I'll bear that in mind with the Base coat as this is my first time working with foam. Also, I plan on posting everything I work on for Frostgrave in here (warbands, creatures, scenery etc) so I figured wip would be best
  5. Hi All. Been a while since I posted anything here. Seeing as I've just taken up Frostgrave, thought i'd start posting up some WIPS of what I'm working on. As I don't have much in the way of Scenery (at least, not that can be re-purposed for Frostgrave) I decided that would be where I would begin.So, below are the results of Todays build. I'm going to try and finish these 3 ruins by the end of the week (he says >_>) These have been made out of Foam Board, some blue foam bricks I got on Ebay, Popsicle sticks, toffe apple sticks some kebab skewers, grit, glue and some white stickers. These are only the basic husks right now. I intend to use something to put texture on the walls and seal the corners (maybe caulk or grout or something), and to round off the edges of the bases they're on. Then its a paint job and more detailing. I am planning on adding more rubble piles and signs of the former inhabitants. Some broken shelves, chairs, wood stockpiles, ruined fences, that sort of thing. Then some snow and other final details. I'm using Skyrim as an inspiration for designing. Hopefully that will show through more in later builds. House one, and my proof of concept that this would work House two, with a porch added but the same layout. House three. My first 2-storey house. The ladder is a bit wider than I would have liked, but it'll do. I also tried to give this one more than one entrance, hence the hole in the back wall (not so visible in these pics. Its underneath the far corner of the second floor). I'll build up a rubble pile on the outside to allow easy access. Any thoughts, opinions, criticisms, suggestions or ideas are welcome.
  6. @Chaoswolf Painstakingly by hand. I used an air drying clay (the same I use for making the bases), and roll out the shapes I need. Takes a while but looks great
  7. Hi All. Here are a collection of miniatures i've painted over the last year. They are all "Cavern/Cave themed", and from a range of different model companies, with a heavy leaning to Reaper. Any questions, comments, suggestions or critiques are welcome. *I know my camera is crap. Its a phone cam :( *
  8. Hi all. GOt my Ghostbusters Boardgame kickstarter recently, and have been painting them up. The detail is quite soft in places, but im doing the best I can. Any thoughts?
  9. #1. Air drying clay - I use this to build up the foundation. Its great for filling in a lipped edge base and covering an integral base. Also can be used to make stalagmites, mushrooms and all manner of things.Can also be carved to give a flagstone texture. #2. Bark - Great for making stone. Just paint it black and dry brush increasingly lighter shades of grey. #3. Grass Tufts #4. HO scale plants. Perfect size for 28mm models. #5. Dried Oregano & Basil. Fantastic for leaves. (BONUS) #6. Your bits box. An extensive bits box can add plenty of detail to bases.
  10. A few more dinosaurs for you all. First, a triceratops. Just realised I forgot his eyes........ Next, a stegosaurus And finally, a Lexovisaurus and an Allosaurus. I'm not too happy with their paintjobs so i'll probably strip them and redo them at some point.
  11. Sabith: They're a mix of metals and toys. Most are just plastic toys I got off ebay for a few quide a pack, but some more difficult ones like the Compys, or Gallimimus I had to scour the net for a Mini-maker who did them in the right scale. Darkmeer: It's my own concotion. Basically D20 with a perk and upgrade system, with a Luck and "cinemACTION" mechanic. It's designed around replicating movies. Played a few ghostbusters games with it and have an Aliens one in the pipeline.
  12. Hi Peeps. Been a while since I posted anything, so I figured it was about time. I've been running a Homebrew Jurrasic Park themed campagin for a while, and I've got some mini's to show off. First up, a pack of Compsognathus. No threat on their own, but let them group up or get hurt and they are pure death. I'll include a PC with each picture for scale. Next, a pack of Troodon. With their hallucinagenic bite you do not wanna be without the medic when these guys are around. Mentioning the medic, he seems to be having trouble with some Acceraptors. These night hunters are terrified of light, but their scything tails will rip you to shreds in the dark. Next, of of my PC's is a bit puzzled about the next dinosaur. It's a Yunnanosaurus. Luckily for him it's a herbivore. This next PC is not so luckly as she is stuck dealing with a Ceratosaurus. It's huge claws will shred you in seconds. It's not all doom and gloom though. Heres a PC checking out a Dicraeosaurus. Next, a dinosaur that has been a huge pain in my groups side, the always pissed off Ankylosaurus. Luckily its easily distracted by light and movement, so this clever PC is drawing it away. And finally, no Jurrasic Park game would be right without this bad boy. How could you be afraid of that smile? I have plenty more to come, just working my way through the basing at the moment. Any critisims, constructive or otherwise would be appreciated.
  13. Well. I figured it was about time my PC's got some opponents, so here are the first of my "Bones" I have an absolute ton of these guys I painted up when I first got into painting again (about 2 years ago) after looking at them now... well, lets just say these are a massive improvement. Gonna be touching up and fixing a crap ton of these skellies. I'm a bit of a WYSIWYG guy, so have numerous squads of 6 with different load outs. These are my Skeleton Bezerkers (2 handed weapons)
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