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  1. Wonderful! Would it be possible to see a detailed pic of the beak area, ie, victim POV?
  2. No? There was a set of pirates in the Bones I Vampire. There are probably millions of those floating around. Kraken is looking awesome, btw!
  3. ...especially when the PCs can see some shiny bits glinting through the water from the collection at the bottom of the cube.
  4. Ok, this is probably going to end up being an embarassing question, but let's just get it out of the way. Is that the same person as Tim 'Talin' Collier (credited artist for these cool 'Talin' artwork desktops)? https://www.reapermini.com/Desktops
  5. Or occupying the area just behind the waterfall, so the water cascades over and conceals its gelatinous surface. It could live there feeding on fish, critters, or organic material swept down the underground stream.... like a giant anemone. Great idea!
  6. That little bump isn't terribly soft. Feels like it's more than just a thin covering. That entire wall has been hollowed out from the bottom to save weight/materials. Actually, the more that I look at the fit up of those pieces, I'm wondering whether this whole section shouldn't be removed to allow the upper piece to match the walls of the lower tower better. Edit: I haven't boiled them yet, so maybe there's some warping that's affecting things as well.
  7. Got my Bones today, and they look awesome! (except poor Orcus had two tails and no right arm...e-mail sent) I had a question about the DDS2 terrain and whether I'm assembling it correctly. The upper tower piece seems to line up with the edge of the lower tower piece wall, but the assembly tab (see picture) doesn't have a matching socket. Am I lining up these pieces incorrectly, or did the socket get filled during the casting process? In the picture, I'm thinking the upper piece should rotate to the right and that tab should mate with a socket on the edge of the wall. Or does something else fit into that gap? I guess it's easy enough to just cut the tab off, so it's not a big deal either way. Just curious if others had a socket in the edge of that wall.
  8. Another question: this time on hard points. The construction rules talk about hard point costs for various systems, but I don't see anywhere that says how many hard points a particular model would have available to it. The 2 pages (7-8) on chassis size are a complete waste of space since there don't seem to be any rules or gameplay incorporated into chassis size. It makes sense that bigger units would have a larger power plant and more space for weapons. Is there supposed to be a tie between chassis size and hard points available, or if not, how do we know how many hard points a given model could be equipped with? Can I throw an Anti-Missle System on my Dictator if I still have 50 TVP to spend, or does that model not have any available hard points?
  9. Could someone help me understand the "Task" entry for a unit? I see that Recon has some rules related to skipping activation of units during certain phases of the game, but what about Fire Support. Does that do anything to make playing those units different from Attack units? Is this just another artificial balancing mechanic to keep people from fielding too many of a certain kind of unit?
  10. Thanks CAVBOSS. I see that a squad simplifies initiative for large battles as they all activate together. So they all declare and move together as well (maintaining BTB formation)? To ask from another direction, if I want to capture different objectives or engage different targets then I really need to have my forces divided into several squads (maybe 1-3 units each for small battles) so they can be more independent, right? Or, if one squad were being pummeled then I might want to split another squad to bolster it with fresh units during the scenario. Each player could almost decide if and how they would like to group their units (into squads) based on the tactics they intend to utilize, and that it might change during the game. I guess I'm thinking small, as I have no idea how many bots might be employed in a med-large battle.
  11. Warning: Total Newb here, but all the "squad" discussions on the KS comments has me totally lost. The CAV:SO rules say that a typical squad must begin play with 4-6 models. Why? Is there some game mechanic which depends on a specific quantity of units (ie 4-6) all acting in unison and if there were any more or less then it would affect the mechanic? Is the damage tracking done by unit, or as a squad? The TPV's are by unit, right, and not for a squad? I'm envisioning that each unit makes it's own ranged attack rolls against another specific target (unit). So, if I have 4 Katana then I would make 4 separate rolls, right? And if my opponent has 4 Archers, then I could make 4 attacks against 1 unit, or 1 attack against each unit. Am I seeing this all wrong? Why do we need to worry about squads, instead of just throwing 6 bots on the table and slugging it out?
  12. I've tried several times to get a Bone to 'learn' a new shape (ie, repositioning a limb) using lengthy boiling --> freezing ice baths with zero success. Slowly but surely the model will eventually ease back to it's molded shape. Heating will straighten bent models (ie, they spring right back to their molded shape as soon as the heat renders them pliable), but I'm pretty convinced that there's no 'relearning' going on as part of a rapid boiling-to-cold transition. I think the cold bath only makes them firm quickly so they don't sag while cooling naturally. Are others having luck actually permanently repositioning Bones, or are we just talking about reverting bent parts to their original (molded) shape? I thought repositioning was initially reported as being possible, but later de-bunked.
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