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  1. @Laoke, thank you for pointing out that it comes with full bottles, you made me take a second look at it. Here is what I come up if I get all 5 LTPK's and please correct me if I missed something. You will get 54 bottles, out of these bottles you will get 36 unique paints 14 duplicate paints 3 primer bottles (These are not really needed for bones if I am correct) 1 sealer And I looked to the other stuff as well, you do get 10 metal minis and 6 Brushes, can you tell me if they are any good? Calculating the price of the unique paints you almost cover the price for the LTPK's adding the primer and sealer you are cheaper of so the brushes are a nice bonus.I guess I have to rethink my pain selection again using some if not all of the LTPK's. Thank you all again for pointing out the LTPK's
  2. Thank you all for your comments and based on your input I made a few adjustments. 02 Aged Bone >> Bone Shadow 06 Blackened brown >> Brown Liner 19 Carnage red >> Brick Red I did think about getting some LTPK's but I am not interested in painting metals. I know I can replace those metal figures with bones but still... I had planned to start with some rats and skeletons. After that I wanted to paint the orcs from Orcapocalypse, that should help me working on my skills. Once I get started I might post some WIP's. The Paints in KS 2 are indeed a great deal but I did plan to finish at least one miniature before Reaper starts sending the goods from KS 2. I am not sure if I want to get a spray primer, bones don't need it if you give them a good wash but I could thin my paints with water if I do or am I mistaken here?
  3. I got my list of paint ready, had to do it twice due to a computer crash ... Anyways let me know what you think. 01 Pure white 02 Aged Bone 03 Polished bone 04 Pure black 05 Walnut brown 06 Blackened brown 07 intense brown 08 Ruddy leather 09 tanned skin 10 fair skin 11 sun yellow, 12 saffron sunset 13 sapphire blue 14 Grass green 15 Olive green 16 Muddy Olive 17 Olive Drap 18 Blood red 19 Carnage red 20 Stone grey 21 Misty Grey 22 Monarch Purple 23 Royal Purple 24 Tarnished Steel 25 True Silver 26 Antique Gold 27 New Gold 28 Marine teal 29 Lava Orange 30 Flow Improver
  4. Thank you all for your replies, you gave me a lot to work with. I think I will get the colors you suggested and get them for my initial selection. Can I use/mix vallejo paints with reaper paint so I can get the additional collors from my game store or would you advice against that? I don't want to mix paints right away but eventually I will have to mix them. Great hint on the forum filter, I will look up the older topics.
  5. Hello great and wise painters, I hope I can have a moment of your time for some advice on Paints. About a year ago I got quite some bones from the first Kickstarter for tabletop playing. They arrived a little while ago and now I would like to paint them as well but I am new to the painting scene. Currently I am in the process of picking what paint I want to use. Unfortunately the local game store mainly got GW paints and some of the Vallejo paints but no Reaper paints. So I'll be getting my paints directly from Reaper. For my initial paint selection I want about 30 paints but I have no clue which ones I will be using often, I think I saw a list somewhere but I can not find it any more. So can any one point me to this list or advice me on what paints I should get to get me started. Thanks in advance!
  6. Keep us informed how it went with Reaper as we might need to do that as well.
  7. Congrats! You are not alone... But waiting should almost be over so hold on just a little longer
  8. I am from the Netherlands and I am sorry to say that I still have not yet received any notification that my stuff has been shipped even when fellow countrymen did get such notice and have a bigger order count. Having said that I am still content and waiting patiently until I get an email stating my stuff is about to ship to my humble abode. The only thing what is upsetting me is that I am afraid someone will have painted all their bones while I have yet to receive mine.
  9. Congratulations!!! *presses F5 in mail* No mail yet for me..... Dutchie with 13 items
  10. I have to agree with Damenace, I don't expect it to be shipped before next Wednesday. Nor am I really bothered if I am now the first to be packed or the last as I am assuming that there is only one truck load left to be send for all the remaining orders. But I might have missed some update proving me wrong by the time I finish this.
  11. I suspected it may have had something to do with the USPS and the new way they had to do shipping. My suspicions have now been confirmed. O no, no ticker anymore... now I need to find something else to do tonight....
  12. I opted for them for some good old DnD. But I am tempted to give painting a shot as well after seeing many impressive creations here. I am not sure is my hands are steady enough.
  13. This cracked me up! And I have to quote Dersc for this... :)
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