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  1. So, I have done the faces, sort of, and put on two coats of Sapphire Blue. The blue seems quite thin. I am painting it alongside the bones Turanil, Elf Paladin. I struggled with the fine work of the eyes. Might get out an art pen for the dots next time. I found it really difficult to see the detail on the elf's face. Bonesium, I guess. Looking at online paint jobs helped me but I think I'll have to play with the flow improver and then pre-wash bones so that the detail is clearer. The, ugly, story so far.
  2. I am returning to painting after a break of about three years and I was never very good to begin with. Therefore, I have bought Learn to Paint Kits 1 & 2. I also have a load of bones from the first KS, so I am going to paint some of them alongside the LTPKs. Hopefully that should let me rehearse the techniques and figure out how to use them on bonesium. I have already bought some WIndsor & Newton flow improver for thinning onto bonesium. Hopefully that will help. All minis have been cleaned and straightened, bendy bones have been boiled and iced. I used a skull white citadel spray for primer, but have just looked again and noticed some missed spots, plus some flash that I missed forst time, so I'll go back and tidy that up first. Advice and criticism are eagerly sought.
  3. I would recommend a metal colander, rather than tongs.
  4. Amazing. Loving the heartbeat and the paint job especially.
  5. Yeah, congratulations on finishing. Great to hear that all is shipped. And the squirrel was very cute. What was the music on the video?
  6. The flexibility of the tail just reduces the chance of damage. You can leave it as it is.
  7. Unless this is a cruel spoof... Bones II advertised at Gencon!
  8. GW have, I think, threatened to sue minor Sci-Fi authors for using the term 'Space Marine' so I imagine that obvious parodies of their characters will be difficult to sell. I think your sculpt is fantastic. If you made Chibi versions of classic fantasy or sci-fi archetypes then I imagine they would sell and you would have no IP problems. But these are clearly meant to be bought by 40k afficionados (part of the charm comes from subverting the grimdark presentation of 40k), which means making money from GW's IP. I'm not trying to be annoying; I'm hoping to save you from wasting time or getting in hot water. Like I said, that's a great sculpt. Araziel is right: talk to GW or a lawyer.
  9. Aren't Games Workshop notoriously litigious? Do you have permission to use their IP?
  10. Use a colander. I have one which fits in one of my pans and the handles just hang over the edge. Use a metal one though, I once left a plastic colander in a pan of boiling water for a long time and the colander warped. I used a metal colander and boiled about 40% of my bones in batches to get out even the slightest warps and leans. Then I checked them all over and had to redo about three (including the aforementioned giant's sword).
  11. They don't fall apart if you heat them for longer. Leave it in for ten minutes will do. Also, hold it in the new position as you plunge into ice-water and leave it in the ice-water for another ten minutes. No need to rush it out.
  12. You don't need to stat up the Tiik. The Locathah have you covered. They are Neutral and typically benevolent. Skum, as noted, are a good match if you want an evil foe. The other Bones fish-person looks like a Sahuagin to me. The Ceratioidi have lures, as noted. At a push, you could also use them for Adaro.
  13. I think DrMurko has some of the right language there. It is unprofessional. Sloppy, patchy, evasive communications are what you might expect from an amateur project that was going wrong, not from an established firm.
  14. For some unfortunate ROW perspective. I am in the UK. My Bones arrived on the 30th of July. On the 31st of July, I panicked about my weak paint skills and ordered two Learn To Paint Kits and a Bones Unicorn, direct from Reaper. My Paint Kits arrived today. So, shipping to ROW is not a terrible ideal for Reaper. Not normally.
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