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  1. dungeonlair

    Dungeon Accessories

    Animesensei! Thank you for sharing this here. We appreciate the support. Talae, resin is very durable that's why we decided to use it to create our pieces. We have accidently dropped our pieces quite a few times now, and nothing happened. No chips, cracks, or anything. If you ever have problems with our product let us know, we will take care of you. We stand by our product and customers 100%. Jeneki, we are grateful to have your seal of approval. We reached our goal within 5 hours! We are close to unlocking the first stretch goal with the awesome unpainted skulls!
  2. dungeonlair

    77184 Spirit of the Forest

    Solid decision with adding the glow. Looks great!
  3. dungeonlair

    New to Painting Miniatures

    Nice job! Great colors and I love your base work!
  4. dungeonlair

    My very first!

    Great job! Looking forward to seeing more from you.
  5. dungeonlair

    77315: Fire Demon - painted as My Blood Demon.

    Very nicely done. I really like the shading you did. Would love to see more of your work!
  6. dungeonlair

    77307: Wolf Demon

    Love the base! Great job!
  7. dungeonlair

    Wolfs and Valeros

    Nice! I like the color affect on the wolves. Good job on the eyes.
  8. dungeonlair

    DDS2: Dragons Don't Share Dragon, Nathavarr

    Wow! It definitely shows how much effort you put into painting this piece. Remarkable.
  9. dungeonlair

    LTPK5: Rasia (02823) and Dain (02811)

    Very nicely done!
  10. dungeonlair

    Another Cameo By a Reaper Mini

    Um... yeah, I would say just a little bit.
  11. dungeonlair

    My First Minis (Advice)

    Hey, welcome... and thanks for sharing your minis. Just remember, as you practice more your painting skills will get better. My tip, never be afraid to try new things. Yeah, you'll make mistakes, but that's how you'll learn. Anyways, keep painting!
  12. dungeonlair

    What's your maximum RPG group size?

    So HeroQuest has always been one of my favorites and usually we play with 2-5 players.
  13. Very cool pictures bro, thanks for sharing.
  14. dungeonlair

    What RPG accessories do you use?

    Projecting the map... That's genius! Have you played with any types of dungeons? Or do you generally stick to using grid paper? Have you used any other types of mini accessories like weapons, gold, chests, etc. to immerse yourself in ways other than combat?
  15. dungeonlair

    What RPG accessories do you use?

    Dwarven Forge has some really awesome dungeons! What types of minis do you have?