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  1. Nice work, this is one my favorite Reaper miniatures. Great job on the free hand on the cape. Steve P. FM
  2. Hey Tom - That's a great piece... you really nailed a sence of action with this guy. From the other minis I've seen of yours this is probably my favorite to date. Is anyone going to be releasing it? Keep it up. Steve P. FM
  3. Nice work on the banner E.B., those Standard/ Musician packs are cool. Steve P. Fantization Miniatures
  4. Thanks all... he was a lot of fun to paint. Yes those are hands around his neck... watch out for those one-handed wizards around town. I painted the fish using two primary colors and just reversed them on the bodies/ fins to give each fish some variation. I have another Ral Partha AD&D Ettin but he's much more serious looking. I'll be painting him in browns probably. Thanks all, Steve P. Fantization Miniatures
  5. Hey all - It's been a while since I've posted something new so here's my latest Reaper mini... meet Mr. Ettin. I really enjoyed painting this mini, he has so much character. He gave me the chance to use some really bright colors too. Let me know what you think. Laters, Steve P. Fantization Miniatures
  6. Thanks for the feed back... the hi-lights are much smoother in person. My camera picks up all the flaws. I originally painted the hi-lights with a dark blue but you just couldn't see them that well with the deep recesses being black. So I went with a much lighter blue and the more I did the more I liked it. Kinda reminds me of Batman in his blue costume from the comics. Thanks again, Steve P. Fantization Miniatures
  7. I'm glad you guys liked it... I love working with the Green Stuff. One thing I added was this... In Step #2 "It will take at least 24 hours to completely cure (harden) before it's ready to be primered and painted. At this point make sure you haven't left any finger print in the Green Stuff... that would look bad. If you have simply smooth it out with the flat end of the sculpting tool." This is important to watch for prior to the putty curing. Thanks, Steve P. Fantization Miniatures
  8. Here's my new D&D character... is that poison on his blade?
  9. Hey All - Thought I would share this with everyone here. I just painted up the new "Blue Orchid Assassin" #2914 and did a quick cobblestone basing tutorial on him. You can check it out with the below link, enjoy! FM - Cobblestone Base Tutorial Steve P. Fantization Miniatures
  10. I painted this a couple weeks ago and also put together a tutorial on him Reaper of Death Painting Tutorial . I'm going to be painting all four of the Reapers but after seeing Jesters Reaper of War posted in this forum I'm sure going to have to put some serious time into my War when I paint him. I had a similar color scheme except I was thinking of using metallic golds instead of NMM gold. We'll have to wait and see... I'm working on Famine next. Enjoy, Steve P.
  11. Hey Mini Painters - I painted up one of the new Reapers of the Apocalypse - Death, DH# 2846 and did a painting tutorial on him. It's about 14 steps or so from the initial prep work to the finished base. I wanted to paint the original four DH Reapers but these new sculpts are over the top, thank you Werner! I really enjoyed painting Death and will be painting the other 3 Reapers as well, I've already started the second one Famine. Each one will have a complete painting tutorial and once I finish them all I'll be putting them on a display base with a tutorial on that as well. This is starting off to be a very fun project and I will post each of the new tutorial as I can complete them. Death took me about a week or so to do with the tutorial... Famine looks like he'll take about the same but War and Pestilence will be a bit longer. Reaper of Death Painting Tutorial Enjoy, Steve P.
  12. Hey All - Well part II is now live and it will encompass the painting of the Skeleton Warriors bones, armor straps, and tattered clothing. Let me know if you like this or dislike something, etc... I did change the images in this second part and did away with the outline and drop shadow around the miniature. I felt they were taking away from the overall images. Skeleton Warrior Step-By-Step Painting Tutorial Parts I & II Enjoy, Oh and hey Anne drop me a call sometime stranger... and what's ReaperCon? Laters, Steve P.
  13. Hey Guys and Gals - This is my first post on the Reaper Board... lots of cool stuff and talented people here, my paints are beside me... know really they are beside me. Anyway I thought I'd share this with the group... I did a complete step-by-step tutorial on the new "Skeleton Warrior" #2800 sculpted by T. Prow that I wanted to share with everyone. When I saw this it was a must paint NOW mini. The tutorial will show you the way I painted this miniature and hopefully you can take something from it for your own techniques. It will be a four part tutorial updated on the Monday over the next three weeks. Learn how I painted the Skeleton Warriors... *Patina style armor (Brass/ Greenish Washed look) *Skeleton Bones *Rust effects on the sword *Severed head & blood colors *Basing Enjoy - Steve P. Skeleton Warrior Step-By-Step Tutorial part 1 of 4.
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