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  1. Finished a few more reaper bones that I forgot to post silly me! We are using the chainsaw chick above and the barbarian below in our Warhammer quest games with much hapiness. And of course the bones were a perfect source of ghosts for that very same game. Hope my FLGS will be able to stock bones again soon. On the other hand I can't blame reaper if they want to take a little well deserved vacation :P
  2. Took the bones goblins to use as my warhammer quest hobgoblins. Still amazed at the detail that is captured on these super inexpensive miniatures!
  3. Thanks for all the comments! This may be shocking but my primary brush on paints are Apple Barrel (yes the cheap and admitidly crappy paints). The rest was airbrush Iwata and Vallejo paints and vallejo washes. The tentacles weren't really that tough but I can see the bouncy flimsy nature being a pain without an airbrush. This wasn't my first bones but deffinately my first that I did more than speed painting on.
  4. Just finished painting the Cthulhu bones mini and it was so much of a blast I just had to share it! I'm really happy with how the bones paint up honestly. You can't really see the detail until you start painting them. Once you do however you will wonder how you managed to get them for the price....
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